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  1. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    I Know Who Will Win The Us Open!

    rafael nadal will win, though im a fed fan. bold prediction or screwed in the head? you tell me
  2. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Why are commentators so biased towards the williams?

    i was watching the aussie open a few days ago and i heard ******** enberg talking about the serena vs jelena match, he said something like "serena lost today, was it because she didnt care, or she wasnt in to it, had a bady day, and so on and so on", or maybe it was just because jelena played...
  3. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Are there even ATP pros that use stock rackets?

    if so, who? what about haase using a stock prestige?
  4. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Safin will win atleast one more slam before retirement!

    you heard it here first. seacrest, out!
  5. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    natural gut have more power than head fibergel power?

    im takling about titan natural gut, does it offer more power than head fibergel power?
  6. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Any Nascar Fans?

    im a pretty big tony stewart fan!
  7. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    PS 90, Ncode 90, [k]Factor 90 users, what strings do u use?

    i use head fibergel power 16 on my n90, is there anything better than the string feel/control wise?
  8. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    The deadliest bird on the planet.

    the cassowory, a direct decendant of the velociraptor, can rip your intestine out with one flick of its powerful foot.
  9. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    who owns fastest forehand?

    gonzo? fed? blake? roddick? and how fast?
  10. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Nalbandian isnt the fatty, Groenefeld is!

    they need to change her name to Groenefat!
  11. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Is luxilon and poly good for light head heavy rackets?

    im talkin about string rackets like the wilson hammer 6.3 95, the wilson skunk 95, the wilson ncode n6 95 with luxilon, kirchbaum or babolat. how would that work?
  12. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    I need help fidning a new tennie cap/hat

    i have a pretty big head, and i need a cap thatll support that and i wear my cap backwards, so what do yall recommend, i need something that wont fall off when i serve or look up, oh and i need something that tw currently has. thanks, i appreciate it!
  13. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    How far will rafael nadal go in the 2008 AO?

    how far do yall think he will go? i say he will make the semis atleast.
  14. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Who should gilbert coach next?

    he needs to coach feliciano lopez, that guy has serious potential.
  15. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    James Blake is done!

    no masters, no slams, i dont think he will even make it to shanghai. this guy is done, hes had his best year. thats a person who is done, not nadal or federer.
  16. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Are push ups effective?

    im trying to tone up my chest a lil and i cant lift weights cuz of my back. how many reps and sets do i need to do to see improvement. thanks.
  17. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Why more 5.0s use midsize than pros?

    matter of fact, i see mroe 4.0-5.0 use the ncode 90 tour and kfactor 90 than pos, why is that?
  18. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    turning a pure drive plus standard head heavy

    i wanna put lead in the top of the racket(wayy top, in between the racket and the grommet, 12 o clock position), how much lead do i have to put to make it atleast 1-2 pts head heavy? thank you
  19. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    33 lbs, tumor removed from mans face.

    at what point do you give up and say, just shoot me. GUANGZHOU CITY, China -- A Chinese man known as the "Elephant Man" in his local province is about to get surgery to have a 33-pound tumor removed from his face.Doctors said it may be the most extreme case of this type of facial tumor...
  20. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Poll: Who Wins Wimbledon???

    who will win this year?
  21. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Moya vs Bjorkman

    who do you think will win, i say moya, because he won this slam before.
  22. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Andreev vs Roddick(Spoiler)

    3-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4, roddick lost YAY!!!, im so happy!
  23. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Who WIll Win Roland Garros 2007?

    who will win? federer or nadal?
  24. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    RAMBO 2008 Trailer
  25. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Which has more power, head fxp power 16 or babolat vs gut?

    and what is the difference between vs gut and tonic?
  26. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    How many of you stencil your strings?

    i am just curious folks?
  27. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    To all the people who likes the rocky balboa films

    this is from rocky 6, the last one, he loses in it but this is the alternate ending where he wins.
  28. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    Paris Hilton sentenced to 45 days in the jail

    LOS ANGELES - A judge sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail Friday for violating her probation, putting the brakes on the hotel heiress' famous high life. ADVERTISEMENT Hilton, who parlayed her name and relentless partying into worldwide notoriety, must go to jail on June 5 and she will...
  29. Heavy Metal Tennis Star

    ProTennis Players Traveling

    when pros travel, do they pay for their airfare? and who pays for their hotel stay, im just curious