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  1. mxmx

    New Statue in New Port I don't buy it...
  2. mxmx

    facebook really hacked or are they tricking you for your Id?

    A friend of mine's facebook account got hacked apparently. They are now asking for his Id. Anyone else experience this? Somehow I doubt that it really got hacked. It's probably their latest trick to get more info such as your Id and whatnot. Previously they uses the trick to identify your...
  3. mxmx

    Biological metrics - are you okay with it?

    Banks scanning irises and fingerprints (even phones being used)...are you okay with them having these methods without the option to opt out? So basically criminals need to cut off your hand and take out your eyeball to steal your money? Theft used to be so much safer for the victims...
  4. mxmx

    All time greats based on competition in GS finals

    Perhaps all ATG's should be rated on who they faced in grand slam finals. The measure will generally be who won the most grand slams. So perhaps one should look at the level of opposition they faced to actually measure their strength. Also, not sure if we should only look at the open era to...
  5. mxmx

    The Zoning zone

    This will be hard to put into words properly...but I will try: My "peak" or "zone" level seems to be very high...but my "average level" is very average, low or inconsistent. It's like I have certain zoning and sucking days...more so than most people I know. There are times I really hold my own...
  6. mxmx

    Many withdrawals this year...can it be...

    Don't want to judge or point fingers and mention specific players or anything. But I'm wondering due to the strict rules regarding bubbles in "designated hotels"...can it be that certain players are worried that they may get caught doping? I'm sure that if some do dope, it's easier to do so in...
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    Tennis is in trouble

    Do we need better quality players? Probably. But how will one measure quality when the yardsticks (big 3) are gone? Surely when they are gone the person(s) at the top will seem like they're playing great? Let's take Hewitt as an example. When he was no 1, what in particular qualified him as...
  8. mxmx

    Nadal and Djokovic pro's and cons

    Nadal has been, at least for a while, seen as equal/greater/just below Federer. Djokovic caught up and may arguably take Nadal's (and Federer's) place. Djokovic perhaps didn't have to face prime Federer as much as Nadal had to. While Nadal wins mostly on surfaces that needs to be vacuumed...
  9. mxmx

    What happened to Sampras will happen to Federer

    Sampras left the scene as the best me, he and Federer still remains the best and it's hard to choose between the two. When the likes of Federer came on the scene and destroyed Sampras' records, it didn't make Federer greater to me than Sampras. Now Federer is getting the same medicine...
  10. mxmx

    Are there any benefits to smooth strings?

    Are there any benefits to smooth strings? Are there any reasons one would go with strings that are smooth compared to shaped or spin strings?
  11. mxmx

    Federer made a mistake...what am I missing?

    To me Federer played his best with his smaller Wilson rackets. (K-factor and so forth). There was a switch I think to a larger racket at one stage which immediately seemed like a mistake. His shots seemed loopier and less powerful with more unforced errors. He was spraying it. Did anyone...
  12. mxmx

    your biggest lead blown or meltdown

    What's your biggest lead blown or meltdown in a tennis match? I once lost a doubles match with 6 match points. I have also recently blown a 4-0 lead in a 2nd set only to lose the set 6-4 as well as the match. Personally, quite frustrating to be losing matches I should be able to win. Have the...
  13. mxmx

    2021 Australian Open Outfits

    Please post your favourite 2021 Aus Open male or female players wearing their good and not so good outfits. P.s. I could not find a comprehensive thread for this years fashion.
  14. mxmx

    Did Becker hit a ballboy with his serve?

    As I remember it, he once knocked out a ballboy with his serve. Anyone else remember this?
  15. mxmx

    How long before workouts take effect

    I'm a relatively fit tennis player but can improve on my physique as well as improve my status on being quite injury prone. My question to experts are: How long does physical excercise take to actually make a difference? For example sit-ups before they would benefit your serves or skipping rope...
  16. mxmx

    Alternatives to the Big 3

    If you think about it, the big 3 is great and many consider them the "biggest 3". To me so many slams shared between just 3 players does not make them as great as they should be made. It concerns me that there was no one else to contest. A lack of depth so to speak. With this in mind, how...
  17. mxmx

    Reactions to Djokovic ball/throat incident.

    I'm interested in what pro's like Federer and Nadal has to say. As well as ex pro's like McEnroe...Are they just smiling behind the scenes or did they react?
  18. mxmx

    Laver > Borg > Lendl > Sampras > Federer > Nadal > Djokovic

    Laver > Borg > Lendl > Sampras > Federer > Nadal > Djokovic Some people are very recency biased. Some are very nostalgia biased. Laver is almost forgotten. As are many others. Federer wiped Sampras away to some extent. Will Djokovic do the same with Nadal and Federer? To some extent, as it now...
  19. mxmx

    Serve approach with sore shoulder

    I have recently been getting a sore shoulder when serving, especially after having cooled down and playing again. No pain after the match or anything but quite painful doing the overhead or serve in some instances. So basically I just roll the ball in instead of going for pace. I suppose using...
  20. mxmx

    The big 3 should probably not play the US open or RG

    Winning these tournaments in current virus situation will probably harm their legacy more than add to it. It's like asking if Graf would have preferred Seles not being stabbed on a tennis level (not a personal level). Graf's legacy is really "asterisked" even to this day (not her fault but it...
  21. mxmx

    I hit very flat around my body...which is best: spin vs smooth strings?

    I mostly play with Wilson blade rackets strung with grey solinco strings at 55 and have a prince tour strung with solinco barb wire. I have used many strings in the past and used to be a string breaker. Either strings got better, I have lost power or I'm hitting cleaner but I do not break...
  22. mxmx

    Has wall hitting screwed with my game?

    I have been extensively doing wall hitting on average 2-3 times a week for the whole lockdown now. (I have been using various tennis balls, from regular but flat, beginner dot and normal but used). I'm talking sometimes extensive hitting for 30min to an hour non stop. SometImes it felt like I...
  23. mxmx

    How did Sampras' racket play

    How did Sampras' stock racket play compared to the newer Wilson ps models? Anyone played with these rackets and newer models to compare? Not with Sampras' setup though...
  24. mxmx

    Mathematicians out there...old swing power vs. new swing power

    For talented math and physics people: I was wondering. Is it mathematically (or with physics) possible to compare the power of players like Borg, Becker, Lendl or even Sampras with that of players of today? For example. Could one measure the swing speed of the hand of lets say Borg and work...
  25. mxmx

    Excessive grunting in Tennis is what simulation is to Soccer

    - I get why people grunt in tennis as it is needed to properly exhale when hitting the ball. But as excessively as some do, is an embarrassment to the sport...they should ban it. Even as a Seles fan. I literally cannot watch tennis without either someone behind my shoulder laughing or being...
  26. mxmx

    being forced...

    Should people be forced to be tested for the CV? Personally, I don't think so. Some people have called for this though. They should be careful what they ask for and really consider the consequences. In Israel, it has been discovered that people with the CV were monitored via their phones. In...
  27. mxmx

    Big 3 Peak for peak, Federer is the best...

    Let's put peak Sampras aside for one moment... Peak Federer is a greater player to me than any other player in the open era. He has everything. Great technique, power, skill, movement and footwork. World class volleys. One of the top 5 serves ever...maybe top 3 for me. Arrogant enough to win as...
  28. mxmx

    Roddick vs. Krajicek

    Both had great serves. Edit: also your opinions if they had to face each other head to head.
  29. mxmx

    Fighting for Bananas

    There was once a time when Bananas were hard to find. Many monkeys all over the green forests had to fight hard to get hold of bananas. A great Alpha-male monkey came along and would steal all the organically grown Bananas, all for himself. He would dominate all the other monkeys. Hundreds of...
  30. mxmx

    Sampras vs Tsitsipas

    I'm wondering what people think as to how each player would have matched up against each other. Would the current top game of Tsitsipas dent Sampras (any time he played) in any way? Both being single handed backhands also makes it interesting.