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  1. The-Champ

    Best amateur singer you've seen on YT

    Saw this guy the other day and I was blown away. The pipes are incredible. Foreigner: Scorpions: Heart (now find me a male vocalist than can cover Ann Wilson this good)...
  2. The-Champ

    Masters and WTF finals are no longer 5-set matches. Which player benefited the most?

    Which top player benefited the most from the fact that Masters and WTF finals are no longer 5-set matches. Before voting, consider the following: 1. Who is the steadiest player mentally in a 5 set match? 2. Who has the best 5 set record? 3. Which player has the ability to adjust his game...
  3. The-Champ

    Rate the difficulty level of these shots..

    Here you can post some of the memorable shots you've seen throughout the years, and rate them on a scale of 1-10. I'll start with this IO forehand by Nadal against Kuskushin. I rate it a solid 9. The balance and the small steps he took to adjust to give way to a fantastic "fade away" IO...
  4. The-Champ

    Nadal on being the greatest on clay:"Leave it to historians"

    We have many historians in the forum and Rafa believes it's their assessment that matter regarding the greatest on clay. Humble guy! :D Pete the current GOAT, has some input on how he would play Rafa on clay.
  5. The-Champ

    Verdasco's fh, most underrated shot in tennis?

    Verdasco's fh is my all time favorite fh. It has good spin and the power is devastating when he flattens it. Roddick once said it Verdasco has the biggest fh in the game. Federer obviously has the greatest fh but Verdasco must be at least on par with Blake, Del Potro, Gonzalez, Berdych...
  6. The-Champ

    New Film with the big 4!

    Just heard from a very reliable source that the big 4 will take part in a huge movie production. They will all play secret agents who will collaborate to solve a terrorist attack perpetrated by the BRIC countries. Their specific characters in the movie are; Murray - James Bond Rafa -...
  7. The-Champ

    Sampras vs Edberg - the battle for net-superiority and athleticism!!

    Here's something to cheer you guys up. Powerful serving, quick points, excellent net plays, great passing shots off both wings on a super fast court. A very close match, unfortunately, one had to lose. The highlight of their 1994 ATP finals match, round robin stage. Part 1...
  8. The-Champ

    Rafa vs Pete

    At their prime years, which scenario is most likely to happen? - Nadal beating Sampras on 90s grass or - Sampras beating Nadal at the FO
  9. The-Champ

    Laver "it wasn't as important then"

    Nice article/interview with Laver after the FO12 finals. "You know, it was never as important then, counting Grand Slam titles you'd won. Emerson didn't even know how many he'd won; it was not common knowledge. If you won Wimbledon, it was a feather in your cap. I won two U.S. Opens, I knew...
  10. The-Champ

    Wimbledon 2008 Final Nadal vs Federer Documentary

    Documentary of the 2008 wimbledon final with comments from Mac, Henman, Becker, Borg etc. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3...
  11. The-Champ

    The Golden Bagel Award!

    "The Golden Bagel Award is an award established in 2004 that honors the professional male tennis player who has handed out more "bagels" (sets won 6-0), than any other player on the circuit.[1]" Year Winner # Bagels 2004 Roger Federer 11 2005 Rafael Nadal 12 2006 Roger Federer 18...
  12. The-Champ

    Courier's interview!

    Short interview with Jim Courier where he talks about: 1. - this year's wimbledon 2. - the short grass season 3. - evolution of players and equipments 4. - what Nadal needs to become one of the true greats 5. - Fed's best chance to be number 1 again is with Rafa being injured 6. -...
  13. The-Champ

    History Obsession..

    Question to tennis historians: Were legends such as Borg, Johnny Mac, Laver, Rosewall etc obsessed of their place in history as Federer and Sampras are? If not, could they have won more slams if they were as 'record-hungry' as the two biggest titans of the last two decades? Would Borg...
  14. The-Champ

    Nadal vs Hewitt...who returns better?

    As I was watching Rafa vs Ivo yesterday, I came to a conclusion that Rafa actually handles Ivo's serve better than Hewitt. Some would say that Sampras had a better serve than Ivo, but how come Hewitt returned Sampras' serve quite effectively but not the rapper's? Discuss!
  15. The-Champ

    Which player is better?

    Player A: has all the talents and abilities of Sampras and Nadal Player B: A combination of Federer and Agassi. Who will dominate the slams? Discuss!
  16. The-Champ

    Federer on forehands

    Federer compliments DelPotro's forehand but claims it is not on par with Gonzalez', Blake's or Nadal's. Del Potro's fh certainly looked devastating on TV and very CONSISTENT. If the other 3's fhs are...
  17. The-Champ

    Del Potro's future!!

    Amazing performance from Juan Martin in the final. Federer may not have played his best but Del Potro stayed focused and showed why he will be a contender from now on. The question is...what does the future hold for the 2009 US-open champ? The guy surely has many weapons in his arsenal but...
  18. The-Champ

    Rafa in the 90s!!

    Is it a fair assessment to say that in order to finish the year as no.1 during Rafa/Fed generation, you have to win at least 2 slams and a bunch of masters shields annually? The only time Rafa finished a season as no.1, he needed to win 2 slams, 4 masters, an olympic gold and a couple of small...
  19. The-Champ

    Jankovic to Federer: "Mind your own business"

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. I didn't know Jankovic had it in her.' How dare she speak like that about Federer? Who is she to react to the perfectly classy federer? So, did she have the right to be offended by...
  20. The-Champ

    The heavy hitting thread!!

    I thought we should have a thread where we can post videos of pros hitting the cr@p out of the ball, literally. I'll start Nadal vs Djokovic (Queens final 2008)
  21. The-Champ

    What if??

    What if there was a slam on a court looking like this: For a 10 year period....who would win the most slam on this court? Sampras, Nadal, Agassi and Federer are playing, all four are 100% fit, in their prime and their absolute best. State...
  22. The-Champ

    How Rafa dethroned Fed!

    Is this article accurate or not? Discuss without bashing anyone please.
  23. The-Champ

    Serena and her insane power!

    I stumbled upon a video of Serena hitting insanely hard FHs, especially on the returns. She must have been really irritated of Ivanovic's ajdeeee (c'mons) on every point! I know a lot of you out there hate Serena, but damn, you just have to admire that power. I've said before that once Serena...
  24. The-Champ

    Who would win?

    To those who have actually seen these guys play. 1. David Nalbandian 2. Marcelo Rios 3. Murray 4. Marc Rosset 5. Martin Verkerk 6. Cedric Pioline 7. Sebastian Grosjean 8. Magnus Larsson (sorry guys, I just had to put a Swede in this one) Surface: fast indoor carpet! If these guys...
  25. The-Champ

    Dirty Dancing....Fed's favorite movie! 1. Rafa is impartial as usual. 2. A lot of them like "the Gladiator"...especially hispanics. 3. I'm surprised by Roddick's choice. 4. Ljubicic embodies the patriotism that every person from Balkan has with his choice. I'm...
  26. The-Champ

    If we take away the biggest weapon..

    If we take away the biggest weapon of those we consider tennis greats, those who won more than 4 slams, and put them all in the years 1990-2000, and they are the only people present in every tournament. Who would dominate? 1. Sampras and Becker have Chang's serve. 2. Agassi and Lendl have...
  27. The-Champ

    Question for equipment experts...

    I've heard people say that Sampras serves bigger today. My question is...what does the new racket technology bring to the game? Are groundies more powerful and faster?
  28. The-Champ

    Rafa Impressive On Return!

    These figures are interesting because I honestly expect Federer to be at least in the top 5 on returns. He is a great returner, and could break everyone's serve whenever he feels like doing it. Even though I dislike Federer I must admit, he reads serves slightly better than Rafa. Your thoughts?
  29. The-Champ

    Sampras interview!

    This is Sampras' 22 minute interview with Charlie Rose August 6 2008. He discusses: - Roger and Rafa this year - His former rivals, AA and Becker - on coming back on tour - His US-open 2008 favorite - His opinion on both Rafa and Roger's game. Should they incorporate S&V in...
  30. The-Champ

    The Best....

    Tennis pros were asked who in the game has the best... SERVE Nadal, Murray - it's karlovic Ljubicic - Federer has the best second serve. Federer - Andy Roddick is the best server in the game, both first and second serves. RETURN OF SERVE Ljubicic - its Federer and Murray...