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  1. tennisaddict2223

    Ytex Strings

    I was recommended this brand of strings from one of my former students who now plays for Florida Atlantic University and from one of the USPTA conferences I went to last year. I just ordered a few sets of the strings and am wondering if anyone else on hear has heard or tried them out. The have...
  2. tennisaddict2223

    Best Multifilament

    So after all the hype of trying different poly strings I have decided that there is nothing better in this world than a full bed of mutli/synthetic gut strings. For sake of argument price is no option. Wanted to know what are the best multi/synthetic gut strings in terms of spin, lively, and...
  3. tennisaddict2223

    New Racquet Confusion

    So I am currently looking to buy new racquets and have narrowed my search to two racquets. The Head Youtek IG Instinct and the Yonex VCore 100S. Both have a tremendous amount of power and control and have the stability I am looking for when I come to the net. For some reason though I can't...
  4. tennisaddict2223

    Which is the better replacement grip

    Which is the best replacement grip in terms of feel, comfort, and how thin it is, Wilson True Grip, Prince Resi Pro, Head Hydrozorb Tour, or Babolat Skin Feel grips. I am looking for replacement grips for my Head Prestiges.
  5. tennisaddict2223

    Looking for a Poly that holds tension the BEST!

    So after sampling so many different types of poly strings I always find myself in the same situation, in the middle of a match with poly strings that have lost loads of tension and are mushy and useless. I have used Babolat RPM, PHT, Lux BB ALU Power, Rough, and Original. Need some help here...
  6. tennisaddict2223

    Poly versus Aramid/Kevlar Strings for mains

    So I personally have never played with a Kevlar or Aramid fiber string in the mains of my racquet so I was curious as to see what it felt like and what everyone else on this site prefers. Poly mains or an Armaid/Kevlar string in the mains in a hybrid setup.
  7. tennisaddict2223

    Yonex RDiS 100 MP vs Head Youtek Prestige Pro PLEASE HELP!

    So I have been playing with the Head Youtek Prestige Pro, and my friend let me try his Yonex RDiS 100 MP (Nalbandian Racquet). Now I cannot decide for my life which is better. The I like the fact that I get great feel from the Head and the ground strokes are amazing, but I like the Yonex...
  8. tennisaddict2223

    Best Leather Grip

    So after using Head, Wilson, and Babolat leather grips I wanted to reach to the TW community to find out what is the best leather grip in terms of feel and durability.
  9. tennisaddict2223

    Tecnifibre Blackcode 17, Tecnifibre X-code 17, and RPM Blast 17

    So I am 4.5/5.0 tennis player and have been using RPM blast 17 and Xcel 16 in a hybrid setup at 57/56 lbs respectively. My issue is that I will burn through the strings within a week and a half almost two weeks playing for three times a week for 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours depending on practice or...