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    Very depressing . Who can challenge Novak at Wimbledon

    Not knocking novak , bit really who is there to put up a fight
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    Sugarpova sweets

    Well I found it funny, joke on the radio tonight about the names of the sweets, flirty, speedy, sour, quirky Sounds like the seven dwarfs? Now Maria can add doppy to the list:p And in case it's lost in translation, doppy also means someone who is not aware of what's going on slow on the...
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    Raonic and his journey in tennis

    Is Raonic bit OCD with the sleeve on his arm, and gum shields? Find it a bit strange
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    Greg and Annabel on Murray and the WTF

    Was a heated discussion on sky sport This does not need to descend into a Murray bashing thread but who do you agree with? I am on the Fence
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    Good omen for Murray

    When murray won his two GS titles a british women player has reached the 4th round Laura robson us open 2012, and wimbledon 2013 Now Jo konta is is the the fourth round, maybe it will give him inspiration to get it done..always hopeful
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    Is Fed at world No2, mean that the draw is lopsided at grand slams

    I am not saying Fed does not deserve his world Number 2 he was clutch at the end of last year, but in a BO5 at a grand slam most fans would accept that at a BO5 grand slam it's harder for him to get through to the latter he making the draw a bit unbalanced, for sure most players would...