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  1. migjam

    Muster with Babolat

    Those are kg's
  2. migjam

    Muster with Babolat

    And a blacked out version.
  3. migjam

    What strings were pros using between the mid 80's and late 90's

    Vince Spadea - Prince Topspin 15L (Optic Yellow) - 72lbs
  4. migjam

    Muster with Babolat

    And he is now in the finals.
  5. migjam

    Isospeed control vs other multis?

    The amber colored Professional string is the classic and the natural colored is the new Professional string (which I feel is a litte softer compared to the classic).
  6. migjam

    Isospeed control vs other multis?

    I would have to disagree about low power. I've been using Isospeed Professional for over 10 years and compared to a straight poly string, I feel that I get just the right amount of power, control and spin. AND... it doesn't go dead as quickly as a straight poly does.
  7. migjam

    Muster with Babolat

    Andreas Haider-Maurer is no slouch ranked at 157. He beat Seppi and just took out the #2 seed Cilic as well.
  8. migjam

    Muster with Babolat

    And was using the Tom's Reach Machine :)
  9. migjam

    Muster with Babolat

    Seriously... What's up with the move to Babolat. He has always been a Head/Kneissl guy.
  10. migjam

    Muster with Babolat

    For those who didn't get to see the match, here are a few points from the second set.
  11. migjam

    Isospeed control vs other multis?

    Like I said, think of it as a multi-filament poly (actually polyolefin). I prefer the Professional Classic but didn't care for the Energetic. I have also been playing with the New Professional which feels a little softer than the Classic. For me, it's the perfect string. Great control and...
  12. migjam

    Lendl's legionnaire's cap

    Here is one place that sells a similar hat
  13. migjam

    Thomas Muster's grip size?

    Yevgeny's build up was done with 1/2" athletic tape and was more pronounced than Muster's.
  14. migjam

    Black Muster String??? Mr. Chaho?

    No, it was always IsoSpeed Professional. But for a period of time he would ink out his entire string bed with leaving the logo unstenciled (so reverse of what you would normally do). Players hated it because early in the match, the balls would be dark.
  15. migjam

    Thomas Muster's grip size?

    Muster would take a normal grip (when I watched him it was a Kneissl grip) and wrap it approx. three times at the end before finishing the handle, which is why the in the picture above, the grip doesn't go all the way to the top of the handle. The white X at the bottom was just athletic tape...
  16. migjam

    Boris Becker confirms racquet weight for him and Sampras

    And what's even more crazy is the tension that Muster used in his racquets (90lbs)
  17. migjam

    When do stringers string players' racquets ?

    It all depends on the player. Some would have us string them the night before a match and others would ask us to wait until the morning.
  18. migjam

    Classic String Talk

    How about Villata Viche natural gut(sp?) Do you remember that one?
  19. migjam

    Just watched 1978 Goolagong vs. Reid...

    Yeah, and did you see what the winner of that series won? It was like a Chevy Club Wagon Van or something. I just kind of laughed when they showed that as the prize.
  20. migjam

    Should I buy a reel or just use packages?

    It really depends on the racquet. I can string a standard Babolat Pure Drive with 33' of string. Usually you should be able to get around 19 string jobs out of a 660' reel. Divide that by the cost of the reel and then determine if it is more cost effective to by the reel or the string by the sets.
  21. migjam

    Isospeed control vs other multis?

    Think of Isospeed as a multifilament poly string. You get nice control but also good feel, unlike most poly's that are pretty harsh. I've been playing with Isospeed for many years now. My preference is for the original but I have been trying out the new professional on the reel. I feel that the...
  22. migjam

    Anyone excited about Agassi's Book?

    I just watched his interview on 60 minutes tonight. I really like Agassi and look forward to reading his book.
  23. migjam

    Attention Tour stringers

    Contact one of the many plastic bag companies. You would provided them with your artwork which they will create printing plates from. The cost isn't cheap and you had to purchase quite a few (which was fine for us).
  24. migjam

    Should criminal assault charges be brought against Serena Williams?

    If you watch the video again, the second time that Serena goes over to the lineswoman, you can see that the lineswoman appears, from the expression on her face, to be afraid and then quickly heads over to the chair umpire.
  25. migjam

    Are dinky shots not ethical?

    I only wish that more of my players would realize that it's ok to make adjustments depending on their opponent rather than playing one dimensional tennis.
  26. migjam

    Players that irritate you

    The Williams sisters. Can't stand their attitudes.
  27. migjam

    John Isner's cool Wristband !!!!!!!!!

    Yeah.. well it's not. He is playing Roddick right now and is wearing a black wristband the same way.
  28. migjam

    John Isner's cool Wristband !!!!!!!!!

    It's not a SOCK! It is double wide wristband that has been opened up by cutting the seam. Look at my photo (that's my arm and wristband)