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  1. sansaephanh

    Best 'feel' racquets?

    Playing with fresh multi filament always seems to give me good feel no matter what racket i use. For finesse shots I tend to like stiffer rackets with dense string patterns. For ground strokes I tend to like softer rackets with dense string patterns. For serves I tend to like stiff rackets with...
  2. sansaephanh

    Post Pictures of your Awesome Stringjobs

    Wow is that a custom paint job?
  3. sansaephanh

    unwritten code that deems underhand serve not sportsmanlike.

    Wait, what's wrong with hitting your opponent with the ball every chance you get? How is that BM? People hit it at me all the time. I always hit my overheads at the volleyer's face if I can even make contact with an overhead. lol. BTW me making contact with an overhead has like a 0.1% chance of...
  4. sansaephanh

    Heavy racquets

    OP, I've been playing with all sorts of rackets throughout my tennis life and seemed to have settled around the same range that you are thinking. 11.5oz+ players sticks. there are a couple of things that I personally keep track of over the past couple of decades that are key characteristics i...
  5. sansaephanh

    The 2018 Jolly video review thread.

    So I'm late to this thread, where are the videos being posted? Or am I missing a joke here?
  6. sansaephanh

    Weight conundrum. Heavy+ headlight or light+headheavy?

    No worries. From what I usually see, if the elbow pain is recent I think it may be a form thing. If they are your regular rackets, some other variable must have changed. I'd say double check how you're hitting vs your ideal hitting. When play against people who are huge hitters, I tend to...
  7. sansaephanh

    Weight conundrum. Heavy+ headlight or light+headheavy?

    Yeah, 11.5oz/326g both sounds better spec and health wise to my arm. Though I don't have much trouble swinging around my prestiges at the moment. I am just wondering if its a real solution for me or not. When you say a little lighter, how much exactly? I've never really been able to tell the...
  8. sansaephanh

    Weight conundrum. Heavy+ headlight or light+headheavy?

    No I didn't. My buddy said he was going to take it home and cut out the multi. I only have gotten to hit with it twice now. I might buy it straight off him lol. I don't have a huge game or anything, so I am thinking that having something lighter might suit my level better. That said, I haven't...
  9. sansaephanh

    Weight conundrum. Heavy+ headlight or light+headheavy?

    So I've been playing with the YTIG Prestige mids since they came out as my GOAT stick. They weren't as heavy as the pro staff line, nor were they stiff or too muted. I stuck some cheap BHBR17 on there and I was in heaven. Yesterday, my buddy brought a 2015 prince textreme 100p and I was...
  10. sansaephanh

    Looking for a new racquet that feels like older racquets

    Hmm. Wing, is that you? ignore if not lol. I'd say the Dunlop 200 series is a good balance between old school and new school. Very solid feel like the old rackets. The fed sticks generally feel classic. The new Pure Drive tour and the recent pure strike feel really solid too.
  11. sansaephanh

    first serve for 5'6 player?

    Jeez I'd love to adopt that form. Thanks for the link. When you guys start going into your serve after you reach something like a trophy pose, which foot is your weight on? I tend to put alot of weight on the front foot. I kind of use it as a tipping point for me to "fall into" the court. What...
  12. sansaephanh

    What is the Pro Staff all about?

    The weight distribution of wilson rackets and the PWS tech are the only ones I've felt true "butter" with. If I could get like a PS6.0 95in or a k95 that hit under 12.7 oz strung, it'd probably be my dream racket. Which is odd as I'm using a pair of YTIG Prestige Mid that feels nothing like it...
  13. sansaephanh

    Optimal racket

    Demo programs and budget rackets are your best friend. Keep in mind that a 10 yr old racket is still good. I've been thinking of picking up some k95s just cause after my hiatus my rackets feel too soft.
  14. sansaephanh

    Do you play tennis or are you a non-playing fan?

    Amen and Hallelujah my brotha. I see the light in your words and my heart is filled with the joy of life and love of the heavens. Signed, Non-religious person.
  15. sansaephanh

    Do you play tennis or are you a non-playing fan?

    I recently fell out of a career and started to take up tennis again. I've been playing on and off since middle school (so like 15ish years?). I bought my first racket at a flea market and fell in love through Prince of Tennis. Grew up a weeb and have been playing semi competitively since. I've...
  16. sansaephanh

    Overall balance and focus training.

    Yeah cause I'd fall off. Won't have a problem when I'm 6 feet under Haha.
  17. sansaephanh

    Overall balance and focus training.

    I haven't been on these forums in years it feels like!! So I have always had problems with both balance and focus. I do some really simple but difficult balance training from youtube, but I've been thinking about taking up soccer juggling. What do you guys think about that? I can't even get past...
  18. sansaephanh

    Your Favorite CHEAP Poly Reels?

    +1 anything tourna. Great variety of poly if you're not a string popper every 2 hours.
  19. sansaephanh

    How do you get your doubles partner to relax?

    I usually hit them with a serve. It's just hilarious whiffing serves pass their head cause they know I'm a big server. If they're scared of whats behind them, they won't be scared of what's in front of them.
  20. sansaephanh

    Still have the youtek ig prestige mid? Highly Interested

    Still have the youtek ig prestige mid? Highly Interested
  21. sansaephanh

    Prestige S: who cares about the so-called "Prestige feel"?

    Feel doesn't matter as much anymore. These days kids are sticking all sorts of strings in their sticks at different tensions, effectively trying to reach a similar feel to what they had before. They do it unconsciously most of the time. To me a stick is all about balance, plow, and sweet spot.
  22. sansaephanh

    Does the 90 sq. in. head size have a place in the modern game?

    I'm a scrub. I can play with a stick and still have fun.
  23. sansaephanh

    The final showdown: Tour bite vs. Typhoon

    after a long time in this forum most people are going to vote for tour bite. Rightfully so in my opinion. I love the feel of it compared to typhoon, but honestly consistency is extremely important in tennis. Just think about what it helps you do consistently better. Serves? Feel? Depth? I'd...
  24. sansaephanh

    ***** Prince EXO3 Rebel Club *****

    great sticks. you can mix and match all sorts of grommets too for different feels. I put ports on the mains and holes on the crosses. I've probably played my best tennis with these sticks. The 325-330 swingweight and fast, headlight feeling made me feel invincible. I ended up wanting more feel...
  25. sansaephanh

    Best Shaped Poly: Appox: $80 per reel?

    I highly recommend trying a set of bhbr 17g first though. I remember a good deal of people thinking it felt too "plasticky." I actually am also a huge fan of black magic 17 as well. It honestly felt like multi when it was fresh. The feel is fantastic. The only reason I don't buy it is because...
  26. sansaephanh

    Best Shaped Poly: Appox: $80 per reel?

    Darn I just bought a reel of bhbr, didnt know cyclone pink was 70. Great string, but i pref the slightly sharper feel of BHBR17 anyways. Don't count out the Topspin reels, very similar to tourna
  27. sansaephanh

    prostaff 95s strings???

    Tangent - I'm also from The Town. Have we met?
  28. sansaephanh

    Which "Classic" to add as a "for fun" frame?

    Prince O3 shark Hybrid. Hilarious stick. Some smart lead and its a solid stick. The Stings. I love those sticks
  29. sansaephanh

    The RF97 Is The Best Player's Frame For The Modern Game

    I still maintain the YTIGPrestige mid is the best starter just because of its low stock weight. Match the specs to what you want and it's a monster. Just too bad it never came in a 16x19
  30. sansaephanh

    Confused about string choices.

    Just buy a set of all the cheap stuff if you're new. Tourna has great polys for the price, MSV, Genisis, Topspin and many other brands. Just try one at a time. Nothing is going to stick more than your own personal experience. All my go to string beds are under 11$ easily. You won't know until...