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  1. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Will Federer be the last?

    With Fererro retiring Federer's group grows even smaller. My question is do you think he will stay on tour the longest among his peers? If not who will outlast him. Off the top of my head Haas, Davydenko, Ferrer, Fish, Blake, Nalbandian, Youzhney, Benettaeu, and Hewitt are among his...
  2. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Is it possible to....

    ....get the same effect an American twist serve gets (kicks up and to the right) on a ground stroke? I was pondering on this subject and the more I thought about it the more curious I got. It would probably be impractical as a shot in a match, but I wanted to know if it could be done. The...
  3. AnotherTennisProdigy

    The Big Four Induction Ceremony

    Official thread for inducting Andy Murray, man from Scotland, winner on American Soil, enemy on Serbian soil. Let all of your doubts finally rest for it is now official, Andy Murray is part of the Big Four!
  4. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Who does the wind favor?

    Watching the semis (won't mention names) and I was wondering who has the advantage in windy conditions, the aggressive or defensive player?
  5. AnotherTennisProdigy

    What's the point of Super Saturday if.....

    .....we keep getting the final on monday? If the reasoning is to put the matches during the weekend, isn't it counterproductive when the finals gets pushed to the dreaded M day? Why do they insist on Super Saturday, is there a reason?
  6. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Rosol: How Far Can He Go?

    For those of you who are watching the US Open qualies, Rosol showed us some impressive stuff. This guy was serving bombs, one of the biggest serves I've seen and he has the ground game to back it up. Did he play like this before he beat Nadal? :shock: So, how far up the rankings do you think...
  7. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Federer/Nadal vs. Sampras/Agassi

    If Federer and Nadal played Sampras and Agassi in doubles, who would win? Curious as to what you guys think. They're all in their primes of course. I actually think the old guys would win. Sampras is probably the most suited for doubles out of the four.
  8. AnotherTennisProdigy

    Different serves on the same toss?

    When I serve a kick/flat/slice, the position of my toss changes. This makes it easy for my opponents to tell what kind of serve I'm going to hit. So my question: is it practical to use the same ball toss to hit different kinds of serves? Is there a way to make your serve less predictable?