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  1. lim

    Diego Fila servebot tee

    am I seeing things? Is this actually real?:-D
  2. lim

    rublev with new gravity pj?

  3. lim

    zed is the real next gen

    tears of joy
  4. lim

    Noels chances for taking over the slam count

    0-2 when he should have been at 19 this year. Probably still an AO left for him but with 4 slams to make up for it and SinneGoat on the move is his time running out?
  5. lim

    Musetti future clay ATG

    We will be seeing this face more often. Has next next gen finally arrived?
  6. lim

    will tsitsipas service motion prevent him from becoming a future ATG

    Always knew there was something off with stefs serve like he always looks off balance after contact. Watching AO highlights it is pretty obvious- he lands facing away from his target. Never seen anybody do this before?? Literally below, if Rafa was out of the frame I would have thought he had...
  7. lim

    # stamp on foam pallet for Wilson K90

    The number stamp denotes the grip size, right? For the above 4 would correspond to L4/ 4-1/2?
  8. lim

    Can anyone help me identify this Wilson players stick (midsize +comparison pics w/PS85)???

    Picked up a pair of these recently, but cannot figure out what they are? 16x18 pattern/85 in head/ fairway leather/Wilson butt cap + feels like Wilson square palate shape. Nice thin beam ala PS85/PS90 however no PWS at 3 + 9 and I cannot recall EVER seeing a mid from Wilson with 4 mains through...
  9. lim

    grips sizes of 80's wilson graphite sticks

    So, I was asking a seller about buying one of his racquets, but the decals had fallen off and the but cap doesn't have the embossed sizes like the later ones. Are there other markings on the racquet to figure out the grip size?
  10. lim

    authentic k95 18x20?

    Can anyone familiar with these confirm or deny if mine looks real? It does have the red dot: white space under "Wilson" TM instead of the R head guard