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  1. Noleberic123

    Free 1 set trial

    On offer from Novak Djokovic. Offer will last until Sunday.
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    Djokovic 2007/08 VS Djokovic 2021

    Would young Djokovic also be a useless next gen mug?
  3. Noleberic123

    What a transformation

    Only two months apart. Doping?
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    Grassovic 2014-2021

    Djokovic has won 5 of the last 7 Wimbledons. That is dominance by Djokovic at Wimbledon since losing to Murray in 13. If someone had told me that he would do this when he lost to Murray back then I would have said that they were crazy. What has Djokovic's biggest improvement on grass been since...
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    "Djokovic could win 30 slams"

    Surely that's impossible
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    Has your interest in watching sports died down as you've gotten older?

    For me the answer to this question is yes but not entirely. I have realised these last few years that I have trouble watching a game or match unless it's a big one. Up until my early twenties I use to watch sports pretty much all day when I could. I use to be able to watch every tennis match...
  7. Noleberic123

    Who had a more unbeatable aura, Peak Nole or Peak Fed?

    So like 2005-2006 Fed vs 2015-16 Nole. Who did players fear more? I'm using 2005-2006 Fed because that was when he felt the most unbeatable even though he won 2 slams in 05.
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    What does Djokovic need to do in order to become a legend?

    I hope he can become one.
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    Anywhere I can watch the 2019 Australian Open final full match?

    It's not on YouTube anymore. Who would do such a thing?
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    How many Serbians are there here?

    I would really like to know :laughing: @Nole Slam
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    Is Djokovic the best 33 year old mover ever?

    His speed and movement has barely declined since 2016. I can't think of anyone that has moved better around the court at his age. Nadal,on the other hand, is a turtle compared to his prime.
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    Prediction: Nadal will not win RG 21

    Everyone seems to think that it's a foregone conclusion that Nadal will surpass Fed at the RG this year. Which is exactly why it will not happen. Trust me, whenever something like this is expected it never happens. You can all make fun of me if Nadal wins it :laughing:
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    Djokovic finished the AO with the most aces

    103 aces in the tournament. The end is near guys. The world is ending, it's the only logical explanation
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    Why does Djokovic always lose hypotheticals?

    I think personally it's because his game isn't attractive to the average person, so he will always lose to players playing more attractive games. Discuss
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    The GOAT returner

  16. Noleberic123

    Is Wawrinka really that good or is he just a horrible match up for Djokovic?

    Wawrinka is a really weird one IMO. Does anyone here think that Wawrinka would have won those slam finals had he faced Fedal instead. Yes I know that he beat Nadal in 2014 but Nadal was injured. Could he have defeated a healthy Nadal like he did Djokovic? Even Djokovic himself seems to deal...
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    Todd Martin: Djokovic is the BOAT It has to be true now
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    How good was Djokovic in this match?

    Is this a top 5 Djokovic match at a GS? The way he was hitting the ball it has to be pretty close. It's just one of those days where you feel like a God out there on the court. I also remember him playing this well against Harrison earlier in the tournament. Djokovic at the AO 13 was weird. He...
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    How talented are Djokodal?

    People always say Federer is the most talented, which I agree with. But when it comes to talent other players like Mcenroe, Lew Hoad, Pete are mentioned ahead of Djokodal. So how would you guys rank their talent level? Rank them separately. Are they top10? Top 20? Top 5?
  20. Noleberic123

    Throwback to FO 12 when Djokovic saved four match points

    Throwback to the 2012 FO when Djokovic saved four match points by abusing the tennis ball. Funny thing is, Djokovic won the first set 6-1 and was up a break in the second.
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    Djokovic, don't even play for the rest of the yeat

    I'm sorry but I have not agreed with your methods this year. I have been disappointed with you for a few months now. You have convinced yourself that only slams matter and nothing else. You won Australia, then probably didn't pick up for a month. You didn't get back into shape till Madrid. Your...
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    Is Federer's slice bothering Djokovic?

    I have noticed that in the last two matches that they have played Federer has been using a lot more slice than in the years prior. In Paris he used a lot of slice and in the Wimbledon final too. Now he might have used it a lot more than he should have. It wasn't really bothering Djokovic in the...
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    This is what they need to do at RG

    They should hold an opening ceremony where they just give Nadal the trophy at the start. This way the rest of the players can fight it out for second place which is essentially what they are doing now, but atleast it would be a little more interesting. I'm not even joking. This has to be done...
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    2019 Rome FINAL: Novak Djokovic (1) vs Rafael Nadal (2)

    Who will take their 34th masters 1000 title?
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    French Open 2019 Power Rankings

    Got this idea from a youtuber named Gil Gross. I will give my list of the top 10 favourites for the French Open and I will change it the closer it gets to the French Open. You guys can make up your own power rankings for the FO 2019 and give your opinions on mine. Here goes. 1. Rafael Nadal-...
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    Murray vs Roddick Official Thread

    Murray leads in just about every category known to man. So I won't post the stats. Who is better? Who is greater? You guys decide Personally I will take Murray.
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    I respect Rafa. But Djokovic is better

    I still think Rafa is greater than Djokovic. But as a tennis player, outside of clay, I don't see how Rafa is better. Djokovic has a better serve and return, better defender off of clay, better backhand, more aggressive on average. I have thought this for years. But I would have been attacked...
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    New Yorkers please explain something to me

    Surely there are some people from New York here. I want you guys to explain to me why you hate Djokovic so much. The crowd really got under my skin last night. It just isn't sinking in. Do you really that most serbs think that it's because of his nationality and where he is from. Just so that...
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    Djokovic couldn't find his car

    Someone please tell how they can like Federer more than this guy :D:p