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  1. Marshredder

    New Babolat APD soon?

    Sorry if this has been discussed recently, I did a search and didnt find anything. Racquets tend to come in 2 year cycles and theres a new Pure Drive range out, but are Babolat planning to bring out a new AeroPro racquet anytime soon? Cheers!
  2. Marshredder

    Nike Nadal Davis Cup Crew.

    Has anyone else got this top? I got it today and the flags not got the centre crest on the spain flag which seems a bit ridiculous? Any ideas why nike would leave it with a half complete spain flag?
  3. Marshredder

    Ever find yourself wondering why you dont play as well in matchplay as in practice?

    This is one of the big things that bothers me. When im having a hit with a friend I can hit consistently, hard, accurately etc, but when im in matchplay, my shots fall apart a little bit. I can often feel what im doing wrong, not getting the contact point in front of me etc... Then I just...
  4. Marshredder

    How to lead tape a APDGT to have the same weight and balance as a 6.1 Tour?

    Hi, Put my Babolats away today and took my Wilson K6.1 Tour to the club. Huge difference I know but the way it feels and hits is beautiful, very nicely balanced. Can anyone help me out with where and how much lead tape to put on my APD GT's to make them balanced and weight the same...
  5. Marshredder

    Indoor Carpet shoes necessary for Indoor Carpet?

    Hi, Just joined a club with 5 indoor carpet courts. Are indoor carpet shoes an essential for playing on it or can I use the same shoes that I wear on outdoor hardcourts?
  6. Marshredder

    Strings for a spin-heavy baseliner on a APDGT?

    Im having trouble deciding on 2 combinations of string to test out! I was thinking... Racquet 1 - RPM Blast @ 58 Racquet 2 - PHT mains, VS Gut Crosses @ 58 But then I read that RPM doesnt last long and Hybriding PHT with gut is a bit pointless, hmm, so im undecided. Not sure about gut...
  7. Marshredder

    Babolat 135 6-pack bag.

    Hi, easy question, I've done a search and not found the answer. Does the Babolat 6 racquet 135 years of tennis bag have at least 1 insulated pocket? I have a AP 12 pack which is great, but its just too big to be practicle now im not playing in leagues and tournaments often, the 135 year...
  8. Marshredder

    If you introduce a new tennis surface, what would it be?

    I was chatting about this to a friend the other day, he totally dismissed my idea but I think it would be awesome. How about playing tennis on ICE? Imagine how fast it would be, totally different approach would have to be taken. Of course special footwear would have to be designed but it...
  9. Marshredder

    Playing people a lot worse than you... a giggle.
  10. Marshredder

    I have virtually no string experience, help please!

    Hey everyone. I've never really experimented with strings, never gone far past Xcel or Pro Hurricane Tour really. I want a string that really grabs the ball and inflicts maximum spin whilst feeling solid and firm. I've had k90's strung with champions choice and I cant say im a fan of the...
  11. Marshredder

    UK University Tennis.

    Anyone here play for their University's 1st Mens, 2nd Mens or Womens team? University sport in the UK is finally starting to gain more popularity and i've seen articles about how the government want to build it up to be more like US college sport. So if you do, what University do you play...
  12. Marshredder

    Great Day! New Racquets & Bag (Photo's and Review Inside!)

    Finally managed to get a couple of APDGT's today with the new Babolat 12 bag. Wasn't expecting much of a difference when comparing them to my APDC's but wow, theyre a lot nicer! They feel much more solid and have a lot more pop, 2 doesnt seem enough now! The bags great as well, lots of...
  13. Marshredder

    Think I really hurt my wrist... eek.

    Played a game yesterday, was losing pretty bad so decided to pull out my emergency topspin forehand. Its almost completely vertical, ends high above my head with a big whippy action. Worked great (bagelled, then I won the next 2 sets 6-4, 6-2) but today my wrist is really painful. What...
  14. Marshredder

    Quick Question: Sony Ericsson Polo Fit.

    Hi there. I normally fit in Mediums, the medium Bold polos (nadal USO, WTF etc) fit great in a Medium. Are the Ericsson polos tighter? Shall I get L or M? Searched but couldnt find anything. Cheers!
  15. Marshredder

    The Musicians Thread!

    So, anyone in here a musician as well as a tennis player? Thought it would be cool to have a place to chat about playing music. What instrument(s) do you play? What gear do you have? In a band? etc.... I'll post some pics of my stuff when the threads going a bit, but I play guitar, keys...
  16. Marshredder

    Your Favorite Apparel Brand?

    So, whats your favorite brand of apparel? I love nike, great stuff, I think everything I wear when playing tennis is nike, shoes, socks, shorts, t-shirt, jacket.... geek! So, whats yours?
  17. Marshredder

    Best Tennis Video Game?!

    Sooo, whats your vote? I have Virtua Tennis 5 and 09, Topspin 3 and Sega Superstar Tennis (lol). Virtua Tennis 5 is the best for fun with some friends, and Topspin is the best for a more "realistic" game. Discuss!
  18. Marshredder

    Dunlop Maxply McEnroe (Wood Version)

    What can you tell me about this racquet? Just acquired one on a whim! Value, Production Dates, How good is it as a Wood Racquet etc!
  19. Marshredder

    Advice: Is My Grip Size right?

    I use a L2, with an overgrip or 2. When I measure my hand from the second line to the top of my ring finger, it comes up at 4 1/4 - a L2. Yet when I hold a L2 racquet theres only enough room to get my index finger in the space with a bit of a squeeze. Should I be using a L3?
  20. Marshredder

    Analysis of Grip Sizes throughout Manufacturers.

    I'm a Babolat user and I use a L2 with an overgrip. When I decided to try out a K90 I ordered a L2 as its naturally what I've used, yet it felt a lot lot smaller in my hand. I then picked up my old L4 Dunlop I got before I started using 2's and it felt identical to the babolat, so I decided to...
  21. Marshredder

    How long until TW gets the new Aero range of Racquet Bags?

    I know that the racquets aren't out until the French Open, yet some stores in Europe already have the new Aero bags. When will TW-Europe be getting these? I really want one! Cheers.
  22. Marshredder

    Stenciling, Your Thoughts...

    What do you think of stenciling your racquet strings?
  23. Marshredder

    Will K90's Become Collectable?

    I was having a think about this earlier. K90's are forever going to be remembered as the racquet that Fed used to win the largest proportion of his slams. It will most likely be remembered in the same was as the PS85 is for Sampras, and look at how collectable they are. So what do you...
  24. Marshredder

    Two Handed Backhands and Smaller Head Sizes...

    Does anyone on the tour (WTA or ATP) use smaller (90inch downwards) headsizes with two handed backhands? It seems to me that they seem to be tailored at the more traditional 1hbh player, federer etc. All the guys at my club with K90's, PS88's etc are using 1hbh, and all the 2 handers seem to...
  25. Marshredder

    Anyone watching the Aegon Masters Tennis?

    Looks like Phillippousis is using one of the new Head Prestiges. Really fun tennis to watch, Bahrami is always amazing.
  26. Marshredder

    New pictures of Nadals new Racquet.

    This thing looks SWEET!
  27. Marshredder

    Babolat 2010 Racquet Bags...

    ...We got any photo's yet? :D The Wilson BLX Bags look like a mixture between a Happy Meal and a Womble (Ironically from Wimbeldon...) so I think I'll give those a miss. Plus I mainly use Babolat, so y'know, we all like to keep our bags the same as our racquets. Just wondering if I...
  28. Marshredder

    Do You Only Keep Your Preferred Racquet, Or Do You Have A Varied Collection?

    Just curious, Im sure that we all go through many brands and models of racquets, but after you've settled on one frame, do you keep the ones you also tried, sort of as a collection, or do you sell them on and just buy a few more of the same one as backups? I've firmly settled on APDC's, but I...