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  1. Mongolmike

    Donating blood

    Any blood donors? I gave yesterday (Red Cross site) after not donating since 2012. I had given 32 pints to that point, but I do not "enjoy" the process so I just stopped doing it. Now, with covid, seems like the need is there, plus l am O- (universal donor), so I just said suck it up and go...
  2. Mongolmike

    Tennis things you would pay for....

    So what are tennis related things you would pay for? (other than the obvious: equipment, lessons, clothes, court time, etc.) For example, two things as a rec player l would pay another rec player... #1 - chart a full match for me. Record winners, errors, forced errors, serves and returns all...
  3. Mongolmike

    In line skating help

    So during the lockdown, I was home for 9 weeks. I have access to nice paved walk/run/bike paths and I am a pretty good ice skater (tho haven't skated in 20+ years, I would be 100% confident jumping back onto the ice). Anyway, I bike, jog, elliptical, play tennis, exercise, but thought I would...
  4. Mongolmike

    Mistake with Klippermate dropweight stringer

    So I strung a racquet last night, and discovered I'd made a big mistake. Lucky I didn't (apparently) damage my stick. I've got a simple Klippermate dropweight stringer with a 2 point mounting system. Had it for 15+ years, strung 100s of racquets. After I finished the string job and was...
  5. Mongolmike

    Anyone dealing with spinal compression lower back?

    I had an x-ray the other day on my lower back because of reoccurring lower back pain, and the gap between two of my vertebrae is almost non-existant. I've also got a spur on another vertebrae. Doing home exercises/stretches now, go to physical therapy next week. Anyone else dealing with this...
  6. Mongolmike

    Microbiome test

    Anyone have one done? There was a nice article in Outside magazine in Jan. issue touting the possible health benefits of different microbes in our intestines. They also highlighted the different microbes found in elite athletes of different sports to try to find something interesting...
  7. Mongolmike

    Who do you choose to play with?

    I'm at work, so I thought I would be productive (as it is Overtime pay) so I made a list to help me answer a question I had been thinking about. The question was "of all the people I play tennis with, how many are jerks?" (You can use what ever term you like - jerks, cheats, hookers, loud...
  8. Mongolmike

    Equifax data breach

    Did anyone else check to see if their info might've been stolen? 143 million Americans is half the population, so chances are 50-50 you did. Mine was, my wife wasn't. I should've put a credit freeze on all 3 credit reports years ago, but didn't. But now I have. For those who have not...
  9. Mongolmike

    League Captain question about bad behavior

    At a drill, a player known to be a hot head was upset with his play. He was upset with himself, not anyone else on the court. He missed another shot and snap threw his racquet in my general direction. Not a big problem, as it wasn't close, and he apologized a number of times. Fine. It's a...
  10. Mongolmike

    Critique my forehand please

    Note, it was very cold out - thus, the scarf, cap and ski googles, but please don't judge too harshly, it'll bring tears to my eyes. (Oh, and there was no bench courtside, so I had to carry my tennis bag instead of setting it on the ground.)
  11. Mongolmike

    What I think I look like, vs

    What I think I look like, vs what I probably look like. On an overhead, I think I look like this.... but sometimes I probably look like this....
  12. Mongolmike

    My serve progession to serve like Aldolphus Borgavimov

    Over the next few years I will post my serve progressions of how I now serve like noted Druid Monk Aldolphus Borgavimov. As many of you know, he was a 16th century Monk living in eastern Europe. Some of you might point out that tennis was not even created then, which is true, but if Borgavimov...
  13. Mongolmike

    Thinking of buying a fitness tracker/watch. Any input?

    I scrolled back in this thread to last November... didn't see any threads that looked applicable... so... as the title suggests I am looking into buying a fitness tracker. I'll outline my needs, and am open to recommendations. I'd like it to fairly accurately track steps during the day, track...
  14. Mongolmike

    Pickleball invasion?

    This isn't a rant against pickleball... I'm for any activity that gets people off their couch. I'm a member at my local recreation center, and during the weekday if I'm off work, I will often go to the rec center to work out. There are 4 basketball couts and one all purpose court. The...
  15. Mongolmike

    Switching racquets to serve

    Does anyone switch racquets for your service game if you have a heavier stick you can really boom serves with, but you switch back to a racquet you can rally/volley with better for your non-serve games? My thinking is if you have a decent serve already, why not optimize it and put even more...
  16. Mongolmike

    touch-up paint for frames

    I was thinking about doing some touch-up paint to some frames with normal wear and tear chipping... just to fill in the spots where the missing chip looks obvious, like say a spot where the paint is yellow, but there is a chip and the underneath is black. These are mostly my racquets, it is...
  17. Mongolmike

    ? about the USTA 7.0 55+ league

    With the USTA going to age based leagues this year, I was curious about the 55 and over 7.0 league. Why isn't this considered a combo league? And the reason I am curious is because if it was a combo league, then it would not count towards an individuals USTA ranking- correct? But the 55+...
  18. Mongolmike

    thinner gauge vs thicker gauge

    I thought it was generally accepted (all other factors being equal) that thicker gauge strings were more control oriented than thinner gauge. Did I misunderstand this? My experience is the opposite... or at least feels that way. Two identical racquets, set up identical, same grips, same...
  19. Mongolmike

    Shaker cup threads gone?

    Just out of curiosity, what happened to the thread about the new shaker cups? Guy must've pulled them because of the questions people had for him that he couldn't answer?
  20. Mongolmike

    Scenario(s) clarification

    Reading through various threads got me to thinking about a couple different scenarios... these haven't happened to me, but I also couldn't find clarification in the Code. #1- I hit a sharp angled shot that forces my opponent to chase the ball into the neighboring court which is in use...
  21. Mongolmike

    Dunlop Juice v Juice Biomimetic

    I use Dunlop Juice as my go-to string and TW does not sell it in a reel... another site does, but it is called Dunlop Juice Biomimetic. I know that is a reference to the racquets, but has anyone used the regular single package of Juice vs the Juice Biomimetic? They are probably the same, but...
  22. Mongolmike

    String a POG

    I saw a Prince EXO3 Graphite 100 Mid+ in the "Sale Price" bin at the club today. Its the emerald green stick with open rectangular grommets along the 3 and 9, and regular grommets at the 6 (and I think at the 12?). I was wondering if there is any issues or problems stringing the open...
  23. Mongolmike

    My review: Dunlop Juice vs Babolat PHT

    I bought two Dunlop Aerogel 500 Lite racquets last year, and been trying all sorts of strings and hybrids to best suit the racquets and my game (topspin forehand, 1H BH with topspin, a topspin type 1st serve and mild slice/kick 2nd serve... I'm not a serve and volley, but I do come up often and...
  24. Mongolmike

    String pattern for Becker S.E. 11

    Does anyone have the stringing pattern for a Boris Becker S.E. 11, or a link to a site that has it? The Becker site (Volkl) has directions, but they are a bit confusing. 2 piece pattern please. Thank you.