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  1. zagor

    Laver: McEnroe, Sampras, Borg and Federer better than Nadal in the Open Era

    Who do you think the great Rod Laver believes are the Top 10 Players of the Past and Present? Here are his picks. (With his usual humility, he excludes himself, of course.) Enjoy: PAST 10. John Newcombe (AUS) 9. Jack Crawford (AUS) 8. Bobby Riggs (USA) 7. Ellsworth Vines (USA) 6. Ken Rosewall...
  2. zagor

    2013 Australian Open Final: (1) Novak Djokovic v (3) Andy Murray

    A proper thread without Armstrong and Mugray nonsense.
  3. zagor

    Congrats to Murray and his fans!

    He finally got "owned" in a slam final :wink: Seriously, it's been a long time coming and he finally did it in a very dramatic fashion, I can't imagine how he feels right now. I remember a few years ago he said in some interview how USO is his favourite slam so in a way it's fitting it happened...
  4. zagor

    Will WTF in men's tennis gain prestige...

    ...once Nadal wins it...? It has been deemed as a meaningless cheesy exo, a nothing event. Will the humble Saint GOAT Rafa increase it's stature...?
  5. zagor

    Will Ferrer get past QF in 2010 FO?

    David Ferrer seems to be playing some of the best claycourt tennis of his career so will he finally get past QF at FO? His best slam result to date is SF at USO.I feel that at this moment he's one of the best claycourters on tour.
  6. zagor

    Wilander's take on WTF

    I always liked Wilander's interviews,whether you agree with his opinion or not he doesn't mince his words and always tries to tell it how it is. Novak Djokovic He is definitely the favourite. He has done something to his game and something to his brain. He is more focused on winning rather...
  7. zagor

    Anyone else miss Nalbandian?

    Indoor season just isn't the same(for me atleast)without him. Nalbo-Fed TMC final Nalbo-Nadal Madrid Nalbo-Fed Paris...
  8. zagor

    Congrats to Roddick for reaching Wimbledon final again

    The guy played with such heart and passion this whole tourney,especially in SF where he had 2 opponents-British crowd and the guy who has 6-2 record against him and has straightsetted him in their first Wimbledon encounter in 2006. IMO If you're a tennis fan you have to admire guy's work...
  9. zagor

    Sampras and the "graveyard" court

    Does anyone remember if there was a specific reason or explanation why Sampras was put on "graveyard" court in 2002 Wimbledon? I just never quite understood why given the fact that he was a 7 time champion there.
  10. zagor

    Tilden,Rosewall,Budge,Gonzales,Perry ?

    I asked Hoodjem recently about his all-time GOAT list in thread about Lendl and I got interested in some of the players he put there that I don't know much about.So I'd like to ask the knowledgable posters from this section(or anyone else who knows)to provide me with some additional information...
  11. zagor

    Jelena Vs Bartoli

    Is anyone else watching this? Bartoli up 2-0,JJ needs to raise her level here.