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    When is HS tennis season in your state ?

    and do boys and girls play during the same season ?
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    Petition advice please

    has anyone ever done a petition ? can you tell me what to include ?... what information do you include about the people signing ? Thanks
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    HS coaches how do you determine your doubles line-up ?

    High School coaches how do you determine your doubles line-up ? I have 10 boys that are about the same level. And the weather is minimizing our practice time. I do not think singles play is the best way to determine the best doubles players. Thanks for your help
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    Coaches pay scale for top playing pros

    interesting article on how much coaches are paid
  5. 10s talk ?

    do any teaching pros have any positive experiences with this site. They charge you to make offers to potential new students. I keep getting referrals to make offers to...... it is 30 degrees and they know I do not teach indoors It sure looks like a scam
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    How long would you wait at a red light ?

    before going through it I wait 4 minutes or so, then the 3 cars ahead of me went through a red light in a quiet residential area. There were close to 15 cars single file behind me. The light was obviously out of sync .
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    Fast Serve Contest

    has anyone run a fast serve contest ? If so, what were the rules ? ages brackets ? etc.
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    Keys vs Halep

    the worst tennis in a final ............. ever Keys now has 32+ unforced errors early in the second set
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    WTA Citi Open coaching ?

    I was watching Caroline Wozniacki play last night and her coach was 2 rows in front of me... the front row in the grandstand courts. The coach was speaking a foreign language, however appeared to be coaching her during the match. What are the rules... do the linesman have an obligation to...
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    Marketing for tennis pros

    Do any independent tennis pros have any good marketing ideas ? Thank You
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    Assistant Coaches

    Are there any HS coaches with assistants out there ? I am asking because our county does not allow my assistant to coach during a match. I think it is ridiculous rule... any one else ?
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    Please tell Mary Joe Fernandez....

    you cannot " hold the ball " on the strings then decide at the last second where to hit it. She says this every match and it is ridiculous .
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    Tennis Service speed App ?

    is there a good mobile app that measures service speed
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    Coaches how do you determine your doubles line-up ?

    Coaches how do the determine the doubles positions ? If you have a 4 singles and 3 doubles match with no one repeating. Is the #1 doubles team your # 5 and # 6 singles player ? or do you have another method to determine the line-up ?
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    Best Auto Insurance ?

    Who do you have ? And what are you paying ? FWIW ... I have Liberty Mutual and have a perfect driving record for 25+ years. I still pay close to $900 a year for minimal coverage on a 17 year old car
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    tennis ball storage

    what is the minimum temperature tennis balls should be kept ? I am talking about opened balls in a basket
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    HS / College coaches - team rules ?

    High School, and College coaches do you have written team rules ? and the consequences if they are broken
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    " I look like a fish " LOL
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    Rules : calling a let

    if a player calls a let after hitting a shot does the shot have to be in for the let call to be sustained ? FYI - a ball came on the court after the shot was hit
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    Hotel reservation ..... where and when ?

    what brilliant hotel reservation strategies does everyone have have ? web site ? Trivago or direct with hotel time ? as early as possible / last minute
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    Correcting a service hitch

    does anyone have any ideas on how to correct a students hitch/pause during their serve.... he has been doing it for over 5 years
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    tennis tower ball machine

    does anyone have one ? the club model What do you think of it ? Thank You
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    Yahoo email is still not working

    Yahoo email is ....... Does anyone know what is going on ? Yahoo email has been down all day
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    Recreational tennis stats

    Are there recreational tennis stats anywhere that would show the average length of a point ? Obviously it depends on the level..... what would the length of a typical 3.5 point ?
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    Tennis Pros, any marketing advice ?

    any marketing advice for an independent teaching pro ? Thank You
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    Blue Man Group ?

    What is the fascination ? I watched 15 minutes of a concert on HD Net, and that was enough for me.
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    Costa Rica Tennis

    Are there any good places to play in San Jose ? ooops search is your friend..........:???:
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    Tennis Pros: How do you handle last minute cancelations ?

    do you charge the student ? say or do anything ?
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    Do tennis pros teach defensive shots ?

    if so, how ?.........
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    Doubles Rules

    If a doubles team has the same person serve two games in a row (when it was their teams turn ) what is the punishment ? and when a doubles team switches returning sides during a game, what happens ?