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  1. Bender

    Fedr out of top 10

    Some people just enjoy the flying even after they've seen and done all that could be done soaring amongst the clouds
  2. Bender

    Tsitsipas and Fognini few words exchanged

    He is tennis' example of how it's much better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
  3. Bender

    Nadal News 2.0

    I’m sure you know what I meant by it
  4. Bender

    Nadal News 2.0

    His injury timing is terrible. Could've been a great opportunity for him to bag a win at IW or Miami.
  5. Bender

    Favorite Celebrity Fan

    Was he uninteresting until he died then?
  6. Bender

    What is your favorite tennis item?

    Monfils and Svitolina I guess
  7. Bender

    Is Nadal the greatest ever athlete in Tennis ????

    @RelentlessAttack is correct in that what you're describing is not what evolution is. Colloquially we tend to call that sort of thing evolution (we tend to call any sort of slow improvement an evolution), but actual evolution takes place via natural selection. Basically, those born with...
  8. Bender

    The Boston Massacre

    Yellow could be short for yellowcake, so possibly the former I made the mistake of watching TOWIE one time, and I'm convinced they don't speak English in England either
  9. Bender

    The Boston Massacre

    Genghis Khan reversed global warming though
  10. Bender

    The Boston Massacre

    because the Beatles lacked ICBMs
  11. Bender

    Win% on the worst surface for ATGs

    I mean if they changed the Wimbledon grass to blue, I'm sure Roger would've had some choice words about it too
  12. Bender

    Nick Kyrgios "I Dont Know How Much Longer I Will Play Tennis so..."

    Tomic and Kyrgios for Love Island Australia or Too Hot to Handle Season 3
  13. Bender

    Conspiracy against Djokovic
  14. Bender

    "PLAYING THE OLYMPICS WAS A BIG MISTAKE" : Says former Davis Cup Captain on Djokovic

    Hard to see how the OG would have ruined his chances when there was plenty of time between them and he made the final of the USO. If anything it was his constant one set deficit in most of his matches going into the SF and the USO in general being one of his weaker slams that did him in.
  15. Bender

    djokovic berdych hardcourt h2h

    What it's like to play peak Berdych
  16. Bender


    Imagine an opponent with only one trick up his sleeve and you still can't beat him
  17. Bender

    This is not 3.5 tennis

    He once rated Delpo and Federer as 4.5s, so...
  18. Bender

    How many Wawrinkas are out there? (or there have been in the past)

    On a semi-related note, Magnus Norman would've made for an incredible coach for Andy Roddick. @Red Rick
  19. Bender

    Emma Nike & Wilson deals, one year recurring, £100,000 combined value

    Ew, no. Maybe to wipe the tears of Brexiteers who bought the BS the Daily Mail peddled, but certainly not for food--even for fish and chips.
  20. Bender

    Leylah Fernández: “ I want to have the same energy as Federer and Nadal and make the fans smile”

    tbf it should've been obvious neither of them wanted any of that Novak energy the moment no lineswomen were hit in the throat in the final
  21. Bender

    How much of Federer's decline in 2008 was due to the height of opponents?

    No, once the tall guys took over, Fedr became the field, and I have it on good authority that the field always catches up and evolves
  22. Bender

    Is the Murray forehand considered compact?

    Yes, except no-one seriously thinks Nadal has a compact forehand. Point being that "compact" cannot rely on just elbow spacing. Something like how much the racquet has to travel may make more sense, even if problematic in its own way.
  23. Bender

    Is the Murray forehand considered compact?

    Only one of these forehands would be considered relatively compact
  24. Bender

    Did Roger commit a big mistake by not focusing enough on his upper body strength as an athlete in the 00s ??

    Roger Federer, move aside, Roider Federer is here for his x3 CYGS