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  1. timmyboy

    Is Djokovic using a new racquet?

    LAME joke.
  2. timmyboy

    Who thinks Fed would play better with a 95" racquet?

    When I got to go play with Agassi (Head promotional event), I saw him test new frames given to him by the Head reps and he gave feedback and stuff. it was great.
  3. timmyboy

    I have a tennis racquet addiction...

    GAS (Gear Acquirement Syndrome) heh thats a term used by guitar players who have the same problem as you, except with guitars. to fix this, demo a couple and buy the most badass one/the one you like best and stick with it until your game moves on/you break it. give it at least 2 years.
  4. timmyboy

    nPro or nTour or Aeropro

    the npro is the first npro, the one without any pws or anything. I do love the power and stability of it, but when i'm stuck with playing defence, the nPro doesn't measure up to either racquet. thats the dillema.
  5. timmyboy

    nPro or nTour or Aeropro

    what i mean is not as much power. i worded it weird.
  6. timmyboy

    nPro or nTour or Aeropro

    k so here's the deal. i once used an aero pro to better my game from a 2.5 level to maybe a 3.0. I'm approx 3.5-4 right now and i use the RDX 500 cuz i picked it up once and found it superior to the aeropro, with far better control. Now that everyone around me got better, i need the power...
  7. timmyboy

    Blake Vs Nadal *spoiler*

    He PULLED IT OFF!!! HE ACTUALLY DID IT! I expected Blake to stay up there for the first set and even win it, then fall apart to Nadal for the next 2 sets.
  8. timmyboy

    What ncode is this racquet?

    what does the nblade look like?
  9. timmyboy

    Safin's views on Roddick, Federer...

    Well, Federer definitely has what it takes to become the best, however, he's only half way there of beating the slams of all time. Who knows? in the next year or 2, someone young might come up and usurp Federer, or challenge him. He might get injured and it would affect his career for forever...
  10. timmyboy

    Is andy roddick getting bad advice.................

    I believe that's the ONLY time he beat Federer. Roddick doesn't have the talent or touch of Federer.
  11. timmyboy

    Safin's return: nothing as expected... *Spoiler)

    wtf is up with the hair?! does he want to "dissattract" ladies?
  12. timmyboy

    Pure Drive Roddick Out in Japan

    I'm really confused why Japan would get... a French product before everybody else....
  13. timmyboy

    Barricade 4 owners : Problems with forefoot pinching and/or shin splints?

    I don't find much problems with this shoe. just some running made them break in. A little heavy, but the weight gives you some explosive power.
  14. timmyboy


    generally, how many colors of barricade do they make? I own the black white ones, just so you know.
  15. timmyboy

    Records that you belive will never be broken

    I'd have to say Steffi Graf's Golden Slam. It's a mix of wonderful Tennis, and good luck.
  16. timmyboy

    How Different?

    How subtle are the differences of the Aero Pro Drive Plus and the Standard one?
  17. timmyboy

    Pure Drive follow up

    for some reason, i cope with my shoulder pain when hitting rather than complain. it goes away after a while.
  18. timmyboy

    here it comes...

    nvm it's gonna be an aero pro drive. took one of those out too for demo yesterday. can't give review now. gtg to school.
  19. timmyboy

    O3 White or O3 Tour OS

    I think they are pretty different racquets. the O3 is kinda tweenerish, while the Tour is pretty player style.
  20. timmyboy

    here it comes...

    I've hit with the Babolat PD and now i'm going to turn into a babolat pure drive user.... i dissapoint myself but it will soon be true.
  21. timmyboy

    Marcos Baghdatis's 2006

    that's what i mean. no. 1 2 is fed and nadal.
  22. timmyboy

    Marcos Baghdatis's 2006

    I say he'll make top 10. spot 3 and 4 are up for grabs and i think Nalbandian, Ljubicic, and Baghdatis will fight for those spots. throw in maybe gasquet.
  23. timmyboy

    Don't feel sorry for Justine ( article)

    *quote first post: part about her complaining and injuring something else* WHAT?! WHAT?! Pete Sampras played a 5 setter barfing all over the place! If Sampras could play barfing, and win against corretja who's not bad of a player, in 5 sets, henin can cope with a little stomachache.
  24. timmyboy

    What makes Marcos Baghdatis so good?

    i know! how'd an ugly guy like that hook up with such a hot chick?! but she's so unemotional though during match play. she just stares and rarely stands up and applauds. like Safin's girl.
  25. timmyboy

    Best Racquet of these 5?

    Get another nano speed. how bout that. Prince TT Warrior is my favorite on there.
  26. timmyboy

    Kiefer Roger's biggest threat to take him out?

    Ferrero lost again. Everyone i want to win is out already. Ginepri, Hewitt, Dent.
  27. timmyboy

    This AO is full of conspiracy

    you didn't honestly think this thread was serious, did you?
  28. timmyboy

    Should Serena Williams retire from tennis?

    she has what it takes. just lacks motivation. Give it another year or 2, i say.
  29. timmyboy

    This AO is full of conspiracy

    first with the ginepri stepanek article about bribery and the destruction of hewitt and now with Dokic making statements of waging war on australia with the serbian police and nukes. What's next? Dokic is actually Roddicks boss and is also the president of USTA without anyone but the USTA knowing?