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  1. Seth

    Head Liquidmetal Instinct Tour XL

    I only used the Flexpoint a couple times and that was ages ago. I don’t remember anything particularly bad about it. It was good enough for Karlovic for a while, so there’s that.
  2. Seth

    Head Liquidmetal Instinct Tour XL

    It’s not the same mold, but the standard length 18x19 is a fantastic frame. Very unique (at the time) pattern with 100 head and soft feel.
  3. Seth

    My wife needs a New Racket - I suspect you fine people can get me some good options.

    Prince o3 Blue and call it a day.
  4. Seth


    We can only hope.
  5. Seth

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Nice. A return to the two patterns like the 315 LTD used to have.
  6. Seth

    Wilson nSix-One 95 nCode 16x18 anything to have?

    Exactly. The nCode 6.1 is a GOAT-tier frame. I had three of the 18x20, but would gladly take a 16x18. Wilson’s recipe for that stick was perfect.
  7. Seth

    2021 ATP Sudden Death League: Indian Wells

    I’d like to switch these. QF: Tsitsipas BU: Zverev
  8. Seth

    2021 ATP Sudden Death League: Indian Wells

    QF: Zverev BU: Yeetsipas
  9. Seth

    2021 ATP Sudden Death League: Indian Wells

    R16: Norrie BU: Sinner
  10. Seth

    2021 ATP Sudden Death League: Indian Wells

    R3: Monfils BU: Basilashvili
  11. Seth

    2021 ATP Sudden Death League: Indian Wells

    R2T: Dimitrov BU: Harris R2B: de Minaur BU: Isner
  12. Seth

    2021 ATP Sudden Death League: Indian Wells

    R1: Caruso BU: Brooksby
  13. Seth

    Is Angell Sports out of business?

    I hope they do another Slazenger cosmetic Angell frame. Particularly the Trinity cosmetic from circa 2003.
  14. Seth

    rublev with new gravity pj?

    Just imagine HEAD bringing back the Liquidmetal Instinct Tour XL without the ridges (aka Gasquet’s frame).
  15. Seth

    What your hypothetical "cannonball" setup?

    When I demoed the PDT, my hitting partner was shocked at the weight-of-ball coming across the net.
  16. Seth

    Cheat Stick

    Prince Thundercloud Titanium 110.
  17. Seth

    Are non Djokovic fans routing for him to win this?

    I’m not a Novak fan, but I’m rooting for him to win the Grand Slam. I’ve been watching tennis since 2002 and have seen a lot of records broken and wild accomplishments. I’d like to see the Grand Slam again.
  18. Seth

    Why is Karatsev not sponsored yet?

    HEAD head to toe like Cilic is my prediction.
  19. Seth

    AeroPro Drive is clicking with the kids.

    @David Le is currently GOATing.
  20. Seth

    New Head Frame

    There are a couple of doubles dudes who use the cosmetic.
  21. Seth

    what would be ur dream addition to a current raquet line?

    Six One 95 in both string patterns. Maybe even an “X” model in 27.5”. We didn’t know how good we had in during the KFactor generation.
  22. Seth

    US Open gear thread

    Rarely can I say this since he's been wearing Hydrogen, but I dig Feli's kit. Getty doesn't have the pics yet or else I'd post one.
  23. Seth

    2021 ATP Sudden Death League: US Open

    R1T: Struff BU: Musetti R1B: Koepfer BU: ADF
  24. Seth

    Rose К Fасtоr Siх Оnе Тоur 95?

    This is a poorly made fake. Not even the correct mold.
  25. Seth

    Marco Trungelliti

    Marco has the Radical paint now. Anyone know what he's using?
  26. Seth

    Petition for TW and Wilson to collaborate, and RE-RELEASE the Pro Staff 90

    Imagine a re-released of the original Tour 90 but with the shorter pallet.