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  1. papucla10

    Please Help Alpha Machine Idetification

    I want to start stringing my own rackets but I don't want to spend more that 100 buck for a machine I found this person on craiglist that is selling this machine for 50 buck I would like to know if it is a good deal and if you think this machine is in working conditions and worth the price...
  2. papucla10

    Do you have a Routine before a Match.

    Do you have a Routine before a Match like many pro players if yes what would be things you do before you start a match.
  3. papucla10

    2 Identical Racquets Weight Differently, 10.9 and 11.2 HELP

    I bought a Head Microgel Extreme MP about 2 weeks for 99 at sports Auth, the weight without the Tourna grip is 10.9 Strung with Head PPS 16, when I add the Overgrip the wight increases to the stated Strung weight of 11.1, I just bought a used racquet from someone at the online auction site, both...