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  1. fundrazer

    A Fitting Video Clip

    This is too meta for what we are experiencing right now
  2. fundrazer

    Ubersonic 4 Red/White Fade

    Hi TW, So I had these in my cart Thursday night. The next day they were replaced with the other solar red/white style which I'm not as interested in. Will this fade style be back up for sale at some point, or is it something like a sample colorway that wasn't meant for sale? Thanks.
  3. fundrazer

    Lacoste Spring Block Crew in Green?

    Hi TW, Do you happen to know if you'll be getting this shirt green/white/black? I had one sitting in my cart on the Lacoste official store and it sold out in my size. :(
  4. fundrazer

    Update on Blade Reissue?

    Hi TW, Was wondering if there are any updates on the Blade reissue. Had asked a few weeks back and from one of the responses it seemed like we were unsure if the 18x20 was going to be included. I have a V7 demo sitting in my cart at the moment but have been holding out to see what happens...
  5. fundrazer

    Yonex Limited Edition Bag

    Hi TW, Any info if you'll be carrying this limited edition bag?
  6. fundrazer

    The New GHOAT

    While I never got to experience the wonders of the original GHOAT, I'm here to proclaim a successor. I'm building up a collection of these now, and this new one is probably my favorite.
  7. fundrazer

    3.5-4.0 scrub in Jersey City for a month

    See title. From the 30th of this month until the the 24th of August I will be in Jersey City for my job training. I figured I probably wasn't going to be playing at all during that period, but then I realized that I might be able to hook up with some peeps here to play. If anybody would be...
  8. fundrazer

    Inhouse Match Reports

    So I've got two months before starting my full time job at the end of July. Gonna play a lot of tennis before then. Club where I sometimes play organizes inhouse matches, and I'm going to play one for the first time tonight. I think I will try to do this once or twice a week, but we will see...
  9. fundrazer

    Mahut and Melzer

    Dunno if this was really worth its own thread, but Herbert has decided to focus on singles. This means that the pair will not be defending their French Open Doubles trophy. Instead, Mahut will be teaming up with Jurgen Melzer. Seems like an interesting pairing though. Melzer wasn't a great...
  10. fundrazer

    2019 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

    Had a few big names withdraw from the event in Sloane and Svitolina, but the field is still pretty stacked. Defending champ Karolina Pliskoav will be attempting to defend her title. We've also got the #1 ranking in play for Osaka, Halep, and Kvitova. Many other former champs and slam winners...
  11. fundrazer

    WTA Monterrey + Charleston

    Since I don't see a thread yet, I'll post one and try to do a decent job. Monterrey will be one of the last hard court events before the clay swing begins. Muguruza is defending champion, but her form has been on and off this year. A few big names join the field for this year in Kerber and...
  12. fundrazer

    Which Pure Drive Does Mugu Use?

    Does anybody know? I saw one for sale a few months back which had me curious, but there weren't too many details about it. Apparently the inside of the handle is different than retail ones, but I haven't seen any pictures of it. My guess is a 2012, but I don't know the specs or anything...
  13. fundrazer

    Bjorn Borg Hoodie

    Hey TW, Any chance that you will be carrying this hoodie? If not then I might have to just order it through TWE. Thanks!
  14. fundrazer

    Racquet Roulette

    Help me randomly choose a new racquet to try. Basically I'm just bored and looking to try something else, which is kind of a dumb reason... Haven't committed to a racquet since leaving my DR98. Been playing with a Blade 16x19 2015 which I've had a love/hate relationship with. Sometimes it's...
  15. fundrazer

    Hilarious IBM "Key to the Match" for Nadal

    I actually burst out laughing when I saw this. Check out the "keys to the match" for Djokovic vs Nadal. For Nadal, one of his "keys" is "take longer than 34.875000 seconds between points." Edit: For some reason I didn't see it right away, but Novak has the same thing, except his is 36.957...
  16. fundrazer

    Conchita Martinez Joins Garbi's team for Doha

    Garbi tweet this today. Conchita will be joining the team for Doha (Sumyk still the coach though). I think this is good though. She seemed in a much better place at Wimbledon, and we know how that turned out. vamos!
  17. fundrazer

    Pharrel Adidas Stuff

    Random musician guy partnered with Adidas and they're releasing a line of tennis apparel and shoes for some reason. I've heard the name before, but I have no clue who he is. I'm guessing the stuff isn't going to sell though. One, because it's kinda ugly imo. Don't understand the color...
  18. fundrazer

    $20 Discount After Demo?

    Hey TW. Was watching Roger's Cup today and saw TW commercial for Babolat racquets. It mentioned a $20 discount off a racquet purchase after demoing. Was wondering if this applied only to Babolat racquets. I've been thinking about demoing DR98+ and SV95 a bit lately, and getting $20 off would...
  19. fundrazer

    EVO 2017

    Anybody like fighting games? Evo starts tomorrow. 1pm EST is when the action gets rolling. I'm hyped to watch some Guilty Gear after the Fed match. Will watch some SFV as well, but I don't like it as much as SF4. Guilty Gear more entertaining game for me, even though I've never played it...
  20. fundrazer

    Nadal Threatens Ramos?

    "Humble" Nadal strikes again? May have told Ramos that he won't be umpiring his matches again. “You can keep giving me those warnings but you are not going to be in the chair for me again.” Another repost from Reddit, but here is the article with the goods. I'm unable to watch the video on...
  21. fundrazer

    Becker: Fed Has Transcended to Another Level

    Since posting random articles seems to be the cool thing to do today. Boris Becker compares Federer to Michael Jordan, Pele, and Muhammad Ali. Would this be the Mount Rushmoore of sport...
  22. fundrazer

    Guga Diadora Kit

    I saw on the vlog that Luxilon has their purple ALU power with Guga on the package. Is there any chance that Diadora hops on the 20th anniversary train and rereleases his kit from the 1997 French Open? I know TW did sell the polo and crew shirts again at one point. Maybe back in 2007 to...
  23. fundrazer

    Guga 20 Year Anniversary

    So on Friday's vlog Chris showcased a "special edition" version of purple ALU Power with Guga on the package. Took me a minute to realize it's been 20 years since he first won the French Open. This was long before I started playing tennis (I was 6 years old at the time). It's impossible to...
  24. fundrazer

    A Wimby Classic

    Have a DVD of this match. Decided to put it on while I work on a project for my database class. Love Rafter. Such skill and athleticism, and one of the nicest guys to boot. And I've always been impressed by how early Andre struck the ball. Full match seems to be on youtube so enjoy.
  25. fundrazer

    ESPN: Inadequate Drug Testing in Tennis

    Article from Espn's outside the lines. Main point argued is that the clean image tennis has is because of poor drug testing. Also suggests that since tennis is bringing in more money the big wigs don't want anything to interrupt the gravy train. del moral gets a name drop too. Banned doping...
  26. fundrazer

    White/Black Pure Aeros?

    Puig popped up on my twitter feed with this stick. I don't recall seeing a White/Black aero stick before...Although I haven't exactly been paying attention so I dunno if this is perhaps an old photo. Cosmetic looks nice does Puig.
  27. fundrazer

    Jerzy Janowicz on Twitch?

    This was on the sidebar under Recommended Channels on twitch. Looks like Jerzy's got his own twitch stream :D Saw people post here before that he played CS:GO. Now you can watch him play if you're bored. lol...
  28. fundrazer

    No Russians in Rio

    Seems like Russia was in fact banned from competing in Rio. Although it's funny to read some comments from people saying "oooh it must feel so bad to have lost to a russian cheater." Here's a line from Breaking Away, "Everybody cheats. I just didn't know."
  29. fundrazer

    Maybe I Should Buy a Stringer...

    Dropped off my Yonex for stringing last Thursday. Called up twice since then and it's still not ready. Was told ~2days at the desk when I dropped it off. Was told probably Friday when I called on Wednesday and that it was "first in line." So I call today to see if I can come pick it...