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  1. Big_Dangerous

    Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

    Happy July 1st everyone! Apparently as the story goes, back in 2000, the NY Mets wanted to get rid of then MLB player Bobby Bonilla and his 5.9 million dollar contract. Rather than simply paying him the 5.9 million dollars, Bonilla's agent struck a deal with the franchise. They agreed to pay...
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    What is your favorite candy bar?

    Vote in poll and discuss or disgust.
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    Kamil "MasterShake" Majchrjzak!

    I'll be honest, I've never even heard of this guy before the tournament started, but two really impressive wins against solid players and he did it the hard way, both in 5 sets. He beat Nicolas Jarry the big serving Chilean player, 6-4 in the fifth. Just now he backs it up by rallying from 2...
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    Well, This Has All Been One Big Tease!

    TTW updates the forum and introduces a Like reaction feature, gives us about a couple weeks to get used to it, then just pulls the rug out from under us?!
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    Shoes similar to Asics Solution Speed 3

    Unfortunately, Asics discontinued this fantastic shoe and the Speed FF they replaced it with is much much worse. I bought a pair, and they are practically unusable for tennis for me. I'm looking around to find any shoes that fit and feel similar to the Speed Solution 3's. FWIW, I also am...
  6. Big_Dangerous

    Win Against Fedr and then Lose Your Next Match

    Welcome to the WAFLYNM Lodge: Nishikori (London ATP Finals 18) Djokovic (Paris Rolex Masters 18) Borna Coric 2 time guest in 2018 (Shanghai Rolex Masters and Wimbledon) Johnny Millman (US Open 18) The Kokk (Miami 18)
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    Stringing Machine Cart?

    I've got an Alpha Revo 4000 Crank stringing machine, but it's taking up a bit of space on my table. It's not exactly light, so having to lift it and move it everytime I want to use it is a bit of a hassle. Ideally, I'd like to be able to keep it on a mobile cart so I just kid of wheel it out...
  8. Big_Dangerous

    Djokovic's kindness and Nadal's water bottles: my life as a tennis ballboy

    Interesting little article about a young man who used to ballboy for some of the bigger events on the tour back in 2009-2011.
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    Some Like It Hot!

    But not everyone! ;)
  10. Big_Dangerous

    Kyrgios forgets his shoes?! No words.
  11. Big_Dangerous

    How to determine court speed?

    Had an interesting thought about the court speed. You always hear about the courts playing quicker or slower, etc. But I'm curious as to how you tell based on playing on the court. I play quite a bit, but normally at the same rotation of courts, but usually I don't think much about the speed of...
  12. Big_Dangerous

    Really TW?

    I don't understand why in this section anytime a thread gets into a political debate or discusses a "hot button" issue it gets closed or deleted... What's the point of having an Odds & Ends section if we can't take about other **** not related to tennis? Granted some posts can be quite ignorant...
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    Not sure where to post this, but I stumbled across this music video by Olly Murs and Louisa Johnson, and I thought it was amusing! I like how they use tennis as sort of an analogy for the ups and downs of an amorous relationship. That was totally Johnny Mac's voice in the beginning of the video...
  14. Big_Dangerous

    Nike planning a special shirt for Rafa Nadal winning 10 French Opens?

    Didn't see a thread or anything talking about this, so I figured I'd post a thread in the apparel section. Nike released those 18 shirts for Federer when he won the Australian Open a few months ago, and the shirts had all of his slams won printed on them. I'm just curious if Nike might be...
  15. Big_Dangerous

    Murray and Djokovic fun fact

    I was thinking about this as Stan Wawrinka nearly closed the match out by bageling Murray in the final set, but instead settled for a breadstick, and then remembering Thiem bageled Djokovic in the last set of their quarterfinal match. However, and I'm not sure this has ever happened before -...
  16. Big_Dangerous

    Jelena Ostapenko

    How about this Latvian woman making the semis?! And she's only 19 - well for another day or so. :D Discuss.
  17. Big_Dangerous

    Get the Win of Your Life/Career and Then Lose Your Next Match

    In piggybacking off of @stringertom 's thread: Win a title and then lose your next match, I've noticed quite a number of players get the win of their lives against a top ranked player and then can't back it up, losing to a player very below the caliber of player they beat the day or two before...
  18. Big_Dangerous

    Kyrgios and his Mercurial Antics Strike Again

    It's bad enough that he lost rather soundly to Kevin Anderson yesterday, but he smashed one of his racquets to pieces on the Perrier ad sign right next to him. He's also seen on his phone as he's walking off the court. And apparently, he asked fans for a beer during his match as well - probably...
  19. Big_Dangerous

    Anyone giving anything up for Lent?

    Everyone seems to be giving something up for Lent, maybe America can give up Donald Trump. ;) But seriously, what, if anything are you guys giving up?
  20. Big_Dangerous

    Sharipova is back!

    She wins her first round match in Kuala Lumpur over Su-Wei Hsieh 7-5 5-7 6-1 :D
  21. Big_Dangerous

    Novak's Told Off By His Wife, After She Forgets To Turn Off The Camera

    Apparently, he shot a little 12ish minute video of his practice for his fans. Towards the end, in the last 30 seconds or so, he grabs the phone from Jelena to thank his fans, however, when he hands it back to her, she wasn't too pleased about it. She asks where his manners are, and seems...
  22. Big_Dangerous

    Murray warns Federer to stay off the fried Mars bars! ;)
  23. Big_Dangerous

    Hooray, the site is back to normal!

    Apparently they fixed the glitch. :D
  24. Big_Dangerous

    Teen milks over $28,000 from teacher in sextortion plot! I need to find this kid and give him his luckiest boy in America medal!
  25. Big_Dangerous

    TW Reusable Bags

    I was hoping to order a couple reusable bags with my order, as I love to use these when I'm at the grocery store, but I can't seem to find them on the site. Hopefully you're just currently out of stock, and these aren't discontinued. Would love to get an ETA if possible on when they might be...
  26. Big_Dangerous

    Ana Ivanovic Set to Reveal "Big" News

    Hmm, this seems to only add more fuel to the retirement fire talk that has circulated the past few months, in regards to Ana Ivanovic and her disappointingly woeful 2016 campaign that saw her slip to #63 in the world...
  27. Big_Dangerous

    Actress Carrie Fisher Dead at age 60

    Well the hits just keep on coming, I guess 2017 can't come soon enough. It's now confirmed that the actress Carrie Fisher, most famous for playing Princess Leia in Star Wars, has passed away at the age of 60. She suffered a heart attack several days ago on a flight from London to LA, and was...
  28. Big_Dangerous

    TNT Sideline Reporter Craig Sager Passes Away at age 65 Really sad news, I liked him doing the sideline reporting for NBA games on TNT. He was actually a patient on the floor where I worked for a few days too. :( I just wonder what...
  29. Big_Dangerous

    College Bowl Pick 'Em League

    For those that may be interested, I took the liberty of creating a College Bowl Pick 'Em League on Yahoo: I figure it could be fun over the holidays, and it will be based on confidence points! GROUP ID# 6617 Password: fedr
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    Depressed Djokovic fans, check in here

    There's one for Federer and Nadal, and we all know that father time is undefeated! ;)