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  1. Marshredder

    Nadal on your All-Time List?

    I'm as big a ******* as the next one, but RF is my no.1 player of all time. I'd rate Nadal second.
  2. Marshredder

    rogers new frame update,

    This could be the racquet I've been waiting for! I don't really care about the RF affiliation, but a 98sq head, will probably be 335-340gish, thin beam, leather handle I imagine as well, PERFECT.
  3. Marshredder

    Official Nike Lunar Ballistec Thread

    Tried mine for the first time this evening. I normally wear a UK 9 (us 10) and I bought these in a 9 before I read all the down half a size etc. Could be half a size smaller but didnt bother me, very snug so its all good. A lot more comfortable than the 4.3 but durability is questionable!
  4. Marshredder

    New Nike Aust Open gear

    Theres the Rafa top and shoes! I'm saving them for summer though so no wear yet!
  5. Marshredder

    New Nike Aust Open gear

    Yeah I do, I'll get a shot later. Its identical to the one he wears though, no differences.
  6. Marshredder

    I like Nadal's AO 2014 kit for a change.

    Yeah love this outfit, I received the shoes and t-shirt today, love them. Not quite up to the heights of his BOLD range, which were AMAZING. Unfortunately my WTF top (the green one) and my USO (the black with yellow dots) ones are wearing out, with the nike logo peeling off :(
  7. Marshredder

    RAFA Upcoming Apparel and Gear

    That top is gorgeous! Really hope it comes out soon!
  8. Marshredder

    New Nike Aust Open gear

    Funny how it looks the identical colour to the FO top when looking at the front, and the exact as the WTF top when looking at the back...
  9. Marshredder

    New Nike Aust Open gear

    Haha yeah not looking to cause an argument guys! I just compared the shoe to my FO'08 top and the Fed WTF '10 top (very pink and very red) and its halfway between the two, I'll post a photo later tonight for comparison. I think that with a red outfit it could be argued red, but with a...
  10. Marshredder

    New Nike Aust Open gear

    They look very much like the second colour, but the box says "laser Crimson" and the string bits near the laces are black, indicating the mens shoe. I will take photos later to demonstrate, definitely pink, not red however. Does anyone else have them? Infact they're close to that.
  11. Marshredder

    New Nike Aust Open gear

    Have you seen them in person? I just received them at work and everyone I work with commented on how luminous pink they are!
  12. Marshredder

    New Nike Aust Open gear

    Just received the Rafa Crimson trainers. TOTALLY different colour to Rafas. These are PINK, BRIGHT PINK, like, French open '08 pink. Not 100% sure, may send them back for the white ones. Was looking forward to the crimson red!
  13. Marshredder

    If you had a chance to create your own frame....

    100sq inch head. 340g unstrung. thin box beam. nice heavy swing weight. That would do. Doesnt really exist in real life though! I've settled on a Prestige Pro though, does the job.
  14. Marshredder

    New Graphene Radicals/Prestiges for 2014

    Why have the made Prestige Pro beam wider and reduced the weight by 10g? The thing I love about this stick is that its rare in the fact that it fits a spec thats not really accounted for... 325-340g, 98cm, 16x19 etc. What are the alternates now they've made it lighter? I can never be bothered...
  15. Marshredder

    Priority One: Waste of money or Necessary?

    Put it this way. $12,803,737 was Djokovic's prize money in 2012. Thats just prize money, not including any additional income from endorsements and deals etc. $40,000 is approximately 0.3% of his yearly prize earnings. Now put in in comparison. Lets assume the average person here earns...
  16. Marshredder

    Djokovic for the calendar slam in 2013?

    Dont count Nadal out... It may have been a while but he's going to be a threat, especially at RG. Remember the last time he took a few months off with injuries? He won 3/4 of the next slams.
  17. Marshredder

    What's the deal with grip sizes?

    I use a semi-western grip with a L2, but I have small hands :D
  18. Marshredder

    UK TT racquetaholics and tennis bums

    Yeah let me know for sure. I wasn't bothered at first but now I've got every generation of this racquet but the first I kinda want to check it out!
  19. Marshredder

    Old Pics of Roger/Rafa's Equipment

    Thanks so much for posting so much information Fabfed, it really is appreciated! I'd love to know the swingweight of the pro's sticks, wasn't there a website from P1 or someone a while ago with all that sort of information?
  20. Marshredder

    UK TT racquetaholics and tennis bums

    Anyone got a first Gen AeroPro Drive they fancy selling thats in good condition? Let me know :) Playing squad on a friday night, -2 or whatever outside, court freezing over, lethal yet hilarious at the same time :D
  21. Marshredder

    New Babolat APD soon?

    Sorry if this has been discussed recently, I did a search and didnt find anything. Racquets tend to come in 2 year cycles and theres a new Pure Drive range out, but are Babolat planning to bring out a new AeroPro racquet anytime soon? Cheers!
  22. Marshredder

    Nike Nadal Davis Cup Crew.

    Has anyone else got this top? I got it today and the flags not got the centre crest on the spain flag which seems a bit ridiculous? Any ideas why nike would leave it with a half complete spain flag?
  23. Marshredder

    Huge news about Federer's racket!!!

    I like it, think its a really good looking pj, just me though!
  24. Marshredder

    Fed's RG Jacket

    Not sure about the fit vs the Nadal, but the RF is pretty slim fitting, I've worn Medium Nike stuff consistently since about 4 years ago, all fits me, but the RF French Open stuff is the first stuff thats a little tight... encouraging me to lose a bit of my slight belly!
  25. Marshredder

    Fed's RG Jacket

    I have it, and can confirm its the same colour as Fed's.
  26. Marshredder

    pros' aeropros with lead tape?

    Nadals racquet is 9.5g under the bumper and 2.5g 1 inch up from the buttcap if I remember correctly?
  27. Marshredder

    Roland Garros 2011 Final: Rafael Nadal (1) vs Roger Federer (3)

    Metcheck says sunny spells, no rain, so fingers crossed.
  28. Marshredder

    Who the Heck Can Afford 'Em

    They're a business. You produce for as little as possible. You sell for as much as people will pay. You dont care about the consumer, you care about profits. Thats how business works I'm afraid.
  29. Marshredder

    Does Nadal really use 1/4 or does he use athletictape under the handle?

    FWIW, L2 on a Babolat is the same as a L3 on a Wilson... I only use 1 overgrip on my babolats but I need 2 on my wilsons for it to not slip.
  30. Marshredder

    Ever find yourself wondering why you dont play as well in matchplay as in practice?

    This is one of the big things that bothers me. When im having a hit with a friend I can hit consistently, hard, accurately etc, but when im in matchplay, my shots fall apart a little bit. I can often feel what im doing wrong, not getting the contact point in front of me etc... Then I just...