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    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    I know. It must be a regional thing. Perhaps the frames you find in different communities reflects the tastes and trends of the area.
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    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    It happened again. In the years looking at thrift shops and used sporting goods stores in my area I hadn't come across a Dunlop Max 200g. I would like one but I just never wanted to pay internet prices. This weekend I came across one for $12. Good cosmetics, the yellow hadn't even faded like...
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    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    About a month ago I thought I had a good score. I went to a local thrift store and in the pile of stuff I saw peeking through the classic orange and yellow stripe on black. I pulled it out and it was a Belgian PS85 for $3. Looking it over, it was pretty beat up. Head wear and the butt cap was...
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    Wilson Graphite Force....

    Funny that. I found volleying better with the Graphite Force over the PS85. I was very surprised to prefer the head-heavier balance.
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    Wilson Graphite Force....

    I wasn't the one that bought it. I can't justify spending $110 on a racket that I'm sure I wouldn't use. The collector in me would keep it as is. Although I'd love to read the hang tag. The dollars that I'm saving are going to my current interest of building lap steel guitars. This was my...
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    Wilson Graphite Force....

    Wow. It's been a while since I've posted to this thread..... Anyway, funny how much a "brand new" Wilson Graphite Force will go for on e-bay.... It sold for $98 plus $9.90 shipping. (I am neither the seller nor buyer) Not bad for a frame that normally goes for $20 bucks shipped.
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    The Wilson 85s

    I've been curious to know if the Aggressor was the PWS version of the Graphite Force....
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    jkps matched pair of woodsy

    Thanks for sharing guys. I got an "unmatched" matched set of e-bay years ago. Neat but kind of a bummer. I remember seeing an ad for the matched sets in some back issues of Tennis Magazine and World Tennis Magazine. In a way it's nice to see two pristine frames with different specs. At least...
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    Stick with one or keep spending $?

    I like being 'that guy.' I use the Wilson Graphite Force Mid (1984) with their original nylon strings (sometimes when I use a frame I got off e-bay the strings are still good). Yup. A few quality lessons did wonders. WITHOUT changing rackets. Actually I even went older - Taiwanese PS85s to...
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    Stick with one or keep spending $?

    Spend your money on lessons from a qualified teaching professional with whom you get along. That will do you more good than any particular racket.
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    How I rediscovered my Wilson PS85 St. Vincents!

    Don't know. I guess I don't really hit that often these days. When I do, I just want to use my favorite frames. I don't want to "waste time" as it were cork sniffing and cheese tasting.
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    Wilson Hits Homerun with Wilson Steam 99S (mini review)

    hi drakulie - you said in your original post you were able to use the Steam 99S, Head Speed, and Aero Pro Drive. Were you able to use other frames and to measure your performance with those as well? What I'm getting at is how old style frames (PS85, Prestige Mid, PSBLX90) stack up when...
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    Bought a Wilson Advantage woodie. Can anybody provide a little history info?

    When did Wilson start using the "split" logo, where there was a break in-between the s and o? Was it in 1981?
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    How I rediscovered my Wilson PS85 St. Vincents!

    Yeah....I have some of those too. Maybe even the unidirectional layup. The Sting Mid is a nice frame too. I have a Wilson Ultra and that is a stiff, even gritty feeling frame. The one I have is labeled a Medium. Hefty for sure by today's standards. I still prefer the Graphite Force to the...
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    How I rediscovered my Wilson PS85 St. Vincents!

    Yes. I read earlier in this thread about Stein saying he liked the Head Graphite Pro over the St. Vincent PS85. That's fine. I figure he's more grooved to the tight string pattern. Maybe the PS85 felt like a rocket launcher to him. I am (was) a staunch advocate of the PS85, but for me, the...
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    How I rediscovered my Wilson PS85 St. Vincents!

    If those are your frames of reference, why in the world would you even consider a PS95? A KP88 is more like it.
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    New Wilson PS85 quality control

    Funny how things morph into legend.... Wilson was upfront with the variability when it came to the manufacture of Chicago and SV frames. The stickers say: weight/oz. 11.6-12.3, balance 1.0-1.5 in. headlight. It says so right on the frames. ....almost a +/- 10 gram and a +/- 4 point weight and...
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    Prince CTS Approach Oversize

    Just some "historical" context....The Prince CTS Approach 90 and 110 were the top of the line frames when they were released in 1988, MSRP $225. Adjusted for inflation, that's $437.10 in 2012. Both the mid and oversize were quite popular in the recreational ranks....
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    Prince Graphtech DB 90

    The Prince Graphtech DB was one of Prince's first forays into the "widebody" thing back in the late 80s....along with the Tricomp and the Graphite Comp, right before the CTS line. Just a deviation from the conventional width frames pshulam listed. chollyred, if you have no intention to use...
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    Prince Graphtech DB 90

    I've got a few of these rackets. I really dig the "technology" from back then. Personally, I really like graphite/fiberglass composite frames. As for value, I've seen them from $15-$45 on the internet. If yours is in good shape (the cushion grip from back then never survives) it would fetch the...
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    taiwan ps60s

    Here are the others:
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    Picked up a wilson jack kramer st vincent today

    If I had to make a guess, the Aggressor was more like a 60/40 graphite-fiberglass mix with a non-braided layup. Plus those were Taiwanese made. I get the impression that the Aggressor was the PWS equipped Graphite Force.
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    Gamma 6004 2-pt. mount issue

    I was worried that the new Gamma Tech wouldn't be as good as the old Gamma Tech. I'm starting to miss Bret.
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    ....according to the law (in the US), yes.
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    Help! My wife thinks 180 racquets are too many?

    Would a 'collector' that says they're not, but possesses that much stuff be considered a not a collector but a hoarder? I'm on the hoarding side of things.....
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    Oliver Rochus's racket

    ...and you call yourself a tennis fan. Shame on you!
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    She was still 17 when that pic was taken.
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    Prince CTS Synergy 26 (non double bridge)

    ....sorry. I meant the Pro Kennex Destiny frames.
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    Prince CTS Synergy 26 (non double bridge)

    Thanks for sharing your experience. The Synergy 26 may be more flexible in the throat compared to the DB 26 only because of the design. Less stuff at the base of the head. Other than that the specs should be more or less the same. I find if funny that you all "chuckled" only because the frame...
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    Babolat Aeropro Drive Orginal - a classic? too soon?

    I agree. So, that's what its come to, huh? For us regular folk, a classic series. If it's too good and they want to keep making it, they'll have to change it.