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  1. tennisp13

    UPS Ground Shipping Option

    Hello TW, I don't see the UPS Ground shipping option when try to purchase a pair of shoes. Wondering what happen to that option. Here are all the options currently showing..Please let us know. Thank you. P UPS 2nd Day Air $12.10 9/2/11 Guaranteed delivery in 2 business Priority Mail...
  2. tennisp13

    Prince O3 Tour Mid 95 grommet

    Hi TW Do you have the exact day for this to come in. I need at least 2. Also, does it come with both the hard and soft insert at the 6 o'clock? Thanks. Want to order many items but still waiting for this particular grommet. Always the best CS. :)
  3. tennisp13

    Prince Viper II Mid Men's Shoes have 6month warranty?

    Just wanna know? Thanks TW.
  4. tennisp13

    Tennis in Shenzhen, China (Shekou)

    I am on a business trip to Shenzhen, China for 3 weeks from 11/26 and will be in Shekou. Anybody know any courts around or where to hits. Thanks alot. contact tennisp13 at (Phu)
  5. tennisp13

    Prince O3 Grommet Mid

    Hi TW, If I am purchase the Prince O3 Tour Mid replacement grommet, does it come with the hard insert at the 6 o'clock position or the soft or both? I prefer the hard insert :) Thanks, Phu
  6. tennisp13

    Vantage 90 String break problem.

    A little background. I have 2 Vantage 90, 12pt HL, 340 gram. String with Unique Big Hitter 17 at around 55 or 56 lbs. The last 4 times I break string it pop on the top frame grommet. 2 from mishits from the top of string bed, but 2 break when I hit the sweet spot but it still break in the top...
  7. tennisp13

    Marty Fish racket at Aus Open

    I search around but not any info on Marty Fish racket. Paint black with no mark at all :) Look like old Wilson, or Head... Thanks
  8. tennisp13

    TW 9 racket bag?

    Currently I only see the 6 rackets version? Is TW going to bring back the 9 rackets version tennis bag? I would love to buy one. Last time i forgot about until it was gone :( Thanks
  9. tennisp13

    What the different in POG cosmetic???

    There are several version out there of the POG. Could anybody help indentify which year or how long ago it was product? 1. The single green line one (green letter PRINCE and GRAPHITE on each size of the frame), no name on the cross bar. ---> is this the very early version, what year is this...
  10. tennisp13

    POG question??? Is the the Original of POG

    POG question??? POG owner, PLEASE READ I just acquire some old racket. It only 90 sq in and it said Prince Graphite. with single green line around the racket. and it said copyright @1984. It does have a famous crossbar. Is this the Orginal early years of the POG. I have not recall an 90'...
  11. tennisp13

    Trouble Finish Out the Game, or Set, or Match.

    Hi Need some advise here, how to finish it out. It happen lately alot. When I am up 40-15, or 40-0 or leading 5-4 and serving the set. I begin to get tenative and get nervous and usually end up lose the game or the set. I keep telling myself to be lossen up and not tight it up but end up...
  12. tennisp13

    Hoping this quote is true, but it not

    "• Nadal is the first teenager to win a major title since Pete Sampras won "the French" in 1990." from ESPN.... Actually Sampras is did win in 1990, but it the US Open..hehehe Oh well, ESPN make a we all do sometime... just a fun thing for Monday P
  13. tennisp13

    Sigma Pro Plasma Poly Stringing Tension

    I going to string the Sigma Pro Plasma 17 in the main and Prince Syn Gut 17 cross on both the Wilson Prostaff 6.0 95 and the Ncode SixNone 95. I used to string both with the hybrid of BB ALU Rough/Prince Syn Gut 17 at 57/60 lbs. Should I string the Sigma Pro/Prince Syn 17 at the same tension of...
  14. tennisp13

    How to hit those floater midcourt winner

    Hi guys, need some comment and advise. I having trouble hitting those short ball floater midcourt ball for winner because I have a tendency to wack at the ball and it end up going long!!!.. If I try to play it save and spin it back softly then my opponent was above to return it.. It really...
  15. tennisp13

    Dunlop McEnroe Comp II (16x18)

    Have anybody in here every use this racquet, how does it feel, it is a player racquet right? Is this the classic racquet? It have McEnroe name on it.. Dunlop have a new racquet for mr. Mac himself. Is that somewhat similar to this one??? I found this in an artic of my friend house, no...
  16. tennisp13

    Back Hand problem

    I use to have solid 2H BH, i grip it around 45* angle (i think that a eastern grip), but now it gone away.. My cross ball and down the line does not land deep enough so I get kill pretty easy now. I take my BH from a low to high motion. I feel very tide when hit the BH compare to able to swing...
  17. tennisp13

    any new about Reebok Court Victory Pump shoes

    I know it been a while since A-Rod debut the shoes at US Open, and on these board have mention that the one he wear will not be avalaible for public ( GOOD PR Reebok, that why i wear Nike). I have search around on the internet to no avaliable of the "mid cut" version of CVP. I find some of have...
  18. tennisp13

    (Poly String) Big Banger Ace and Big Banger ALU

    Greeting, First question post here??? Help with your opinion everybody.... I play with Wilson Ncode 6.1 95, string with Big Banger Ace 18 at 57lbs, love the feel, control, but i am a frequence string breaker so it broke it in 10 hrs of play (around 1 1/2 play)... Then, try Big Banger...