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  1. aman92

    If Nadal didn't have his own era, then did he have the toughest competition? - 18 slam finals against Fedovic!

    Of course he does, both Federer and Djokovic enjoyed stretches where there qas no ATG to compete with them at their peaks... Nadal never had that luxury barring 2010 when he swept 3 slams
  2. aman92

    Why is there a 17 Slam difference between Djokovic and Murray?

    Although I do largely agree with OP.. It does seem Djokovic has overachieved and Murray underachieved when you compare their respective strengths and initial career progression
  3. aman92

    Why is there a 17 Slam difference between Djokovic and Murray?

    Mental toughness and forehand.. Djokovic made it a consistent weapon whereas Murray never could rattle off winners from that side
  4. aman92

    AO 2022: Would you bet on Djokovic or the field?

    He isn't the odds on favorite according to the bookies against the field.. In fact apart from Rafa at RG have the bookies ever put anyone as the odds on favourite against the entire field before a slam? Probably Djokovic at last year's Wimbledon?
  5. aman92

    6,000 days

    Rafael Nadal made his debut in the top 10 of ATP Rankings and hasn't left it since :oops: . One of the greatest records in the history of professional sports!
  6. aman92


    Is it fixed?
  7. aman92

    You can change ONE match result from tennis history...

    2014 AO final for Nadal.. Gives him the DCYGS at age 28 and probably allows him more confidence in future AO finals
  8. aman92

    Nadal's most emotional victories - from a fan's perspective?

    2010 RG 2008 Wimbledon 2019 USO
  9. aman92

    A beautiful moment has slipped away, for all of us...

    You are no one to denigrate a spectacular achievement
  10. aman92

    How much of Federer's decline in 2008 was due to the height of opponents?

    Those Giants Nadal and Djokovic sure did a number on him
  11. aman92

    Is Ferrer a mini version of Djokovic?

    No Nishikori is...if he had that extra 3-4 inches in height, in terms of raw talent he is right up there
  12. aman92

    The ATP rankings are a sham

    Gives him the best possible chance to succeed with a soft draw in the early rounds
  13. aman92

    Obscure stat of the day: Nadal has won as many Grand Slams losing 1 set or less as Federer/Djokovic/Sampras combined

    Yeah Nadal should have won USO 2010 without dropping a set though.. Lost a close one to Djokovic. Federer winning Aus Open 2007 without dropping a set was seriously impressive
  14. aman92

    What happened to Chung?

    Injured perennially... Although his serve was severely weak for him to ever compete at the very top level
  15. aman92

    Medvevev USO 2021 vs Del Potro USO 2009

    People voting for Delpo what does he have over Med except for his forehand? Med serves better, can return well, has a much better backhand than delpo which he can hit cross court to Delpo's backhand all day. Agreed that Delpo beat a superior opponent in Fed but matchup wise, Med is terrible for...
  16. aman92

    Djokovic beat the most in form players at all four Slams

    Considering the level of competition on Grass currently, I struggle to hype the form of any of the youngsters until they actually win Wimbledon. Did anyone really think Berrettini had any chance against Djokovic in the final?
  17. aman92

    Medvevev USO 2021 vs Del Potro USO 2009

    Of course Med is going to soundly defeat that choker
  18. aman92

    Medvevev USO 2021 vs Del Potro USO 2009

    Who wins? I don't think anyone can now argue that Medvedev has surpassed all of Delpo's career achievements already (if anyone can still argue feel free to). But who wins when considering the hypothetical match up of their only slam victories till date?
  19. aman92

    The ATP rankings are a sham

    Ranking remains protected whenever he comes back to play
  20. aman92

    The ATP rankings are a sham

    Federer has barely played 10 matches all year and hardly any last year and yet is still somehow ranked 9th. He is 61 in the live race and yet due to this COVID induced mockery, finds his ranking protected. How is ATP still justifying to continue with this sham? Would the methodology have been...
  21. aman92

    Efficiency of winning 20 GSs

    A lot will obviously due to matches on average on grass lasting much shorter than matches on clay....Fed might have had the quickest matches but stats might show it to be too skewed
  22. aman92

    Djokovic beat the most in form players at all four Slams

    Yeah undoubtedly the biggest disappointment of the year.. This season was his chance to kick on and dominate after finally bagging a major victory but he just got injured at the wrong time. He definitely has Novak's number on clay and would have been his biggest threat at the Aus Open.
  23. aman92

    Raducanu's Draw Revisited?

    She is a qualifier who won the tournament without dropping a set. Soft draw or not, that is an astounding achievement
  24. aman92

    Best Djokovic versus Federer hard court match?

    Yes even watching it live you knew it was historic as it unfolded, the ending just confirmed it. One of the few non Nadal matches I have watched multiple times
  25. aman92

    If you could merge two players to form a monster player, who would you pick?

    Well that needs to involve Djokovic because none of the others are remotely good on grass
  26. aman92

    2021 Medvedev vs 2005 Federer Slam comparison

    There should really be a mod filter in TTW before these threads can see the light of the day
  27. aman92

    Prime Sampras vs Prime Zverev at Wimbledon, only Zverev serves but he gets only 1 serve, who wins?

    How the hell can Zverev lose if Sampras isn't even serving? Reminds of that hypothetical Sampras vs Nadal match up at RG with only Sampras serving
  28. aman92

    Federer 2015 vs Djokovic 2021

    Don't think he beats Med that easily as well