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  1. Badabing888

    The Rugby World Cup 2019

    Starting on September 20 in Japan and ends on 2 November. Anyone going to watch any games? International 15 a side rugby union is one of my biggest interests apart from tennis and I love the power, grace and infuriated by the rules and ref’s decisions made. Still, for me that is part of the...
  2. Badabing888

    What is it that Stanimal has over Djokovic which Roger and Rafa don’t have?

    When I saw the draw and that Stan could meet and did meet Novak in round 4 then my gut feeling was Stan could win. He was back to near his best post knee surgery. And of course Novak with his sore shoulder, despite getting through the first 3 rounds in straight sets. Forget head to head for now...
  3. Badabing888

    Take comfort Fed fans even if he loses today’s final

    Even if he loses today the good news is that reaching another final means he has another slam win in him. Look at his record since 2008. Final losses have always been balanced out by wins: 2008- 2010: 8 finals of which 4 wins and 4 losses 2011 and 2012: 1 French Open final loss followed by...
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    Manic Monday order of play?

    So Manic Monday where all 4th round matches are played. There are 7 big matches but only 6 are going to get on CC and Court 1: Djokovic v Humbert Nadal v Evans/Sousa Federer Berretini Konta v Kvitova Williams v Suarez Navarro Halep v Gauf Barty v Riske. Depending on whether they choose a 2...
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    Can you be a tennis line judge? Take the test. I scored 5/8.
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    Simon to win Wimbledon

    Finished runner up at Queens. Novak finished runner up last year and went onto win Wimbledon. Dead cert.
  7. Badabing888

    Murray targets return to singles by the end of 2019 So definitely not this Wimbledon and unlikely USO.
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    Federer is the highest endorsed athlete in the world Earned $86m from his endorsement deals. $7.4m from winnings. Number 5 on the list of highest paid athletes of last year. Messi number 1 overall. Rafa below Kei is surprising.
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    Wimbledon ballot going digital About time!!!
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    Turin in pole position to take over from London for the ATP WTFs

    According to the Times, UK from 2021.
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    Remember the name Jessika Ponchet Lost after leading 6-0 5-0 and 40-30 to Tara Moore.
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    Is Djokovic 5 times the player of Murray?

    1 week apart in age, but now Novak has 5 times the Majors compared to Murray. Crazy!!!! Still 5 live radio here in the UK is playing lets remember Andy Murray win Wimbledon 2013 straight after Novak won his 7th AO. Something to remember Andy by.
  13. Badabing888

    5 City short list for ATP WTFs from 2021 London, Tokyo Singapore Turin Manchester.
  14. Badabing888

    RIP Roger

    The Kangaroo. He reached the ripe old age of 12. He was a big ‘un at over 2m tall and almost 200 pounds.
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    Federer has cursed the ability of men’s champions to defend the US Open

    A bit like Tom Riddle cursing the Defence against the Dark Arts post at Hogwarts, so no one could hold the post for more than one year. Federer is the last man to defend his US Open title in 2008. Since then he’s cursed each subsequent Champion to ensure that none of the champions since can hold...
  16. Badabing888

    Sharapova - 15 months since her return. Legacy since drugs ban? So Maria has been back playing for 15 months since her drugs ban. Her results have been mixed - 1 title in China in 15 months. In Grand Slams her results the furthest she has is a French Open quarter final, after getting a walkover after Serena...
  17. Badabing888

    Federer 50/50 in slam finals since 2008

    Noticed a pattern/symmetry to Federer's conversion Slam finals since 2008 is 8 from 16. 2003-2007 he converted 12 from 14. But the 8 from 16 - the pattern is pretty consistent: final losses and then matched by wins. 2008-2009 - 3 losses (FO 08, W 08, AO 09) but matched by 3 wins (USO 08, F0...
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    Wimbledon quiz - name multiple winners in 2 mins Got 17/20:(
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    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    Chef and travel/food travel writer and presenter.
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    Name the multiple French Open champions since 1968 in 2 mins
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    Sascha’s forehand grip

    So I thought it was quite interesting what Petch said on Sky Sports about Sascha’s forhand grip and why it’s leading to so many forehand errors in pressure moments. If you didn’t hear what Petch said in the commentary it was basically that Sascha holds his racquet too high up the handle, so his...
  22. Badabing888

    Federer will never play clay again because...

    There is a good reason why Fed won’t touch clay now. He is listening to his fitness guru Pierre Paganini:**************.org/amp_tennis/news/Roger_Federer/52120/roger-federer-s-fitness-trainer-fuels-speculation-about-his-clay-season/ Post knee surgery Fed will...
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    Champions are born not made. Discuss. I was reading the story of how Ray Wood is trying to turn his 9 year old Livinnia and 3 year old daughter Paloma into the next Williams sisters. Martina Navratilova says in the above article: To what extent do you think the above statement is true...
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    BJK - men should not play 5 sets at Grand Slams anymore. BJK arguing reducing men’s matches at slams to 3 sets. She is arguing women can play best of 5, but that best of 5 is taking it out too much of the men. Do you agree?
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    Winning Slams age 30 and over

    One telling stat in the Open era is how many majors the men win when they have reached 30 and over. It is one of the reasons why I certainly don’t see Novak coming back to beat Fed’s 20 slams and why it’s unlikely, but not impossible for Rafa to do so. If the trend below is anything to go by...