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    Will the computers bump me to 4.0?

    This was my first year of 3.5, after being bumped from 3.0, and I'm wondering if I'll get bumped again. I had a total record of 9-9, which is not good, but i won two matches at state and won a match at sectionals. I played a lot of the regular season matches at line 3 doubles, but won my state...
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    How is your USTA team doing this year?

    I'm playing 3.0 right now in the upstate of South Carolina and we're 3-0 so far. Our first match was 5-0, second match was 3-2, and our match today we won 5-0. What is your rating and how is your team doing?
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    Easy on the toes shoes?

    I have an ingrown toenail that I can't get rid of and when i chase a drop shot my shoes bring the pain. I'm currently using the Nike City Courts IV's. What shoes would you recommend? Thanks.
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    Putting on stencils..

    If you don't have the stencil ink, what else can you use? Black paint, spray paint, permanent magic marker??? what say you?
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    You have two hours to live..

    What do u do in those 2 hours, assuming you have already said your goodbyes and what not to family and friends.
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    Speak to me of..

    Babolat aeropro drive (without cortex) and the Babolat pure storm tour. If you have played with these racquets do you like them? Which is better in your opinion. I know it depends on the player but I just want to know what you guys personally think.
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    Second favorite sport?

    Assuming tennis is your favorite sport, what is your second favorite sport to watch or play? Football is actually my favorite but tennis is climbing the ladder.
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    Best string for generating topspin?

    What strings, gauge, and tension are best for topspin? I play with a head liquid metal 4 if it matters. I'm sure it's been discussed but I'm new here so help me out. Thanks.
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    pros and cons of babolat, head, and Wilson Racquets?

    I know i could find information on the internet, but I'm looking for comments from different people. I'm a 3.5 player and i currently play with a head liquid metal 4, which I like for the most part but I'm thinking of getting a new racquet. I use decent topspin on my forehand and like to slice...