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  1. fe6250

    Merry Christmas All!

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and a Happy New Year with lots of great (ok 'better') tennis in the coming year!
  2. fe6250

    2009 USTA Year-End Ratings Move Predictions

    As we approach year-end and we all start speculating whether or not the USTA will make mass changes and when ratings will be posted, etc... I thought - why not predict your own fate? So - simply state here one of the following choices as your Prediction: Stay the Same Move Up this year Move...
  3. fe6250

    Question on NTRP Benchmark Calculation

    I searched the forum for this and didn't see it, so my apologies if this was answered somewhere already. My question is simply this: What does it mean in the USTA NTRP guidelines where they refer to 50% of your rating coming from local league play and 50% coming from the benchmark...
  4. fe6250

    Winning vs. Ability

    Well gang - tonight our team lost a critical match that probably will cost us a trip to states and post-season play. In looking at the scores, we won 1 court and lost 4 - but all the individual matches were close (3 went to 3rd set tie-breakers and the other two were two game wins). Before the...
  5. fe6250

    Dose of Reality

    I had the opportunity to play two sets of tennis with the club pro last night against two of the better players in the club. This pro played full out and easily dominated the match. In looking at his serve, speed, and court presence he was so much better than anyone else on the court it was...
  6. fe6250

    Anyone know the scoop?

    Quick question for the USTA brain trust. Does anyone know how a 'retired' match factors into ratings and specifically a DQ? There was a match yesterday in our league between a self-rater that many suspect to be 'under rated' and a pretty well established player. The score was 6-0, retired...
  7. fe6250

    American Twist Serve?

    Anyone on the board hit one of these with success? I've been working on developing this as a second serve and change up serve with some limited success. I play mostly doubles but I find this serve tends to get a little high on me and the reverse kick is small. It is effective in helping me...
  8. fe6250

    Aussie Doubles Anyone?

    I've been curious if anyone on here has much experience with playing doubles in the Aussie or I formations. I play 3.5 and 4.0 men's tennis and have yet to run into it in a match. My questions would be: 1.) What are the advantages / disadvantages of using these formations? 2.) Is there a level...
  9. fe6250

    Ever Deal With This One?

    We have an older guy that regularly plays in the local leagues (some of you guys from the Charlotte area may know who I'm talking about) that stands incredibly close to the net in doubles. He is often teased that his feet are actually sticking through to the other side. He has incredibly...
  10. fe6250

    When does spring season start for you?

    Our USTA spring season officially kicks off the last week of February - here in NC and I got to say it's about freakin' time! Mixed and combo are fun and indoor bides the time - but this is the best part of the year as far as I'm concerned and the most competitive tennis. Are others...
  11. fe6250

    To Bend or Not to Bend?

    There has been some discussions on this board on various rules of USTA amateur tennis (time limits, catching a clearly out ball before it lands, calling minor foot faults, etc..) So do you play completely by the letter of every USTA rule (enforcing them all) OR do you 'bend' the rules where it...
  12. fe6250

    Trouble mixing social and competitive tennis?

    Anyone else notice that many people have trouble playing BOTH social and competitive tennis? No matter what the match 'should be' - some are purely social, others are purely competitive while many master the art of mixing both well. Can one develop in one area or the other or is it just your...
  13. fe6250

    How would you handle this call?

    I had a situation the other night playing indoor doubles where my opponent took a swing at my missed first serve and deflected it over the back wall. I had the other ball in hand, but before I could serve he left the court and went 'looking' for the ball he had hit - returning about 30 seconds...