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    Rate these guys

    Let's see how everybody rates these two players. If you rate them below a 4.5 you must be blind. T
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    Calling Racquet Experts!

    Hey all, just had a few questions about customizing a racquet to feel similar to another one. I currently use a FXP Prestige Mid, have been trying to find the right way to lead up the AG 100 to feel about the same as the Prestige. Where would you put lead tape on the AG 100? I know this is...
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    From Burma - what happens to protesters

    For anybody that thinks that Americans are losing their rights. Think again. We have a ways to go yet.
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    What's it like to be 6'10"?

    Just ask Ivo Karlovic. Here's the interview from Deuce Magazine. Enjoy. Standing 6' 10'', big-serving Croat Ivo Karlovic is the tallest player to ever compete on the ATP tour. 'Doctor Ivo' is enjoying a career-best season, winning two titles (Houston, Nottingham) from three finals, reaching...
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    Dmitry Tursunov is talented!!!

    Download this if you like euro-techno music. I think this is really good. Let's see what you think. Courtesy of
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    What do you think?

    About this:
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    How to form a group?

    Can you form groups on here? If so, can you tell me how to do it please. Thank you. :)
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    Novak in Deuce Magazine

    Pretty good read so far. Thought some people would enjoy this.
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    Have you seen the movie The Fountain? With Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz

    Just wondering if anyone has seen it? What you thought about it and if you liked it? I think it is one of the most different movies I have seen in a while.
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    Anybody enjoying listening to Agassi?

    It is amazing to listen to him commentate. He is highly intelligent, knows when to speak and when to be quiet and just watch the tennis. I would thoroughly enjoy listening to him some more the rest of the tournament.
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    Check out these awesome karate skills!

    Flippin' hilarious! What do you guys think? Are they serious or not?
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    Anybody watching Arthur Ashe Kid's Day?

    I am watching it right now. Just got watching the pros challenge thing. Did anyone think that they people who were feeding the balls were going like super fast? I mean if the pros are having trouble catching up to the feeds I think they might be going to fast.
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    Funny videos of Djokovic

    I found these to be incredibly hilarious! :)
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    Who's goin out tonight?

    Let's hear it. Who going out and who is staying home to be on the TT forums. :)
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    Halo 3

    Who is excited for Halo 3 to come out? I know I am!!! :D
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    US Open commercials on USA

    I am watching TV right now and I have been getting a kick out these commercials. Anyone else seen them? If you have let's hear some feedback. My favorite one so far was when he shoots the ball kids in the face with a ball machine.
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    A Marat Safin Thread just for Maneater! Let's keep adding pictures of Marat guys!
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    Anyone watch the Indy men's doubles?

    I watched and it was a great match because the guys that won it could hardly even communicate, and then there was this guy named Teimuraz Gabashvilli. He has to be the goofiest looking guy I have ever seen play on a tennis court. And oh yeah his partner was the tallest guy playing tennis right...