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    Remember when we couldn't play tennis for months on end?

    "When I asked a Health Minister in the Commons how she could justify banning healthy activities such as golf, tennis or bowls, she actually replied that while those activities were indeed safe, if we ‘let people do those things, they might think they can do other things too’."...
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    Tennis Nerd

    So Tennis Nerd's new idea is just him scrolling through the tennis warehouse website...
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    Head Radical Bumblebee MP.

    I'm looking at buying an original Bumblebee Radical MP. The seller doesn't know the swing-weight, but has measured static and balance. Static is 359g with over-grip. Balance 32.7cm with over-grip. Anybody able to estimate a swing-weight from those specs? *edit)* - I'm guessing ~350?
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    Is synthetic gut (or any string more powerful than poly) better in smaller heads and/or denser patterns?

    If one were committing to using synthetic gut, do you think it's better to use a smaller head and/or denser string pattern? I use a 90 16x19, and sometimes 97 16x20. The 97 is much more of a rocket-launcher with old strings and hot weather. The 90 I can just leave the strings in there forever...
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    Increasing twist-weights.

    I've been comparing racquet specs on the TWU racquet comparison tool. It seems that quite a few different racquet models have increased their twist-weight substantially over the last decade or so. Eg Head Speed 18x20/Pro. The Youtek IG 18x20 has twist-weight 11.6. This year's Speed Pro is 14.4...
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    Diagonal spin on forehand

    Often when I hit a forehand it seems to have slight diagonal spin. It still has a topspin trajectory (arc up over net then dropping in before the baseline). But when I watch the ball as it flies away from me, often it's spinning slightly on its side, rather than a perfect north-over-south...