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  1. Babolast

    Nike HO21 Polo

    Hello TW, Just wondering if you are expecting a Nike polo in the colour "Hasta" Thank you.
  2. Babolast

    Adidas Spring/Sumner 2022

    Shoes look great, haven't seen the clothing yet. Has anyone here managed to view the line yet?
  3. Babolast

    Kei Nishikori US Open 2021

  4. Babolast

    Lacoste Fall 2021

    Hello, When are you expecting the new Fall 2021 Lacoste range to be up live on the site? Thank you.
  5. Babolast

    Adidas SS22

    Not sure why my previous thread got deleted? We are allowed to discuss future product but no photos are permitted.
  6. Babolast

    Adidas US Open 2021

    Hello TW, Just wondering when you are expecting the new Adidas US Open range? Also are you expecting Orbut green head and wristbands? Many thanks.
  7. Babolast

    Nike Fall 2021 Head/Wristbands

    Hello TW, Just wonder what colour head and wristbands you are expecting for the FA21 season. Thank you.
  8. Babolast

    Roger Federer Wimbledon 2021

  9. Babolast

    Roger Federer French Open 2021

  10. Babolast

    Kei Nishikori French Open 2021

  11. Babolast

    Rafa SU21

    Hi TW, What are you expecting Rafa's 2021 clay outfit and French Open outfit? Many thanks in advance.
  12. Babolast

    Nike SU21 Head/Wristbands

    Hello TW, Now that SU21 has officially arrived I think it's the right time to ask what head and wristbands are you expecting for this season? Thank you so much.
  13. Babolast

    Nike Rafa Football Blue Shorts

    Hello TW, Are you expecting the Rafa Football Blue short to match his Glow Green crew or has that been dropped? Thank you.
  14. Babolast

    Federer Outfit Doha 2021

  15. Babolast

    Nike Men's Spring Slam Melbourne Henley

    Hi TW, Will the Melbourne henley still be available in beige, or has that colour been dropped? Thank you.
  16. Babolast

    Kei Nishikori 2021 Australian Open outfit

    Seems like Uniqlo are no longer selling the shorts.
  17. Babolast

    Felix Auger Aliassime to adidas

    Confirmed. Kinda shocked Nike let him walk to be honest. Big pick up for the 3 stripes....
  18. Babolast

    Eugenie Bouchard to New Balance

  19. Babolast

    Tommy Paul to New Balance

  20. Babolast

    Nike SP21 Headbands

    Hello TW, What colours are you expecting for SP21? Thank you.
  21. Babolast

    Adidaa Spring/Sunmer 21

    Hello TW, Just wondering when you will have Spring 21 adidas up on the site. If I can recall, it usually goes up mid December. Is this still the case? Thank you.
  22. Babolast

    adidas Men's Core Club Crew 2021

    Hello TWE, Could you please provide a product code for this item? Than you in advance.
  23. Babolast

    Dark Atomic Teal Headband

    Hi TW, Are you expecting the Dark Atomic Teal headband Rafa is wearing in Paris? Thank you.
  24. Babolast

    Rafa Green Strike Crew

    Hello TW, In regards to the Green Strike Rafa crew, has the item be cancelled or are you still expecting it? Thank you.
  25. Babolast

    Adidas Fall 21

    I have yet to see the full range but we do know that the Barricade is back. Has anyone seen the line yet? I will report once I do see it.
  26. Babolast

    Adidas Barricade 2021

    Good news. A new Barricade model is arriving Fall 2021.
  27. Babolast

    Nike Winter 2020 Head + Wristbands

    Hi TW, What colours are you expecting for head and wristbands? Thank you.
  28. Babolast

    Thanasi Kokkinakis is now with New Balance

    Thanasi Kokkinakis has signed with New Balance.
  29. Babolast

    adidas Racquet Pack

    Hello TWE, Are you expecting anything more from this range? On the white t-shirt there is a man wearing a teal polo. Will a teal polo release? Thank you.
  30. Babolast

    Asics Fall 2020 Collection

    Hi TW, As you know, I am a huge fan of any shade of green. On TWE the Asics range in blue but on TW USA the range in more green. TW USA: TWE...