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    Or more accurately...tempering it a bit. So, we characterize strong eras as those where several players are multiple major winners, and therefore...better. Which is not untrue. However i think it's also fair to say that the best runs by many other players are characterized by an unusually high...
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    The joy of playing pushers

    later in life i have to say, i've come to enjoy playing 'pushers.' one, it's more tennis if you just love to hit the ball. two, it makes you take a hard look at how good you really are. three, you go 'deeper' in more points, helps you develop rally tolerance–15, 20 shot rallies really force you...
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    Higer peak leve: safiin or cilic?

    I'm sure Safin is the reflexive, immediate answer for plenty of posters here but thinking about cilic's USO performance at his best makes me think this is actually somewhat close. thoughts?
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    The RBA forehand...shades of lendl

    just struck me how similar the two forehands are. not quality comparison but mechanically almost identical.
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    enjoy watching him play. closed his match with ramos-vinolas today with a 141mph ace out wide in ad court (and hit ball kid.) is he gonna go anywhere? seems like a head case, game is a mix of janowicz and kyrgios imo.
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    worth a thread i think given his performance yesterday. if you're a fan of 1-handers w/ great feel and all-court games, watch this kid. was just one match but my thought after a few games was he's potentially the best young player on tour, was that impressive. need a bigger sample size of course...
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    Most copied stroke of all time?

    guess this straddles the line between current and former pro players so putting it here...what do you think? what player's single stroke has been the most imitated by fans and players worldwide? example: i had a friend in high school who was all about becker, he did the whole becker service...
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    Just realized...

    how much more interesting this tournament is without the big 3. i am going to cry for a week when federer retires but honestly...this just got way more exciting.
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    Wilson FPK 95—one of the best

    Anybody else have fond remembrances of this frame? just ordered one in good condition, can’t wait to fire it up again. got one from the first batch, the ones that turned purple in the sun. that tapered beam, stiff throat but flexy hoop—just such a great combination. i remember this racket...
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    fed/nadal/pete/novak at same age, same coach...rank 'em

    what's the likely pecking order? let's say growing up american-style, primarily hardcourts.
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    there’s like zero chatter about this guy. bad match against fed at wimbledon but apart from that, he’s had a strong year and looking very solid v rublev. big groundies, really nice slice for a two hander, big serve, etc. Dark horse?
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    Sandgren has some game

    tennys was looking at times like a cross between sock and de minaur out there, some real top-shelf scrambling, big forehand power and brought the heat on the serve. of course not exactly the A-list opposition but marterer doesn't...suck, nor does cecchinato, mayer has a tricky game and kohly...
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    rewatching the uso cilic match now. ADM hasn't quite made the same dent in the tour as some of the other young guns but prediction...this guy is going to be a major headache for the top guys very soon. not the most power but speed + attitude are rock solid, and can play the whole court. putting...
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    Playing up on clay v. Nadal...possible?

    In the style of, say, a davydenko, is it even possible to play him tight to the baseline? or is the nature of clay such that you can't really pull it off as you might (difficult as it might be) on hard or grass? does the footing etc. simply take it off the table as an option? just wondering, i...
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    Nadal doesn't like heavy topspin

    i'm not suggesting this is the sole reason thiem took him out yesterday, but i've noticed that very heavy topspin seems to take him out of his game a bit. if you notice, most of nadals super-punishing forehands, particularly those inside-out bombs when he runs around it, come off relatively low...
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    What a performance against Dimitrov! I feel like I could jump over telephone wires right about now, man, my skin is crawling with spirit energy!
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    What if Federer keeps winning?

    The guy is obviously firing on all cylinders at the moment but given his age, there's the constant threat his level could decline quickly, he could get injured, etc. But what if it doesn't, and he doesn't...and instead, he runs the table over the next 3-4 years? if he could somehow sustain this...
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    Your top 7 talent

    every player's career is a journey that leads to certain strokes, certain styles of play, etc., that ultimately present certain weaknesses and strengths from surface to surface. stripping that out for a moment, i'm interested in making a list of the sport's best overall athletic talents, as a...
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    Korda the younger

    watching his match v tiafoe...looks like he may go down in 3 but for a 17 year old, he's doing pretty good out there. plays up close to the baseline and i like his stroke mechanics, he really pushes through the ball on the forehand side rather than just ripping up over it. anyway, another one to...
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    i like this guy's game quite a bit. seems to know how to win. comfortable at net. aggressive mindset off the ground. hewitt in his corner. fast becoming my next next gen dark horse. haven't seen a thread yet so figured i'd start one. i watch a lot of tennis...all the tennis basically, and i'm...
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    Courts sped up to aid younger players breaking through?

    a question in 2 parts i guess: one, i believe but correct me if im wrong, that courts have been sped up in at least a few venues. if that's the case, is it a concerted effort to help the younger players break into the higher ranks? faster courts definitely give younger players, who maybe have...
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    new tennis channel stats infographics

    man, i love the tennis channel, truly, and it pains me to offer any criticism of what they provide...but is anybody else having a hard time with the new match stats format? this weird palette of gray-on-gray circular infographics is just like...inscrutable. am i alone here or what?
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    raonic at wimby this year

    so how do we like his chances?
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    latest pro staff 97 v aero pro drive...opinions please?

    i'll preface this by saying i'll most likely be demoing both soon, which of course is the right answer. in the meantime though, i'd love to hear opinions from people who have tried both... as for my game: i have fairly long strokes, aggressive baseline game, hit with a lot of spin...
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    Eclectic demo result: PB10-APD-Yonex89-6.1 95S

    been on a journey to find a replacement for my trusty ag100s for a while. finally got around to a proper demo session, it was a lot of fun. here are my thoughts if anyone is interested in a comparison between these frames. for play style reference, i'm a 5.0 player, 1hbh, aggressive baseliner...
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    Yonex VCore 89 v. Volkl PB 10 me decide

    I have to stop dithering and buy something already. too lazy to demo either but a lot of research has narrowed the field to these two... is there anyone who has had experience with both these rackets, that can offer anything by way of a side-by-side compare and contrast? i'm a 5.0 all-court...
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    Best light + close to ground shoe

    i'm playing in a 3 year old pair of asics gels and it has to end, time for new shoes. i'm not a heavy guy and speed is definitely part of my game. would just like something snug, very light, low profile. any replies appreciated, thanks.
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    Nadal's opponents' decreasing games scorelines

    i don't know if anyone's ever bothered to collect this stat, but in so many of nadal's matches, his opponents' scorelines tend to trail off (6-4, 6-1, or 5, 3, and 1, etc.) a testament to the mental struggle of dealing with the guy's game, i guess. i'm hardly his biggest fan but i do think he...
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    VOLKL PB10 MID--anybody use it?

    review sounds good, wondering if anybody's got any experience with it? looking to add a little power from my current frame, dunlop ag100, but i'm not a huge fan of the thicker beams, larger head sizes etc. i play a 1hbh, whippy strokes off both sides, lots of spin and look to end points...
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    Are Things Changing On Tour?

    Is there an argument that the level of grind-itude attained by nadal, djokovic and murray over the last few years isn't sustainable? it's early in the year, murray's coming off back surgery, so yes there are more than a few variables in play. but nothing trends forever in a straight line, and i...