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    Performance Enhancing Drugs: Do any players use them?
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    I have a feeling...... (spoilers)

    6/3 6/2 6/4 Federer.
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    Fight video in Arthur Ashe

    I was thinking exactly the same! LOL
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    Why are there so many empty seats on Louis Armstrong stadium ?

    It was WTA tennis. What did you expect?
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    Cincinnati Picture Thread

    great pics!!
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    Legg Mason Picture Thread

    This CU is one of the worst CUs on the tour. In the match Almagro-Blake at the '09-USOpen, he was clearly overchallanged and there were at least 20 controversial line calls.
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    Coolest pictures of pros

    Credits for all pics go to the original photographers!
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    My video - mikro112 playing tennis

    Thanks for the tip. I actually tried that yesterday when returning serves, and I thought I returned a little better. However, my opponent wasn't the world's greatest server. So, I have to try it again today. Thanks! :) Glad you enjoyed it! THe second part is uploading right now.
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    My video - mikro112 playing tennis

    New video: Parts 2 (and maybe 3, if necessary) are coming tonight or tomorrow. Comments are welcomed! Here are the match stats, which include all points from the upcoming part(s). Unforced Errors: Red: 19 | Blue: 15 Forced Errors: Red: 16 | Blue...
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    My last movie was "Inception". I'd rate it 9.5/10. Awesome flick!
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    <3 ..............................
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    Who is Hero Sureshs?

    suresh is gone? :shock:
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    Are Injuries Destroying the Game?

    No evidence, but most of the points of time, at which the usual suspects cite injuries for withdrawing from tournaments, come very convinient for them because they probably won't be tested out of competition. And if they are supposed to be tested out of competition in that period of time, they...
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    Are Injuries Destroying the Game?

    lol.. The "injuries" come from avoiding doping tests, not because the players are actually injured.
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    Tennis matches Download!

    Everybody has been invited!
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    For invite requests email me at mikro112 @
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    Best Chair Umpire in the world!

    I totally agree!
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Oh my god! Totally stunning. :shock:
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    Can anyone tell me where to find a Wimbledon tv schedule?

    You'll find all the non-european schedules here. In Europe, except GB, Wimbledon will probably be only shown on PayTV, so if you live there, check your PayTV-provider's schedule.
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    can't visit FYB?

    Works for me. Clear cookies and cache. Try a webproxy, such as to see if your ISP has maybe blocked that site.
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    Torrents of tennis books, bios etc

    google is indeed your friend. I found a link to "Winning Ugly" within 3 seconds.