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  1. SteveI

    Knee Protection? Compression? Braces?

    Hello All: I am looking for your experiences with these products. I have used a few compression sleeves in the past with mixed failures. I have had both knees scoped. No ACL or MCL issues. One 10 years ago and the other about 6 years ago. Any help would be great. Thanks so much..
  2. SteveI

    New Tennis Movie

    Check it out. First One In. Been playing..watching and coaching for years. This one made me laugh big time. Not a great movie..but they must have done their homework about league
  3. SteveI

    Tennis Anyone??

    Hello All Tennis Folks: I was wondering where you are located and can you play tennis in your area? I am in WNY.. about 8 hours from NYC. We do not have indoor clubs open at the moment but if the weather permits we are ok to play singles only on public courts. County and State parks of...
  4. SteveI

    TW has some great deals going on strings... what is the best buy??

    I am thinking of pulling the trigger... even thought I can't play. Hard not to buy something... :cool: Top Three Best deals??
  5. SteveI

    TW has some great deals going on frames... what is the best buy??

    I know I can't play tennis right now... but every day I come here and look at all the great frame for really nice prices. Top Three???
  6. SteveI

    On the other end.... String that just blew you away and you did not see it coming... ???

    Going the other way... Mine is Volkl Cyclone 19G. Was part of the TW and Volkl play test.. Could not believe how great this string is... at the time is was only $7.99 a set. Super easy on the arm... spin off the charts...
  7. SteveI

    A string you had such high hopes for but was a complete bust...???

    Hello All Talk Tennis String Experts.. Been stringing.. and playing for years. I have also been doing Talk Tennis play testing for years. My most recent "A string you had such high hopes for but was a complete bust" section was...
  8. SteveI

    Question.. Are you still stringing for others.. or just yourself and family?

    Has our current virus outbreak caused you to limit your stringing services to folks outside of your family and yourself? I hope everyone is healthy and safe.. Regards
  9. SteveI

    Helpful email from "Stringway"

    Dear Stringway contact , We noticed that many stringers have difficulties to find fundamental information about racquet stringing and racquet tuning. Therefore hereby a number of links to our documents and links to calculators in one glance. ** Our seminar "from stringer to racquet...
  10. SteveI

    Helpful info.. email from "Stringway"

    Dear Stringway contact , We noticed that many stringers have difficulties to find fundamental information about racquet stringing and racquet tuning. Therefore hereby a number of links to our documents and links to calculators in one glance. ** Our seminar "from stringer to racquet tuner"...
  11. SteveI

    The PK Black Ace is Back!!!
  12. SteveI

    If you are taking meds to control HBP.... read below!!

    The entire study if you are interested: Just the facts:
  13. SteveI

    Stem Cell Therapy for knees in USA.

    Hello All: I have been doing quite a bit of investigation of this emerging option for knee suffers. I have read a great trial done in Greece and below is the 1st decent one being done in the USA. A very good group in my area is doing a...
  14. SteveI

    Whats the deal with old Kevlar...???

    This has happened to me a few times in the last year or so. I have obtained used frames with used (to various degrees) Kelvar / hybrid strings. Instead of just cutting them out I have taken these frames out and hit a few balls.. drilled a bit and even played a few sets. I am shocked and...
  15. SteveI

    Glucosamine and Chondroitin Kirkland Signature Extra Strength

    Hello All: I have demoed.. (Play-Tested) many of these products and formulations. This one works for me and is cost effective if it works for you. It also has the USP Verified label! Helps my knees and back. I am a 62 year old tennis player.. plays 2-3 times a week and coaches HS...
  16. SteveI

    Pure Drive (Black Drive) 2012 Grommet Set?

    Hello All: Does the 2015 Pure Drive grommet / bumper guard set fit the 2012 Pure Drive (Black Drive)? Thanks all.. SteveI
  17. SteveI

    Biomimetic F5.0 Tour Stringing Ideas?

    Have a decent junior with modern strokes using this frame. Family does not remember of course what they used in the past. Very much like a Babolat Pure Drive or Aero Pure Drive. Any ideas would really be of great help. Flex is 72... Here are the specs: Technical Specifications Length27...
  18. SteveI

    Donnay Mid 25 S

    Hello Guys and Gals: This was just given to me.... Any info? Love? Anyone want it? Post your thoughts. The frame is in nice shape. Goodwill?? Grip size seems like a 4 5/8. Leather of course.. :-) Has the cover.. Regards, Steve
  19. SteveI

    Hi... Need Help.. TNT2 Fusion Plus... Steve Huff.. Irwin.. etc

    Have a customer that just brought me this Gamma hybrid for stringing. A poly user.. that strings about 54 / 52 100 16 x 19 frame... Insights?? Have not strung Kelvar in years... Looking for a god tension starting point.. Regards, Steve
  20. SteveI

    Looking for Stringer in Fort Sill, OK Area

    Hello Guys and Gals: A good junior I used to string for is now in the Army. He is gonna be playing in that area now.. USTA. He is looking for a stringer and a USTA connection. Was a high performance player but played 3 or 4 sports in HS. He would be rated a strong 4.0 maybe...
  21. SteveI

    Wilson BLX Blade 98 (18 x 20) String set-up???

    I am considering a Forten Sweet 17g (white) - mains and IsoSpeed 17L (1.20 mm) crosses at 50 / 48. Loving the blush feel of the softer polys but looking to get bit more power out of this set-up. Spin is not an issue... have little problem creating it on my own.. Comments? Insights...
  22. SteveI

    If you are having a bad day.... watch this... :-)

    Well done and really funny.. Thanks team TW!!
  23. SteveI

    New Study... Comments??? New Blood Pressure Guidelines

    Hello All: Comments??
  24. SteveI

    Head Liquidmetal Instinct Made in China or Not?? How to know?

    Hello All: Have one of these... no stickers?? Nothing on butt cap... there seems to be a serial # on butt cup. Picked it up used. Any way to tell. Specs seem very close to the TW published specs.. Thanks all..
  25. SteveI

    Head Grommets - Liquid Metal Radical MP - Help Needed

    Hello All: Not looking to "Cap" this bad boy... just looking for a standard grommet set that will work in this frame. Does TW carry a set? Thanks experts... Regards...
  26. SteveI

    Laserfibre Native Tour co-poly (Made in USA) - TW Video Review is Up !!

    Great Work ... Team LF and TW... Take a look...
  27. SteveI

    Laserfibre Native Tour poly... when this product will launch?

    I was in the TW and Laserfibre play test for this product. I really enjoyed this interesting and unique new offering from this company. Anyone in the know at TW or Laserfibre know when this product will launch? I tested the 17G and it was a great match for my Wilson BLX Blade 98 (18 x 20)...
  28. SteveI

    Laserfibre Supreme 2.0... Some early results.. Positive!

    I have been testing and playing the Laserfibre Supreme 2.0 17G and 16G this past week. We are looking at a real nice string. In most cases I am a poly (full bed or poly hybrid) player. This is a high end multi. Strings up like a breeze. Has a nice coating that allows the string is slide...
  29. SteveI

    Laserfibre Supreme 2.0... The Classic Returns? New and Improved??

    06 JUN 2017 PRODUCT REVIEW: LASERFIBRE SUPREME 2.0 Coming off the heels of an extremely successful launch of Laser Smooth and Laser Edge, Laserfibre introduces their newest multifilament string called Supreme 2.0. This new version of a classic is comprised of over 1200 microfibers impregnated...
  30. SteveI

    "We were all idiots" JC's commets during Fed / Rafa match..

    Wow... JC came out during the Rafa / Fed match on Tennis Channel and stated that he and other great pros should have made the move to a larger head size from the PS 85. "We were all idiots" for not making the move to a larger head size. Based on the butt wiping that Fed just delivered to...