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  1. HitItHarder

    Southern Sectionals

    The Bama M 3.0 team was in our group at Sectionals. Honestly, they were just a solid team on all courts. All of their players would be what I consider competitive 3.5 level players or better, based on skill level. But only one of them has an early start rating of 3.5. Of course, there were...
  2. HitItHarder

    Black Magic 17 (1.23) - How does it compare to other polys?

    I searched around and I haven't found a lot of recent discussion on Genesis Black Magic. So I thought I would ask for some opinions for those that are still using it. I recently picked up a reel of the Black Magic 17 (1.23) and I am wondering a how it compares with other polys since I will end...
  3. HitItHarder

    easiest way(s) to fix the sandbagging issue at regional/state/national levels

    Not to get off topic too far, but I actually don't know if this is correct. In our District there was a nineteen year old former High School Player (that played in the post season) that self rated as a 2.5 (based on NTRP guidelines he should have self-rated as a 3.5). The 2.5 league was pretty...
  4. HitItHarder

    String advice for Head Youtek Radical Pro

    Personally, I stick with poly in the YT Rad Pro. The wide open string pattern eats through synthetic gut and multis very fast. My favorite is WC Turbotwist at 54lbs, but the racquet is so spin friendly from the baseline any poly your arm can tolerate would do well. So if Sonic Pro feels...
  5. HitItHarder

    Help - Mathematician / Racquet weight measuring experts number crunching required! TY

    Using the TW specs and the customization worksheet the new specs of your YT Speed MP 18x20, assuming you add 5 grams of lead at 12, would be: New Weight: 340 New Swingweight = 334.2 Stiffness (if it would it change) = should not change Balance Point = (Basically if it was manufactured like...
  6. HitItHarder

    Soft, plush, flexy rackets really best for tennis elbow?

    I honestly believe that tennis elbow has as much to do with your technique as it does the racquet and strings. I would be willing to bet your new players racquet has you doing something different with your swing that is causing the elbow flair up.
  7. HitItHarder

    Going from X1 Biphase to Pacific Classic Gut

    While I typically use polys, I occasionally string Pacific Classic Gut 16 in my frames when I have an achy shoulder, especially in cold weather. I also use NRG2 when I don't have the gut in stock (which I think is very close to X-One). I string the gut at 60lbs (and NRG2 at 60lbs), and the...
  8. HitItHarder

    Broke last cross tie off! Is this OK to do?

    Jack, If it is your racquet, I would say leave it as is and you likely won't notice the difference. This same thing happened to me stringing a set of gut a couple weeks ago on one of my racquets and I did exactly what you did. Essentially, I made it a three piece string job with the last...
  9. HitItHarder

    Head Microgel Monster vs Microgel Radical OS

    My wife likes the stock MG Rad OS, but she she just attached to the Monster because she has been playing with it for so long and hates change. She finds my particular setup a little harder to swing because the swing weight is about 10 points higher and over all the racquet weighs an ounce or...
  10. HitItHarder

    Head Microgel Monster vs Microgel Radical OS

    My MG Monster is pretty light and head heavy. It has a 16x19 string pattern that is fairly open as well. It is also fairly stiff. My wife has used it for a few years because she likes the higher power and the fact the racquet does a lot of the work for her on ground strokes. It is one of the...
  11. HitItHarder

    New racquet quest - suggestions?

    I agree with Od1n about the YTPP not feeling that sluggish. I actually ended up with a little lead at 12 to bump the SW up a little more when I was using this racquet. As to the OP -- I think a we may be able to offer some better suggestions if we know what it is that you don't particularly...
  12. HitItHarder

    Weights do not match?

    While I would not say it is "normal" in my personal experience with Head racquets for there to be such a big variance in the weight, it does happen. I have a good number of Head MG Radicals, and most are within 3 or 4 grams of each other. However, I did get a new YT Rad Pro about 6 months...
  13. HitItHarder

    Head Liquidmetal Radical OS vs Head Microgel Radical OS

    Interesting question. I prefer the feel of the MG and the swingweight of the LM. So I put 4 grams of lead running from 11 to 1 on the hoop of the MG and end up with the best of both worlds. For me anyway.
  14. HitItHarder

    2010 Yr end ratings

    Several players on my team have new higher ratings. The year end rating date is blank now as well. I was changed from a "C" to a "B" rated player as well even though I was not bumped up a level. So it looks like the new ratings are being published now.
  15. HitItHarder

    New update on rating release

    Vizsla, you may want to check your rating. Our ratings have been published for adult league players. Mixed exclusive haven't been changed yet. For others, this is in Southern, South Carolina.
  16. HitItHarder

    2010 Yr end ratings

    Actually, I just checked and the rates are out, at least for our local level. Southern Section, South Carolina. Edit -- this apparently is only for those that played adult league. The mixed exclusive ratings haven't been changed yet.
  17. HitItHarder

    Has removing lead from your hoop ever stripped its paintjob?

    Yep. Pretty big spots came off two microgel Rads and one YT Prestige Pro. Luckily they are just tennis racquets.:)
  18. HitItHarder

    See (inside) what John Galt wrote recently...

    I was wondering the same thing about who John Galt was too. Especially since the quote mentioned by the OP was word for word from one of my previous posts comparing the Prestige Pro and the Extreme Pro. See below.
  19. HitItHarder

    MSV Focus HEX Is Only Good for 5 Hour?

    Five hours is in line with my personal experience as a full bed -- I typically restring it at the 6-8 hour mark, assuming it hasn't broken (which is does more than half the time). But i am using the 1.10. It is a decent poly string considering it is pretty cheap. With a reel and my own...
  20. HitItHarder

    Soft with Spin

    I would be careful with poly strings with your history of elbow problems. Only you will be able to tell if they are causing you problems if you do give them a whirl. That being said, if you want a poly string to try -- I would go with something that is considered "soft" for a poly. The string...
  21. HitItHarder

    Which generation was the best Radical OS

    The difference in the swing weight on the LM and MG was something that I definately noticed. The TW specs for the two racquets lists the SW of the LM version as 330. The MG version is listed with a SW of 318. Because I liked the bigger SW of the LM and the softer feel of the MG, I ended...
  22. HitItHarder

    The "natural" tennis racket

    I would fall on my face trying that volleyball jump serve. I guess go with what works. Looks like these guys play well with this racquet. I have a hard enough time playing with a racquet with one handle. :)
  23. HitItHarder

    The "natural" tennis racket

    How in the world do you serve with this thing?
  24. HitItHarder

    I Need a New String

    The problem with the YT Rad Pro is that the very open string pattern eats strings pretty quick. I would break synthetic guts and multis within a couple hours. Full poly is the way to go with this racquet in my opinion, but then you have the issue of no poly is going to hold its tension for a...
  25. HitItHarder

    Professional Penn Balls

    My personal feelings are that both are good quality balls. The Pro Penn USPTA balls seemed a little heavier and seemed to last a little longer than the Pro Penn ATP balls. If I were looking for a can of balls for one match - I would pick the ATP balls. If I were looking for a can with the...
  26. HitItHarder

    Need some advice about lobbers ...

    I agree with tennis tom and others that have mentioned that setting up for an overhead from the baseline on a high lob with little spin is similar to you setting up for a serve. It all starts with the foot work to get you into position. Get to your spot quickly, let the ball bounce to measure...
  27. HitItHarder

    Head String

    I think Head has some competitive strings in several categories. I just don't think they get the same publicity as some of the other manufacturers since they aren't constantly coming out with "new" versions of their strings. Their current offerings have all been on the market for a good while...
  28. HitItHarder

    MG Radical OS for a begginer

    +1 to what ace0001a said ^^^^^. I couldn't agree more.
  29. HitItHarder

    Guessing game (with VIDEO)

    I'm going with Blue as the winner 6-3 6-3. Seems to be handling Orange's offensive shots well and plays some solid defense in the few minutes that are in the videos. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if it went the other way.
  30. HitItHarder

    From heavy to light and "powerful"

    If you have some time, you might want to read Jack's thread on switching from a player's racquet to a "tweener" (lighter more powerful racquet with both player racquet qualities and game improvement qualities). I think it touches a lot on the questions you have. Of course, it is quite long by...