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  1. ghostofMecir

    Put Sir Andrew Barron Murray in the 2003-2009 era instead of Federer, how does he do?

    No, they don’t realize that while busy typing up bAgGy, gOnZo
  2. ghostofMecir

    Emma Raducanu seems to be having the time of her life

    Nobody‘s arguing that—if she didn’t win anything, then nobody would care. Of course her winning had something to do with it. But let’s say she won, but she were a 5’7, 160 lb big hitting white girl. Do you think Dior or whoever would be making her the face of anything? A tall, thin, attractive...
  3. ghostofMecir

    Emma Raducanu seems to be having the time of her life

    Is it racist if it’s literally a reason for her prominence?
  4. ghostofMecir

    Better from the QF Wimbledon 2006 and SF Wimbledon 2003

    Only “Baby pre prime pre gluten free Djokovic“ exists for these people
  5. ghostofMecir

    So Brooksby takes out Opelka in Antwerp, should he be the next great hope for US tennis?

    If he did literally everything EXACTLY the same but served like a 6’5 player, he’d be a perennial slam contender. I’m still shocked at how ineffectual his serve is.
  6. ghostofMecir

    Roger Federer officially exits the top-10

    Once in a lifetime talent. If not for injury, he’d likely be top 10 at 40 and 41, maybe even 42.
  7. ghostofMecir

    So Djoker has the Year end #1 Record secured.

    Imagine hating a player for 15+ years because he surpassed your idol and now rooting for another player who is taking your idol’s one record left. ROTFLMAO
  8. ghostofMecir

    Medvedev withdraws from Moscow

    They need to learn about work ethic from someone like you who can post for hours and hours on a messageboard
  9. ghostofMecir

    Federer forehand with wooden racket

    Does Nadal also have a wooden racket? Federer can play more like modern Federer with a wooden racket than Nadal or Djokovic can play like their modern selves if they were using wooden rackets.
  10. ghostofMecir

    Will Dimitrov ever win a slam?

    Better chance Trump converts to Islam tomorrow.
  11. ghostofMecir

    Big3's stats outside of their favourite surface

    Seems like it’s groundhogs day again for Lew.
  12. ghostofMecir

    Murray has evolved It’s legal, but growing up playing, you're told not to do it. Chang seemed to have escaped the old guard’s ire by being 17 and playing Lendl and was given a pass. Now, things have changed and players...
  13. ghostofMecir

    Murray has evolved

    Shows who has played organized tennis before and who hasn’t. Unless things have changed, it’s one of the first things you learn that you’re not supposed to do this as it’s considered disrespectful. It’s why Hingis got booed when she did it against Graf Among other things...
  14. ghostofMecir

    Murray has evolved

    It‘s an unwritten rule that you don’t do this on serve and anyone who has ever played knows this.
  15. ghostofMecir

    Shots like these really make me miss Federer

    You saw the title yet clicked on it.
  16. ghostofMecir

    How Roger turned $10m to $600m

    lol! I wonder what Octo here is going to be doing in a few years after Rafito has retired.
  17. ghostofMecir

    Explaining why Djokovic lost at the OG and USO

    Not only 2015, but also in 2017–2019 period.
  18. ghostofMecir

    Explaining why Djokovic lost at the OG and USO

    The field, as weak as it is, has caught up to him. Djokovic was peaking and still lost. It happens.
  19. ghostofMecir

    How Roger turned $10m to $600m

    Here we have an Anybody But Federer fan, i.e., 99% of “Djokodal” fans, excited about Billionairerer losing net worth. Looooool
  20. ghostofMecir

    Police called in to separate Nick Kyrgios and his girlfriend after verbal altercation

    Have you seen females around wealthy athletes or athletes in general? She knows he’s cheating on her with a minimum of 5 other girls but prefers to be a harem rotation than be with an average Joe. Lol no. It’s your average female. Looool! She could have left but chooses to stay.
  21. ghostofMecir

    How Roger turned $10m to $600m

    Billionairerer will next buy TT Warehouse and install puppet mods making the conspiracy theorist Novack fans’ theories come true
  22. ghostofMecir

    Federer' best forehand performance?

    Agassi in 2003 “geriatric.” Federer in 2019? ”Playing better than ever.”
  23. ghostofMecir

    Djokovic-Federer rivalry since 2012 YEC

    Doubt OP even watches now — he goes on UTS or tennis abstract and mines for data. Additionally, since the beginning of 2012, Djokovic and Federer have played 26 times with Federer playing most of them at 30+ years old while Djoko enjoyed a 6 year age advantage. They have played 4,930 total...
  24. ghostofMecir

    Match Stats/Report - Davydenko vs Nadal, Shanghai final, 2009

    Thank you for reminding me about about this match. Demko put out some real master classes in hitting in some of his encounters with Nadal.
  25. ghostofMecir

    The day Federer cleaned Djokovic's clock and out-clutched him at his peak

    With Djokovic at his best, Federer held match point against him at both RG and the USO despite being 6 years older.
  26. ghostofMecir

    Federer News

    If this is true, it’s crazy.:oops:
  27. ghostofMecir

    Federer News

    What’s his stake in ON? Being a billionaire puts him in the running to invest in sports team and the like. Billionairerer making waves.
  28. ghostofMecir

    Days since Federer disclosed the nature of his knee injury/surgery: 0 and counting...

    He basically became a billionaire after ON shoes went public. Protect endorsements..loool