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  1. MasturB

    We are now in the TIME OF TIM.

    No Age of Alexandra. This is THE TIME OF TIM.
  2. MasturB

    Do the public courts Venus and Serena practiced with their dad on still exist in Compton?

    Was doing a road trip through California on the way up the coast to Seattle. Had no idea if those public courts they practiced on with their father still exist or if they've been torn down. Either way, if they do exist I'd like to pass through and stop by and take a picture of me hitting...
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    Currently using Solution Speed FF, should I switch back to Vapors?

    I had used Vapors for over a decade (2007-2018). Then around 2017-2018 the flywire stuff turned me away. I've actually had no issues with the Solution Speed FF's, but I've always liked the aesthetic look of the Vapors better. Is there a big difference in the Vapor X's and the Zoom Prestiges...
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    Despite age and decline, somehow has made at least the semis in 3 out of his last 4 slams. Downside is he has to defend Dubai, Miami Win and Indian Wells Final. And quite a bit of clay points including RG semis. I wonder if he considers Rotterdam but prob not since he wouldn't do both RD and...
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    "Fedr" - Mohamed Lahyani

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    At what point is he not next-gen anymore? He's participating in his third straight Next-Gen Finals. Shouldn't there be a cutoff.
  7. MasturB

    Fred confirms he will play Roland Garros in 2020

    Poor guy. Has to try and stop Ralph by himself from eclipsing 20 since the Lost and Next-Gen have been utterly useless in slowing Ralph and Nolan. Medvedev has been closest but it's still not enough. Or maybe this is for 2024 prep for Olympics in Paris?
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    Black Pro Staff 97 v. Pro Staff 97 Countervail

    What's the difference? I was going to buy one and use the demo code. The non-CV version is a good price plus the discount for demo'ing it is there so I wanna use it. Do they play the same?
  9. MasturB

    Fred and Ralph further separating themselves from ATG pack with another Laver Cup win.

    I made a thread like this a few years ago. Time to update this and how this will effect the GOAT discussion. Fred now has 3 wins. Borg has 3 wins. Laver has 3 wins. Ralph has 2 wins. Nolan 1 win. Mac has 3 Finals. 0 for Sampras and Emerson. Ralph and Nolan are in a strange predicament. They...
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    Laver Cup storylines are getting a bit played out now in year 3.

    Fred and Nicholas will have a tight 2 sets that get pushed to a TB or final break, then go into a tense 3rd set tiebreak. Nicholas gets super emotional after a tough loss. Fred's Guest of Honor (Ralph/Nolan) play big tall servebot (Isner, Raonic, Anderson). Isner plays one of the boring younger...
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    Ralph's Remarkable consistency since 2017 in slams.

    Very underappreciated consistency. AO17 - Lost [F] to Fred. FO17 - [W] WB17 - Upset by Gil in 5 US17 - [W] AO18 - Lost [QF] to Mary FO18 - [W] WB18 - Lost [SF] to Nolan US18 - Lost [SF] to John Martin AO19 - Lost [F] to Nolan FO19 - [W] WB19 - Lost [SF] to Fred As you can see here, other than...
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    Fix the search engine please.

    I am trying to search for a racquet in the For Sale/Wanted classified ads. I used to be able to narrow it down to In Thread Title Only>>>Newer than This Date>>>For Sale/Trade forum only. Since hte new software update you're not able to.
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    John Isner biggest villain in tennis.

    This classic final didn't deserve to end in an anti-climactic tiebreak. I would rather Fed lost getting broken by the best returner of all time than mini break points in a 7 point tiebreak. So much for "tradition". Hope this is proof we need to eliminate all 5 set tiebreaks especially for a...
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    What are the GOAT ramifications if 37.9 year old Fred beats a Peaking Grass Ralph + Nolan for #21?

    Does this metaphorically end the debate? 21 18 15 Not enough French Opens left for Ralph to catch up. Next Gen is catching up to Nolan and Ralph on all surfaces.
  15. MasturB

    Fred denying Ralph #19, will it be historic?

    I don't care if Fred loses to Nolan on Sunday. The fact he has denied Ralph #19 and kept it 20-18 is astounding. Big props to Ralph for beefing his serve this tourney. Fred was flustered for a lot of return games and couldn't get anything going. Ralph can't get #19 unless he gets a cakewalk...
  16. MasturB

    Would Rafa have won if he was seeded [2] instead of [3]?

    I think Fred having the higher seed number really played into Ralph's head mentally during this match. Made him the proverbial underdog despite having a higher ranking. This match may have gone differently had the seedings been reversed. Thank you Wimbledon seeding committee for helping out...
  17. MasturB

    Fred's 2012 Wimbledon Win looks more impressive everyday.

    Took out Djokovic and Murray back to back. Fred was a crisp 30 with Nolan, Andrew, and Ralph all in their prime mid 20's. Now that Ralph and Nolan are in their mid 30's they received no resistance from the Lost Gen and now the Next-Gen can't get it together either while Rog is still hanging...
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    If Tim beats Ralph tomorrow

    How does this effect Ralph's pursuit of eclipsing 20?
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    Friday's forecast looks brutal.

    Showers expected around noon through early afternoon. Winds will be 22+ MPH after the rains are finish with potentially some showers mixed in around the late afternoon-early evening time.
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    Will 37 year old Fred win more games than 26 year old Fred?

    2008 Final 6-1,6-3,6-0 He only needs to win 5 games to surpass that total. Other than losing a set to Goffin, Ralph has not dropped more than 4 games in a set. 5 breadsticks (1 game set) 3 twists (2) 6 pretzels (3) 1 slice (4)
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    No tennis at the French the next two days.

    Fedr no play until Wednesday. Gonna be a long 48 hours.
  22. MasturB

    Is Ralph back?

    He's blown through this STACKED clay draw.
  23. MasturB

    The reason Fabio the Fabuloso can hang with Ralph on clay is simple.

    The high bouncy balls on clay do not effect his groundstrokes since Fabio practically has no knee bend already. So hitting forehands and backhands basically standing upright play into Fabuloso's Strikezone perfectly. I'm sure @Red Rick will agree.
  24. MasturB

    Fred looks to have clinched a top 4 seed at Wimby

    Looking at those around him in live rankings. Fred winning Miami bumps him up to #4 in live rankings. Zverev and Thiem are defending way too many clay points, whereas Fred is defending 0. (6) Nishikori could gain some points but unlikely. (7) Anderson unlikely to make big points gains on clay...
  25. MasturB

    Is Cilic finnish

    Aussie loses to Roberta Agut. Dubai loses to Gail. IW loses to Denise Mia loses to Andrea What is going on.
  26. MasturB

    Very smart long-term investment by Fred

    Help boost Tim's confidence by winning 1000. Tim will feel he can do this against Ralph and Nolan in other big events, thus helping preserve slam record. Trade off of Indian Wells #6 for slam record. Smaht.
  27. MasturB

    Fred will beat Tim at Roland Garros

    Mark it down.