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  1. The Big Kahuna

    When will TW get the new Barricade Hardcourt Tennis Shoes?

    Adidas has them on their website for sale now. When do you expect TW to have stock?
  2. The Big Kahuna

    LOTTO Shoes Back in Stock?

    Hey TW: What is the latest from LOTTO on their stance on returning to the US market? Is this move temporary?
  3. The Big Kahuna

    When will we see some shoe inventory again?

    So what is the status of shoes from these brands - all of which appear to have supply issues now: Mizuno Lotto Diadora Asics New Balance What are the status of shoes from these brands and when might we see some stock again from them?
  4. The Big Kahuna

    New ELSO Double Sock System

    I just got a pair of these and I think they’re pretty great. Not really a new idea but a new application of wearing to pairs of socks. In their system each sock is dedicated to a specific purpose. The inner sock basically is there two wick away moisture in the outer sock offer support to the...
  5. The Big Kahuna

    Andy Murray to join Team Babolat?!

    Is Andy Murray going to Babolat in 2014? He is featured now in some on-line ads with them and their new "Smart Racquet" due out soon called "Play & Connect". Babolat has not been shy at hinting that a number of top pros...
  6. The Big Kahuna

    Varying tension on cross strings?

    What are your thoughts on this idea? I have tried it and I must say I rather like the feel, playability, and spin I got from the set-up. Published on the GGTennis Blog 10/24/12: "For as long as we have been stringing there has been an ongoing discussion revolving around the pros and cons...
  7. The Big Kahuna

    Bryan Brothers current string set-up?

    Does anyone out there know - for a fact - what the Bryan Brothers are currently using as their string set-up? I find conflicting reports recently on the subject. Some are posting they are using Prince Gut in the Mains and Prince Beast 17 in the crosses, others say now they have moved to a...
  8. The Big Kahuna

    Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 vs new PTP 120?

    Has anyone else hit with these two strings? I would very much like to compare notes on them. IMO Yonex Poly Tour Pro 120 compares very nicely to the acclaimed Poly Tour Pro 125 - which was Stringforum's Newcomer Sring of 2012 and was rated amount the top three strings overall among all...
  9. The Big Kahuna

    POLY CROSS STRINGS: Higher Tension = Better Performance?

    From the Guts & Glory Blog on the topic of cross string tension in a full poly bed: When a racquet is strung with the set tension the same in the mains and the crosses the differential between the two (as measured by a Stringmeter) is often in the 32 – 37% range. You read that correctly. The...
  10. The Big Kahuna

    Old Barely Used Tennis Clothes & Apparel?

    Anyone have any good suggestions with what to do with old barely used tennis clothes and apparel by Fila, Nike, and Adidas? I get a lot of clothes as gifts - not all of them work out for me due to color or fit. I have a lot of shirts, shorts, hats, and wristbands that I now longer wear in...