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  1. edmondsm

    Hewitt has an awful Masters 1000 record

    I had never realized this about him. Here's a guy who won two GS titles, but only two MS titles.....and they were both at Indian Wells in back to back years. There are years where he had great showings at the slams and was just terrible at the MS events. In 2005 he made the AO final and...
  2. edmondsm

    Fed doesn't have the athlete's brain like Novak and Rafa.

    Federer has always had a problem with wanting to win "artistically". It's 30 all, 4 all, in the 4th set and he's down 2 sets to one. Play a couple bad points and he hands Novak the match. In the same position Novak or Rafa would have done the practical thing. Take a little off the first...
  3. edmondsm

    Fed and Novak will both catch Nadal in Masters wins.

    Nadal has lost a step, and it's not coming back this time. His game has always been predicated on overwhelming athleticism and his body just isn't going to deliver anymore. He can't quite get around his forehand like he used to. Without that weapon his ability to win points is significantly...
  4. edmondsm

    Where will Nadal be in match wins....

    ...when he retires. Right now it's: 1.Connors-1253 2.Lendl-1071 3.Federer-1000 4.Vilas-929 5.McEnroe-875 Andre Agassi-870 7.Stefan Edberg-801 8.Ilie Năstase-779 9.Pete Sampras-762 10.Boris Becker-713 Nadal is sitting at 706. I have a feeling he will pass McEnroe and get inside...
  5. edmondsm

    Is Del Potro a dark horse at the AO?

    We've seen it before. Players come back from long layoffs rejuvenated and hungry. Once upon a time he was a world-beater, especially on hardcourts. Do you think he'll make a run?
  6. edmondsm

    Chances that Nadal is outside the top 4 at the AO.

    Sorry I'm not great at math. I was looking at the rankings breakdowns and it looks like Nadal could be outside the top 4 at the AO, if Murray, Wawrinka, and/or Nishikori have strong finishes to the year. I can't remember how early they decide the seeding either so that might affect it as well...
  7. edmondsm

    Sure Nadal's return is not the greatest....doesn't matter

    As was evidenced last night, as well as in every time Federer and Nadal have played, and in most of Nadal's matches, he makes guys serve bad. Even the cold-blooded GOAT Roger Federer steps up and misses one first serve after another in the business end of a set. Why, you ask? Because...
  8. edmondsm

    What happened to US men's tennis?

    Holy hell. Going into the 2nd week of the USO there is one American man left, and that man is Tim Smyczek. Ranked 109, Tim's career highlights are winning two challengers. If you had told me 10 years ago that the highest ranked American would be a 6'10" dude who had played all four years of...
  9. edmondsm

    Del Potro: What are your thoughts now....

    ....that he lost in the 3rd round to Chardy. Before that match I thought he was more like the #4 player in the world practically speaking. I thought he had a good chance to win a slam. Now I don't know. Was I wrong to think that he belongs in the same class as the "big 3" (hate that...
  10. edmondsm

    Apia International-Sydney

    Didn't see a thread for this tourney. Harrison just took out Isner. Hopefully Ryan is going to break through this year. He's looked very promising but just never grabbed any big results/points.
  11. edmondsm

    Does the beginning of the season need restructuring?

    January Off-season. Absolutely no ATP tour events. Febuary Indoor tournaments for the first couple weeks: Memphis San Jose Stockholm Etc. South American claycourts at the same time: Vina del Mar Costa de Suipe Buenas Aires Etc. 3rd week of February-Indian...
  12. edmondsm

    Ryan Harrison

    The kid is still very promising. He's at his highest ever ranking and is ranked higher than any of his fellow juniors. He won a Futures tourney in June, and has other good results this year like wins over Michael Berrer and Taylor Dent. I wonder if he'll be getting a WC into the USO.
  13. edmondsm

    Best college grad turned pro.

    I know both Bryan Bros graduated from Stanford. Ben Becker and John Isner are some recent examples. But who is the college grad who has had the biggest impact as a pro? Maybe there are some players from the 60's and 70's that I don't know about. Thanks for weighing in. Any and all opinions...
  14. edmondsm

    Nadal's serve

    I have learned a thing or two over the last few years about tennis technique from personal interaction with people that are good at the game, as well as the great tips/instruction section of this forum. I have always heard that one of the most important aspects of a good tennis serve is to...
  15. edmondsm

    Sam Querrey improved movement, and backhand.

    Querrey notched a very good, straight sets win over Stepanek, one of the hottest players on tour. Watching the match, it looked to me like Querrey is moving better then ever and his backhand looks smoother. It looks like he's been training hard. His physique seemed more well built, not near...
  16. edmondsm

    Did the Scud just retire from a Legends doubles match?

    First of all, was it The Scud or Leconte that had to retire from this doubles match? I can't find that info on the AO website. It's kind of sad that Philippoussis is playing in a "legends" match to begin with when he is easily young enough to be in the regular draw. But if he did in fact...
  17. edmondsm

    Nadal vs. Haas

    A very exciting matchup I think. It's cool that both Nadal and Federer have run into interesting 3rd round opponents. Haas has looked great to me, and I think he will trouble Nadal. I pick the Spaniard in 4, and I feel like I'm being conservative.
  18. edmondsm

    Aussie Open betting odds.

    I was surprised to see that Murray is ahead of Djokovic. Considering that Djokovic is the defending champ, is ranked higher, and just won the MC I thought that he would be a lock to be ahead of Murray. Hell I think you could make the argument that he should be ahead of Nadal. Roger...
  19. edmondsm

    How do you rank the greatest Australian players?

    Particularly, where does Hewitt rank? My sort off less then informed list looks like this. 1-Rod Laver 2-Ken Rosewall 3-Roy Emerson 4-John Newcombe 5-Lleyton Hewitt 6-Patrick Rafter 7-Jack Crawford 8-Pat Cash 9-Lew Hoad 10-Tony Roche I will admit that I tend to rate modern...
  20. edmondsm

    Does Nalbandian have it in him? go deep and possibly win a slam, like the Aussie maybe:). He has been very close many times, and we've seen the last 3 weeks that he can play a very high level of tennis still. After his wins in Madrid and Paris he went out tamely at the Aussie. I wonder if he can get a better result...
  21. edmondsm

    Question about challengers.

    In South Korea right now there is one of the Tretorn Serie tournaments going on. Ivo Minar is going to play HT Lee in the final. The winner gets 90 ranking points which would be a huge boost for both players especially Lee. My question is, do the members of TTW think that this is an excessive...
  22. edmondsm

    When will Murray take #3?

    Comparing the Murray and Djokovic "ranking breakdowns" there are some startling contrasts. Murray has all of his points tied up in the late summer/fall where as Djokovic earned most of his points in the spring. Most notably, Djokovic won the Aussie Open and Murray went out in the 1st...
  23. edmondsm

    Calabasas Challenger

    To bad that Taylor Dent didn't feel up to playing another event. They haven't updated the qualifier results yet, but there are still some interesting matchups. Scoville Jenkins, who took out #1 seed Spadea last week and played a really tight match with Donald Young, is playing Robert Kendrick...
  24. edmondsm

    Sacramento Challenger

    If anybody has updates or news about this tourney it would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to know how Taylor Dent's match(es) go.
  25. edmondsm

    What does this mean?

    Please translate this video for me. I can't tell if it's funny or not.
  26. edmondsm

    Nadal's big win.

    He has now been in the semis of all four slams, a huge achievement. Can you guys name all who have done it in the open era? How about who's done it on 3 different surfaces? It's an exclusive club either way.
  27. edmondsm

    Which courts have radar guns?

    I tuned in to the live scores of Ryan Harrison's match and was hoping to see some serve speeds. He's on court 13 and it doesn't appear to have a radar gun. Are they only on the "show" courts?
  28. edmondsm

    Murray v Meltzer

    The Scot is in deep dudu here. About to go into a 2 set hole.
  29. edmondsm

    Querrey v. Karlovic

    Who will win this one? Heart says Sam, brain says Ivo.
  30. edmondsm

    Querrey abuses Berdych.

    I didn't see this match. What happened? Lopsided scoreline.