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  1. Gmedlo

    I did not expect this when I signed up for Online Tennis

    In order to graduate from high school I have to take an extra semester of PE through a BYU independent study course. I am extremely frustrated just minutes into starting it because I have fill out the assignments as if I am a crazed coach spitting dogma from the 60s. Here's an example:
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    Short Political Survey

    Just need 300 responses! Thanks for your time
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    Ignorant sales rep leads to win?

    A friend of mine bought a pair of vapor IVs yesterday, and during the purchase, he asked if they had a 6-month durability guarantee. The sales rep surprisingly said yes, and went and got a warranty card from another shoe box and threw it in. The transaction went through and he has the shoes now...
  4. Gmedlo

    For those supplementing with Muscle Milk This is a real eye opener if you haven't done research on msg or trans fat, great video.
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    Find me a college!

    Say I was looking for a college with a great Kinesiology and Physical Therapy (graduate) program, with strong general biology courses as well, that a 1-3 star recruit could play on, OR a school with the academic requirements above that has a very strong/active club team. Just list them off if...
  6. Gmedlo

    This isn't a first, is it?

    Ahh, in less than two months, I've worn down my Cage II's through the foam to reveal the Zoom Air unit. Anyone else done this? If you're wondering what the purpose of this thread is, it's bashing the durability of the cages. Because something this bad shouldn't be considered a durability...
  7. Gmedlo

    Absolutely Ludicrous

    Here's part of an e-mail I received today: Summary- They're using tennis courts for dodgeball at reduced court time rates.
  8. Gmedlo

    Ahaha, I have wings!

    I found out on Wednesday that my scapular wings are actually a bad thing :lol: My PT noticed it while I was doing an exercise for my left arm (muscles were weakened after virtually no use for a week due to a sprained wrist) and my scapula just flung out, his immediate reaction being "Whoah!"...
  9. Gmedlo

    Critique my game!

    Okay, I just got an off a wrist injury and my whole game is in need of a re-haul, especially my backhand. Here's matchplay from last week:
  10. Gmedlo

    High School Appeal

    I know that high school tennis isn't as much of a deciding factor as USTA tournaments when it comes to getting looked at by colleges, but would playing doubles or singles in HS be preferred? I'm asking this because: 1. With the schools I'm currently interested in, I would be far more likely...
  11. Gmedlo

    Weiss Cannon Explosiv!

    Do you plan to carry this string, and if so, when will you have it in stock? Thanks
  12. Gmedlo

    Focus during HS practices

    No, this is not directly my problem, but since it is a problem with teammates, it becomes my problem. My practices are run like garbage– there's no encouragement to do anything from the coach, meaning the coach just let's the kids loose to do their thing. The coach isn't knowledgeable enough to...
  13. Gmedlo

    Stepanek match

    Did anyone see, in the Stepanek v. Youzhny match, Stepanek grabbed a ball girl during a point to change direction after he was next to the backstop and off the court? Is this legal?
  14. Gmedlo

    Probably a stupid question

    When doing cleans/another lift where you can drop the barbell and you need bumper plates, do all the weights on the bar have to be bumper plates, or just the largest? Say I have two bumper plates on, could I use smaller plates, say 25/35 regular, iron plates, instead of more bumpers, since the...
  15. Gmedlo

    Racquet physics/sweetspot question

    If lead tape added to the handle of a racquet lowers the sweetspot because of the added mass, why does putting your hand on the racquet's handle not dramatically lower the sweetspot? (it is much heavier than any lead you add, after all) There's probably some simple explanation for this, but I...
  16. Gmedlo

    New Tecnifibre Racquets

    Do you have an ETA for Tecnifibre's updated racquet line? For those who haven't seen them yet, they are on tecnifibre's web site, both new T-flashes and T-fights.
  17. Gmedlo

    *VIDEO* Critique my serve! The first cut is first serves, second cut is second serves, then the first cut form the other angle is first serves, then the next cut is second serves. I don't really know how to describe my first serve, it isn't completely flat, more of a...
  18. Gmedlo

    New Head balls

    These just showed up on TW: Anyone use them before? I know Penn balls are manufactured by head, perhaps they are phasing out penns?
  19. Gmedlo


    Although I'm already pretty explosive on the court, I would like to make it an undeniable advantage over others in my game that I can lean on when I'm in trouble. Since I don't have access to a gym, I can't do squats, or any other weightlifting involving weights over 120lbs (parent's won't buy...
  20. Gmedlo

    Nike Cage I issues

    I bought a new pair of cages last week and I'm wondering if anyone else had these problems while breaking them in: Day 1: I came to these shoes from the BIV, so the weight was obviously a breath of fresh air. And it literally felt like a pillow in comparison, not in terms of the cushioning...
  21. Gmedlo

    German Natural Gut?

    Has anyone tried this stuff thats available on the bay? Is it a typical budget-gut that often snaps while stringing or can it compete with more reputable guts? I would kill for good gut that comes out to <$15 for a gut/syngut hybrid...
  22. Gmedlo

    Tecnifibre Multifeel 16&17 Reels

    Do you plan on stocking reels of Tecnifibre Multifeel in either gauge anytime soon?
  23. Gmedlo

    TiMO 18g and Cyber Power 17l

    Which holds tension better? I'm looking to hybrid one of them with Tecnifibre multifeel for a muted, durable setup that holds tension for a while. I have my own stringing machine so the cost doesn't matter as it's still >10$ if I buy Multifeel in a reel. Recommendations for other polys with a...
  24. Gmedlo

    Pro Shops in Portland, OR area

    I'm travelling down to Portland on wednesday and I was wondering If there are any proshops that stock Nike/Adidas tennis shoes. Not a single retailer or pro shop in my area stocks them, so I figure as long as I'm down there I'll try on some BIVs or BFIIs.
  25. Gmedlo

    Silverstring 1.20 vs. Lux. Big Ace 18

    So I've decided to open my string selection up and try some more polys. I've tried cheaper polys like Cyberflash, PP, SPPP, and MSV Hex, and, now that I have a stringing machine, can afford a little more. I've chosen a soft cross(tecnifibre Multifeel) and I am now trying to find the right poly...
  26. Gmedlo

    String Theory: Hollow Strings?

    Maybe the answer to simulating gut (or find something better) isn't to use more fibres/filaments, but to use none at all. Has an air-filled string ever been created? Think about it, you could take a stiff poly, thicken out the gauge a little, and have 20% of the middle filled with air. I...
  27. Gmedlo

    Pro Strining income

    What does the average stringer stringing for ATP/WTA events get paid annually? I know there is at least one GS stringer on here, is the pay enough to live off of without working another job?
  28. Gmedlo

    Durability Guarantee: different Size?

    Has anyone ever sent in a pair of shoes for a durability guarantee and requested a different size? My feet are still growing, and I always assumed I couldn't do this, so I didn't bother sending in a pair of T9's I wore through in 3 months that no longer fit.
  29. Gmedlo

    Yonex 850 hybrid

    Of the polys listed below, which one, in a hybrid with 850(1.32) as a cross, will provide the most ball-pocketing and feel? SPPP 1.28mm Weiss Cannon Matchpower 1.25 Silverstring 1.25 Scorpion 1.25 MSV Focus 1.23 Pro Hurricane 1.30 (non-tour) I have all of these strings on hand but...