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  1. TennisDawg

    Snarky commentating

    Watching Krecikova vs Sabalenka and I only hope Cliff Drysdale is being paid a lot of money to put up with a cranky Everett and her little buddy Mary Jo. He’s trying to be engaging and gets nothing but condescending comments and her little passive aggressive buddy chimes in every now and then.
  2. TennisDawg

    Umpire annoys Khachanov over hat WTF?

    Anyone know why the umpire got his underwear in a bunch over the Velcro on Khachanov cap?
  3. TennisDawg

    Better contact point

    Here’s a tip by coach Patrick. I think he’s saying if you follow this tip hitting late or too early is not a big issue. Thoughts?
  4. TennisDawg

    Kick Slice Serve

    So, Brad Gilbert mentioned the Kick Slice serve that Thiem is using against Medvedev. I’ve heard this mentioned time and again but have not been able to find any specific information on it. Watching Thiem hit the serve he doesn’t have a kick serve follow through. Just curious if any posters...
  5. TennisDawg

    Pironkova is tired-momentum shift?

    Commentators Chrissy and Chris are noticing a shift in momentum although Pironkova is on serve and up a set.
  6. TennisDawg

    Traveling with Tennis Racquets

    So, I'm going to Florida for a few weeks and want to get in some Tennis in my spare time. I haven't taken a tennis racquet on a plane as carry-on, in quite awhile, Does anyone know if they allow that nowadays? Seems they should but with TSA rules now I just don't know. Thanks for the help
  7. TennisDawg

    McEnroe to get WC Roland Garros

    I just read John McEnroe was given a Wild Card to play at French Open. He said he was inspired by watching the Miami Open and noticed the lack of truly great players in what he calls “the true weak era” in tennis.
  8. TennisDawg

    Take back, edge on Gulbis serve

    I’m watching Gulbis serve and he doesn’t have that edge-on just before contact serve technique. He does pronate. Interesting. Some posters might refer to this as waiters tray. I think if the average Rec player does this and it works, quit trying to change it. So long as it’s working. His take...
  9. TennisDawg

    Pusher Upsets Halep

    Hsieh beats #1 Halep using her remarkable pushing skills and waiter tray serve. Who will be her next victim. Pushers rejoice. Muguruza must feel vindicated.
  10. TennisDawg

    Serving down the T on the Deuce Court

    I'm able to serve flat serve very reliably into the add court. I can also serve a decent kick or slice serve into either court, with exception of down the T on the deuce side. On the deuce side my flat serve lacks power especially when going for the T and I have a hard time directing the slice...
  11. TennisDawg

    PickleBall and Tennis

    I've been playing Tennis for quite some time. I actually only play matches about once per week, but practice 3 times per week (serves, backboard, ball machine). For a few years now, I've been mixing in pickleball. I've noticed a few problems when I play tennis after playing Pickleball. Late...
  12. TennisDawg

    Tennis in Salt Lake City

    I'm moving to Salt Lake City for a temporary job. Anyone familiar with tennis there. I'm mainly interested in informal play, flex league or pick-up games. I'm a self rated 3.5. Any suggestions?
  13. TennisDawg

    Pronation on a kick or slice serve.

    I grasp the concept of pronation on a flat serve. I understand the edge-on idea just before you pronate and hit the ball. I have a decent kick serve and slice that is very reliable and agressive, however I don't pronate when I hit those serves. I am just curious why would you want to pronate...
  14. TennisDawg

    Stock Tennis Racquets vs Customize

    It seems there's a lot of threads on customizing racquets. I just read a thread that someone just ordered a Wilson BLX 95 and someone says they won't like it and will have to customize it. For example you buy a frame then you if you want it more headlight, weight the handle, if you want more...
  15. TennisDawg

    Best Grips for Ball Feeding.

    Need some advice from any coaches/instructors on the TWF. I am now just coaching tennis rather than playing tennis. I use a western grip for my forehand and find that my intermediate or beginning students can't deal with a top spin feed. I have been playing so long and hitting top spin that...
  16. TennisDawg

    Need advice on Head Liquid Metal Radical OS

    I have just demoed the Head Liquid Metal Radical OverSize and really like the racquet. It pretty much performs like the TW review and feedback from other players. It has a tight string pattern 18x19 but hits like an more open string pattern with plenty of spin, especially on the serve. I also...
  17. TennisDawg

    Venus has matured and more graceful

    Venus Williams interview and public persona has changed. She appears more graceful and engages with the public. I would never have said this several years ago. Her interviews in the past were very guarded and misleading. She has gained a lot of fans, I believe, and needs to keep it up.
  18. TennisDawg

    Big Toe Joint Pain

    I'm having pain in the large joint of both big toes. Tried taping them and that helped some. It seems to hurt when I'm playing and then throbs at night when I'm resting. I suspect it's from a pair of tennis shoes that fit too narrowly around my toes, I trashed the shoes and went with a...
  19. TennisDawg

    Kick or Slice Serve into the body.

    I have a very reliable kick serve and a decent slice serve. I can serve both serves wide with good accuracy and not usually prone to double fault. I've been having a problem lately, and that is when I try to serve into my opponents body, the serves tend to go long or go right into my opponents...
  20. TennisDawg

    Racquets on an Airplane

    Wondering if anyone knows the latest on carrying Tennis Racquets on an airline flight?? Obviously, I'd rather carry the Racquets then risk damage. Last time I flew was November 2007 and carried on two racquets. Appreciate any information--I'm flying stateside coast-to-coast!!
  21. TennisDawg

    Solo Tennis

    Beautiful day out there, but my hitting partner cancelled out on me-too busy. Yesterday, I hit for about 30 minutes and 10 minutes serving before we were rained out. I love playing, but seems the only time I can get a match is when I play a tournament or league match. My league is finished...
  22. TennisDawg

    Luxilon Cross or Luxilon mains??

    I play an Ncode90 with this string setup Mains - Luxilon Big Banger Power "Rough" @ 52#; - Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut @ 54# crosses. I just bought a Kfactor90 Many reliable sources have suggested I string the K90 with Luxilon on the crosses @ 52# and synthetic gut on the mains @ 54#...
  23. TennisDawg

    Mental Let Downs

    I'm posting just to try this forum out. I'm relatively new to the forum. I play in a 4.0 league. Do any of you sometimes find it really hard to get psyched up to play. I find when I'm getting ready for the match at home, I feel tired and lethargic, like I'm going off to a "Hard Days...