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  1. Man of steel

    Serena about to top most slam match wins (All time)

    Its funny to think that years ago no one would have given her a chance of breaking some of these records. And now she's either tying them or surpassing them. Serena has 304 match wins in slams Navratilova has 306 match wins in slams. With the Us open coming up its pretty much safe to say that...
  2. Man of steel

    Dude Perfect ft Serena williams (Trick shots)

    A trick shots video with dude perfect and serena williams. Its a pretty funny video. Would like to see one with 1 of the (former) big 3;)
  3. Man of steel

    Must have missed this match. Some quality ball striking right here

    Can't believe i've never seen this match between these two. Really nice quality ball striking and rallies in this match.
  4. Man of steel

    Why do we not see amazing female athletes at the top of WTA

    I always see amazing female athletes at the olympics like any of the sprinting events, long distance, swimming and other sports that have great athletic ability. In the past few years i haven't really seen any athletic talents come on in the WTA since really venus/serena/clisjters. But its been...
  5. Man of steel

    Where do you rank serena's forehand and backhand.

    Where do you rank serena's forehand and backhand. Personally i'd rank both in the top 3 all time. Her forehand can be more erratic sometimes. And serena's go to shot is her Backhand dtl. However when her forehand is on point it is just as good as grafs or even better. I'd rank it slightly under...
  6. Man of steel

    Funny moment with serena and Roddick

    Funny to see serena and roddick. Such good friends. Roddick pops in at 7:23
  7. Man of steel

    Sascha Bajin now with Vika Azarenka

    Vika Azarenka has not only hired Wim Fisette but now also Sascha Bajin who was Serena's hitting partner. Some people think this might be due to Patrick Mouratoglou. There may fave been bad blood as sascha stopped following him a while back and even none of serena's regular team have been seen...
  8. Man of steel

    If sharapova reaches 7+majors would you rank her above both venus and Henin

    Sharapova is on 5 majors and inching closer toward henin and Venus. Sharapova may have a career slam that neither of the other 2 have even though it took nearly a decade for pova to achieve. Would you rank pova above both those two? I find it unbelievable that sharapova completed the career...
  9. Man of steel

    No Man's sky on PS4 or PC: will anyone get it

    Is anyone going to get this game on either platform. If you don't know what this game is about look it up. If the developers can deliver on their word and make the game exactly as they said they would, this may be one the best games of recent memory.