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  1. Ripper

    Hi everyone!

    Wow, I hadn't visited this forum since 01-28-2008! Almost a full year ago! Well, just wanted to say hi. Hopefully, I'll be coming back, again, with a little more frecuency, to keep learning from you all. See you around.
  2. Ripper

    Blue Gear users, clarify something for me.

    How long does it take for the texture to start smoothening out due to the friction with the ball? In other words, after how long do you start to feel a decrease in ball bite?
  3. Ripper

    Does Big Ace Hold tension as well as Cyber Power?

    Much has been said about how Big Ace is as powerful Cyber Power, but does it hold tension as well?
  4. Ripper

    What's the rule on this?

    I'm playing a match against this guy. I'm serving, 40 - Love. So, I serve and, after an exchange of several groundstrokes, the ball hits another ball on the floor on my opponent's side. Obviously, he couldn't hit it back. I say I won the point (and the game), he says the point has to be...
  5. Ripper

    I've switched to Topspin Cyber POWER!

    Some of you may recall I had a serious addiction to Poly Polar and I felt dissapointed when I learnt here that Topspin is not going to be making it anymore. So, I decided to give their latest product a try, Topspin Cyber Power. My initial thoughts were that it's soft, but not as soft as Poly...
  6. Ripper

    From Pusher to Shotmaker.

    The same as everyone here, when I started playing tennis, my game plan was simple, get everything back. One day, I got destroyed by an advanced shotmaker and decided I wanted to play like him. So, my game plan went from simple to, even, more simple: HIT WINNERS! Problem with this Blake type of...
  7. Ripper

    3 things are clear:

    1) Djokovich is a choker. 2) There's something between Djokovich and Sharapova. 3) Someone needs to tell Federer that he doesn't need to "fall down" anymore.
  8. Ripper

    Henin is so good, I think she can beat an ATP #100!

    The Williams sisters couldn't, because their game is one dimensional. It's all based on power and there's no way a woman (not even them) is going to out-power a man. But Justine is different. She's the most skilled and technical WTA player to have existed. I think she could do it... Ok, flame...
  9. Ripper

    I've said before and I'll say it again...

    Agustín Calleri is my favourite Argentinian player! PS: And I want to play like him... in constant pursuit of winners!!!
  10. Ripper

    Fed in black!

    And playing like a madman! Did you see him against Capdeville? Wow! I mean, his backhand was out of this world (and everything else). This is the Federer that makes ALL other players, including Djokovich and Nadal, crap in their shorts. It's official, I'm getting that complete black outfit.
  11. Ripper

    Have you noticed how fast the ball bounces off Serena's stringbed?

    I was watching Gonzalez being eliminated by that Russian (I think) guy (forgot the name). Immediately after that, I started watching Williams against Camerin (nice chick, btw) and, eventhough I could, immediately, notice the slower strokes, some of her shots were, almost (well, you get the...
  12. Ripper

    Talk to me about Polyfibre Poly-Hightec 1.10

    I'm ordering a playtest set, but, in the meantime, I'm interested in knowing more opinions of what to expect. Edit: I decided to try this one before MSV Hex 1.10, because, from the few reviews I've found, it seems to provide much more feel, which is something I like.
  13. Ripper

    Gamma Grip 2 Overgrip

    You have this is black, blue and yellow. Are you, by any chance, expecting this any of the other colors it's produced in (grey, red and white)? I'm, specially, interested in red. Thanks.
  14. Ripper

    What polys can I get in 1.10 mm (or less) thickness?

    I know of: Luxilon TiMo MSV Hex Ployfibre Poly Hightec Any others? Thanks.
  15. Ripper

    Interesting article about rotator cuff problems associated to tennis

    Now that my shoulder has been bothering me, I've been doing some internet research and came across this. Thought it might be interesting to some. It's really just an abstract:
  16. Ripper

    WeissCannon MatchPower

    I'm starting to like this string quite a bit. It definitively offers more comfort and power than the other orange co-poly, which it's supposed to compete against. Yes, I'm talking about Signum Pro Poly Plasma (or SPPP, as we like to call it here), btw. MatchPower is the 2nd most comfortable poly...
  17. Ripper

    How to remove paint from a racquet?

    Without removing or damaging the racquet material? I don't want to re-paint it, just leave it without paint. I'm thinking the best way could be, maybe, wet sandpaper in grade 1000 and a lot of care.
  18. Ripper

    Tourna Grip must be made out of tissue paper or something similar :o)

    So, I was at a local tennis shop, saw the Tourna Grips and noticed the color was very similar to the Topspin Cyber Power string I'm installing on one of my racquets. So, I thought they would look cool together. However, I recalled that my only previous experience trying to install this overgrip...
  19. Ripper

    Big vs small butt caps

    I hold my racquet with the butt cap in my palm. Large butt caps (like the ones that come on POGs) make this very uncomfortable. So, personally, I prefer them small. Yonex are the best, but I've modified them to make them, even, smaller. I know this raises the risk of the racquet flying out of a...
  20. Ripper

    Is there an alternative method of installing a butt cap?

    Alternative to stapling it.
  21. Ripper

    Tossing the ball in front vs tossing the ball directly above.

    My doctor says I should do all my serves by tossing the ball in front, because it's less stressful to the rotator cuff. Have you heard this before? PS: Decided to post this here, instead of on the Health Forum, because it's more a matter of technique.
  22. Ripper

    How do racquet companies mix a metal (Ti, for example) with carbon?

    Do they place layers of carbon mesh in sandwiches with layers of Ti mesh?
  23. Ripper

    Just got my 1st Cyber Power set!

    I'll try to string it tomorow, but not sure when I'll be able to hit with it, since I'm recovering of shoulder pain. In the meantime, I can tell you, just by feeling it, that it seems quite soft. Kind of like how unstrung Poly Polar feels, but with a rubbery surface. Talking about Poly Polar...
  24. Ripper

    Djoko REALLY uses full X-One Biphase string jobs?

    I need to know; I want to hit my forehand like him :p
  25. Ripper

    Ok, I'll admit it...

    Djokovich is a serious threat to Federer and Nadal. Beating Federer yesterday really changed my way of viewing this urchin headed boy (I wasn't convinced, until yesterday). I mean, he did get help from Federer (who, between other things, choked when facing the opportunity to serve for the first...
  26. Ripper

    Federer is happy

    Doesn't have to paly Nadal tomorow. So, the Rogers title is Roger's, for sure ;)
  27. Ripper

    Shoulder Pain

    I have a pain in the right (I'm a righty) shoulder area. Actually, it's towards the front, around the area where the arm connects to the shoulder. I'm assuming it's because of tennis, eventhough I didn't start to feel it until several hours after I last played (the day before yesterday). It's...
  28. Ripper

    The material used in the shaft of the current Yonex frames is developed by Toyota?

    Actually, Elastic Ti is developed by Toyota Central R&D Labs. Does anyone know if they're replated to the Japanese auto makers?