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  1. suwanee4712

    Hana Mandlikova’s son Mark Mandlik

    As many of you know Hana has a son and a daughter, twins, making their own mark on the tennis world. Mark Mandlik is a freshman at Oklahoma University and is off to a 6-1 start in dual match play. Mark has excellent ground strokes with a one handed backhand that is similar to his mother’s. He...
  2. suwanee4712

    Bonnie "The Animal" Gadusek

    Here's an SI article from 1985 that goes into her background as a gymnast and her close call that led her down the path to being a top 10 tennis player for a time. Bonnie
  3. suwanee4712

    Who remembers Isostar tennis wear?

    Seemingly an odd move for a sports drink company, but as an American, I might have never known about Isostar had they not ventured into tennis wear. Hana was the first pro that I saw to wear their line of clothing starting at Wimbledon in 1989. She wore it as late as the 1990 US Open as...
  4. suwanee4712

    Mandlikova's Curious Endorsements Australian, Ellesse, Dunlop, Wilson

    Does anyone remember the line of tennis wear called Australian? It had a kangaroo on its logo. They used to outfit pros like Hana Mandlikova and Goran Ivanisevic for a time. Hana wore their clothing in the late 70's and into 1980 before going to Ellesse. She got caught up in a strange...
  5. suwanee4712

    Hana Mandlikova using a Yonex R-32

    I have finally found a picture of Hana using what I believe to be an R-32 at Fed Cup in Prague, 1986. It's stenciled and everything. As far as I know it was the only time that she ever used that racquet and appeared to get some good pop on a clay court with it easily defeating Sabatini amongst...
  6. suwanee4712

    Has anyone hit with a Yonex R-32?

    I've read through some old threads in the archives about many of the Yonex R series racquets. A friend let me hit with an R-22 back in the day. I've wanted to try the R-27 and R-7. But the one that fascinates me is the conventional framed R-32. I saw Hana Mandlikova use the R-32 during the...
  7. suwanee4712

    Pat Cash: Uncovered

    Has anyone else read Cach's autobiography? A rather odd book in some ways, but I was very interested and read it rather quickly. I remembered there being some players upset when the book came out, and now I see why. He lets just everybody have it, from Mac to Newk to even Claudia Kohde Kilsch...
  8. suwanee4712

    80's cat fights on the womens tour

    Looking back over my previous post in the Mandlikova/Sanchez thread, it comes across more harsh towards Martina and Chris than I actually intended it to be. But I didn't want to further hijack the thread by trying to tidy up things. So I thought I'd start a thread about 80's cat fights...
  9. suwanee4712

    2007 Wimbledon is over

    Anyone else get a feeling in the pit of your stomach when another Wimbledon ends? I hate seeing all of the grand slams end. But most especially the big W. Despite the rain and the scheduling problems, this was another great one! And a unique one considering the roof of Center Court was...
  10. suwanee4712

    Ode to Vilas

    To me, one of the unforgettable figures of the late 70's and early 80's was Guillermo Vilas. He was a fierce competitor on the court and friendly off the court. He won 4 grand slam titles, including the 1978 and 1979 Australian Opens on grass. The fields for those tournaments weren't great...