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  1. Tenacity

    Comparing BIG3

    Now that that Grand Slam season of 2021 is over we take a look back at these three superstars and tennis gods.
  2. Tenacity

    Novak Djokovic to date

    Crazy numbers and what he has achieved. #epic Especially this part - "He is the only player to win all of the Big Titles on the modern ATP Tour - which consists of the four Grand Slams, all nine ATP Masters events, and the ATP Finals."
  3. Tenacity

    Roger Federer on twitter

  4. Tenacity

    Are these tennis commercials the worst ones yet? Must be.

    Listen to those words and denial. So so pathetic from Rolex, but expected. Also, was this made by Federer fans here on TTW, atleast the words that are coming out of that guy's mouth. ONE B I G YIKES!
  5. Tenacity

    Happiness of a child - small gesture from Novak

    Earned a lifetime fan right there
  6. Tenacity

    Rafa comments on Novak breaking weeks at #1 record

    Source Sasa Ozmo twitter.
  7. Tenacity

    Novak Djokovic celebrating with the lads tonight!

    Thanks for joining Novak's celebration party, enjoy the cake.
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    Big 3 stats updated

    They are immortal. Insane stats.
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    Borna Coric

    An underrated player who definitely deserves his own thread. Good luck to him in the very near future! What do you like most about his game and personality? Please share all your thoughts and memories about Coric. I wish you the best.
  10. Tenacity

    Rafa thanking Novak in Serbian for his contribution

    Two legends, huge respect between them. Rivals on court and friends off it. Nice to see in these tough times.
  11. Tenacity

    PeRFect player by Novak Djokovic

    Interesting that he doesn't mention Fed at all. No love lost between the two, we all knew that but I honestly didn't expect this, thought he'd say Fed's serve atleast..
  12. Tenacity

    2020 Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic [2] vs Roger Federer [3]

    50th!!! meeting between these two legends of the sport. Enjoy another epic everyone!
  13. Tenacity

    2020 Australian Open 4th Round: Novak Djokovic [2] vs Diego Schwartzman [14]

    Novak chasing his 8th AO title, while Diego looks to trouble the Serb and maybe take this one, who you got?
  14. Tenacity

    Dominika Cibulkova retires from professional tennis

    Cibulkova won 8 WTA titles and her highest rank was 4 in 2017. She is 30.
  15. Tenacity

    Incredibly consistency

    Ivan Lendl is record holder with 18. Also, Rafa and Med are baffled by Andy's face, scarry stuff. Novak is smiling because he is furthest away from him.
  16. Tenacity

    Ivan Ljubicic with a burn

    Haha poor Rafa. :-D
  17. Tenacity

    I dance better than Roger and Novak, no?

    From r/tennis Rafa is awesome lol Make sure to turn sound on
  18. Tenacity

    Three frauds in one picture?

    What say you? :D Is Nadal, no?
  19. Tenacity

    Interesting on-court anecdotes

    Do you guys have any other funny or silly to share? :D