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    It was 30 years ago today

    Stupid Courier, buzz killer
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    Is there a best version of the POG 107

    I got rid of all of my 4-stripes, just was time to move on. I still have a single one-stripe with grommets and a bumper, it crushes the ball. I had some elbow/forearm issue (not tennis related) and have never felt a bad thing with that racquet. Finally decided I was old enough to spend what I...
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    Anybody still using a "Classic" racket (1990s and earlier) as their main racket?

    Almost had to re-add myself to this list with another addition today. Found a Woodie at the Thrift Shop for $7. I literally just sold the one I found in my dad’s bag and still had to firmly put my hands in my pockets and walk out of the store. Another 90 seconds staring at that thing and it...
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    5.5 player looking for the ideal string setup of my prince 93p

    Babolat Touch 16 You spend all of your time on a tennis court. Be good to yourself.
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    List of tennis racquets that cause arm/shoulder problem/s.

    I wasn’t holding a 100lb dumbbell, that’s for sure. But a neutral grip probably would have served me better than overhand did.
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    List of tennis racquets that cause arm/shoulder problem/s.

    No racquet ever hurt my elbow. Trying to squeeze out a few extra reps of weighted pull-ups did me wrong. Some exercises are just not meant to be done to failure.
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    College athletes getting paid - what does everyone think?!

    That’s not an unintended consequence. What you have illustrated is the goal.
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    Connors v McEnroe on grass

    Connors rules all
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    Prince news

    Are they going to Are they going to reissue the Approach? They’re going to go all in on CTS and bring back the best of the bunch. You can tell us. We won’t let the secret out. It’s the Approach with Twaron.
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    Anybody still using a "Classic" racket (1990s and earlier) as their main racket?

    With modern string I don’t know why it wouldn’t play well. The CTS technology has held up at least reasonably well for Prince as they’ve gone through the various iterations of the company. If they were to reissue that frame with some small upgrades like a touch of Twaron etc, I’d buy one without...
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    If you guys throw a tennis ball...

    Oh, got it. I have no idea. But I hope on the other side of the far fence.
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    If you guys throw a tennis ball...

    About 3/4 of a racquet length in front of my left foot, at about 1 o’clock. I’m right handed.
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    Anybody still using a "Classic" racket (1990s and earlier) as their main racket?

    Still have an Approach mid plus that gets about as much use as the four stripe POG.
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    Ultimate racquet for a 4.5 player

    Four stripe POG and an old school blue Tournagrip. Real tennis players don’t need anything else.
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    The kid might not beat you for long, once the Babolat frame trashes his elbow.
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    Prince CTS Thunderstick info ...

    I have never had the 90 version. But I played both frame sizes in the Approach and never really had any trouble switching back and forth. But I’ve found a use for a Thunderstick 110. I pumped some silicone into the handle then sealed it back up. I don’t even know what it weighs. But I can stand...
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    Supplements for Athletes over 50?

    Testosterone works great when it’s injected in your butt cheek. No GI tract interference, doesn’t need to be methylated at the C2 carbon to get past the hepatic system, II RC. Now, dianabol is a “supplement” that works nicely in an oral form. It was one of the Austrian Oaks favorites.
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    Supplements for Athletes over 50?

    Testosterone cypionate
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    Prince CTS Approach 110

    I saw that view of the Approach for about a decade
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    How is Prince brand doing?

    I grew up right near the original offices. We always had tons of their gear. I’ve never played with another brand after I got a Prince Pro as about a 10 year old. They’ve got some super frames that nobody knows about.
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    Ever got double bageled?

    Hang tough, don’t bail. Best of luck.
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    Prince Woodie

    I have one that has never been strung. It must have been my father’s backup when he played it in the early 80’s, I think. I found it with an unstrung, mint one-stripe in his old bag, after he passed. Still haven’t decided what to do with either of them.
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    At what age do injuries start to pile up ?

    We’re you training police dogs?
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    Any good routines/programs for adjustable dumbbells?

    What about just pressing (flat, incline or seated) , one arm rows, curls, triceps extensions, goblet squats and deadlifting? Then go for a run or a couple of sets of sprints and you’re ready for a protein shake. You’ve got a push, pull, squat and hinge movement done that way. People are...
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    Prince CTS Approach 110

    We strung them that high. In 1992. I was much stronger, played far more frequently and had arthritis free joints at that time. I need a kinder more gentle playing experience these days.
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    Do you have a Trigger?

    I don’t know much about guitars. But there was an interesting article about the Allman Brothers having Duane’s guitars worked on and brought up to the Beacon a few years back. Neat stuff with them being onstage for Derek and Warren during their last Beacon run.
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    Do you have a Trigger?

    OS, 4-stripe. I have two left in the bag.
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    Do you have a Trigger?

    POG, 3/8, Babolat Touch 16g, a little tight. 35 years in, slight dalliance/fling with the Approach in the 90’s.
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    Prince CTS Approach 110

    It’s a wonderful racquet. I used it for years with Prince Topspin in it somewhere in the upper range of recommended tensions. With contemporary string tech I have no doubt it can still play. If Prince would reissue this frame so I could have a nice new one, instead of my 25 year old worn out...
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    Anyone using the POG 50th anniversary model?

    Thanks, appreciate the eval