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  1. Flint

    Murray to play Rotterdam next week

    Assuming he does not withdraw. I had hoped he would play the second challenger in Biella and put matches under his belt for 2 weeks in a row but he withdrew to prepare for this weeks Montpellier 250. Since the injury he has a history of withdrawing from more tournaments than he actually plays...
  2. Flint

    Big exercises missing from the gym

    Are there any of the big exercises that you never see anyone performing in the gym? In my gym I never see anyone else doing deadlifts or pull ups/chin ups. I see plenty of bench pressing, squats, overhead pressing, curls, treadmills etc but I never see deadlifts or pull/chin ups.
  3. Flint

    Question to the Djokovic fanbase

    If you could, would you change Djokovic's 7,1,5,3 in the Slams to 4,4,4,4?
  4. Flint

    How is Nadal so muscular?

    I am posting this here and not in the general pro player discussion because I am actually interested in the answer to this and I don't want this to descend in to Nadal vs Federer vs Djokovic after 2 posts. So does Nadal spend a ton of time in the gym weight lifting or he is he just genetically...
  5. Flint

    Slam distribution with Nadal/Djokovic

    Okay, normally I don't bother with these types of threads but the thought just occured to me. We are all familiar with the arguments of a few who try to diminish Nadals accomplishments and increase those of Djokovic and Federer by talking about slam distribution. The argument being that because...
  6. Flint


    Have you ever tried 21's for biceps? I have always just used weighted chin ups and regular curls for biceps but after re visiting an old Athlean x video, I decided to give 21's a try. They burned like hell and gave the biceps a massive pump. Although obviously the pump is temporary and gains...
  7. Flint

    Laura Robson wins a womens doubles title

    ITF Australia 02a (with Vania King) I know it's not much but there is little to celebrate these days as a Robson fan and winning is better than losing no matter how small the tournament it.
  8. Flint

    Congratulations to Rafael Nadal and all his fans

    I'm very happy for you all to see your guy have such a good year after it looked like he was finished for so long. A tenth US Open and another non clay Grand Slam, enjoy it. Who would have thought it in 2015 eh?
  9. Flint

    Murray tried his best to bring you that Fedal match

    He knew what the people wanted most: Federer Vs Nadal at the US Open. He also knew at this stage that they were unlikely to both make the final, so he did the only thing he could, he brought the potential match a round earlier with his draw trick. He was only 1 match away from fulfilling...
  10. Flint

    What would your ideal schedule be If you were focused only on Grand Slams?

    If you were one of these older top players who are allowed to pick and choose which tournaments you played, what would the ideal schedule be with the focus only and entirely on winning Grand Slams? I am thinking something like: Brisbane (plus doubles) Australian Open. Indian Wells (plus...
  11. Flint

    Murray back for the US Open?

    Sorry if there is a thread, I couldn't see one. I thought there would be one by now. Apparently he is set to play the US Open: I'm not sure If it's a good move myself, I would have thought taking the rest of the year off...
  12. Flint

    It's funny that

    Murray held 2 Grand Slams at once and was world number 2 and now he holds zero Slams and is still world number 1 after a dreadful year. It shows just how good his fall season as last year, especially as he only made the QF of the US Open. Sorry, no deep and meaningful insight with this...
  13. Flint

    So If the masters had been split evenly.....

    Some posters were bringing up the topic of a grass masters again in another thread earlier. Which made me wonder, If there was (and had always been) a true equal split in the masters, 3 hard court, 3 clay court and 3 grass, how different would the resumes of todays top players (mainly the big...
  14. Flint

    Murray playing Davis Cup QF pre clay season

    ..........on clay (I couldn't see another thread) Do you think this is a good idea? If he is in poor form and withdrawing from Miami due to Elbow injury, is playing the Davis Cup not a bad idea? Wouldn't he benefit...
  15. Flint

    What do you consider more important for a players legacy (or"GOATness")?

    A higher peak and sustained dominance at "the proper peak age" or consistency and longevity? Player 1 has a 3 year peak of sustained dominance in his early/mid 20's in which he wins 6 slams and spends 100 weeks (both in total and consecutive) at number 1. After his dominant 3 year peak he...
  16. Flint

    What ONE match result would you change to increase the greatness of the big 4?

    If you could choose one defeat and change it to a win for each of the big 4, which one match switch do you think would increase their greatness the most? Federer: I think either one of his French Open final losses to Nadal for obvious reasons, probably the 2008 one. OR the 2015 Wimbledon final...
  17. Flint

    These are incredible

  18. Flint

    Do the haters say Andy Murray is still not part of the big 4?

    World number 1 Triple Grand Slam champion and double Wimbledon champion. Double Olympic gold medalist Davis Cup 13 masters 28 wins against Federer, Nadal and Djokovic and 42 titles overall (and not that it matters much in the grand scheme of "the big 4", but the most queens titles which I...
  19. Flint

    Should Murray skip one of the last masters?

    To be more rested in the other tournaments remaining this year? His schedule actually has him down to play an atp500. Given the year he has had and that he seems to now be burning out like he did in the falls of 2014 and 2015 do you think it would be better if his schedule now involved just 1...
  20. Flint

    Murrays current fitness

    First of all YAY! I didn't see all the match because I was on a date at the time, I watched bits of it on BBC i player this morning though and from what I saw Murray looked basically fresh the whole time? As I say I didn't watch it all, but he certainly looked fresh and that match was 4...
  21. Flint

    Has the returner ever won a point off a faster serve than 147mph?

    HI, I've not been on here since the QF because I was at Silverstone for the 3 days watching the British Grand Prix, so I didn't see the semi's or final. I had the final on record and have now seen Murrays victory (YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!) Has there ever been a faster serve than 147mph...
  22. Flint

    These are some nice Murray highlights (not Wimbledon)

    I was looking for highlights of the Murray Millman match from Wimbledon and instead found these from Brisbane 2013. He used to hit shots so much faster and deeper in the court and his movement was so much better before the surgery. He looks almost unbeatable in these highlights. Yes he was...
  23. Flint

    Do players keep the trophies or does each tournament just have the 1?

    For example does Federer have 7 identical Wimbledon trophies in his house or has he (and every other champion) just lifted up the same trophy every year and the tournament keeps it? I wouldn't imagine it would cost them much to just make a new one each year and let the winer keep it. Also is...
  24. Flint

    Rank these backhands best to worst

    Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka, Gasquet, Zverev, peak Fed and Current Fed I've heard many people say each of the first 4 have the best in the game many times and people are now starting to say Zverev is one of the best backhands out there. How would you rank these backhands?
  25. Flint

    What makes for better longevity? great serving or great returning?

    If your goal as a pro was longevity, and staying at or near the top for many years once you were past your peak, would you rather have; -the 50th best return and the 3rd best serve on tour or -the 50th best serve and the 3rd best return on tour
  26. Flint

    Will/can Murray retire with double digit wins againt Fedalovic?

    Because considering how great those guys are that would be a massive achievement and he is not far off. I know there is no trophy or points for that but it would kind of be a cool achievement. He is already there against Federer 11-14. He almost has that job done against Djokovic 9-23. He is a...
  27. Flint

    (Post surgery) Is clay Murrays best surface?!?!

    In 2014 he got his best Slam result at the French Open. He didn't do anything noteworthy until the clay season and wasn't a threat to the top players until he had that epic QF with Nadal at Rome. Apart from wining those 250/500's in the fall, the clay season was his highlight of 2014. Yeah he...
  28. Flint

    Laura Robsons Madrid match

    I completely missed that she was playing here, I was just checking up on Azarenka's progress and saw that they played. And Robson managed to take 6 games of her! Considering where Robson is with her comeback and that Azarenka is the form player of the WTA lately this was a very encouraging...
  29. Flint

    Does anyone here watch Clone Wars/Rebels?

    And if so have you seen the series 2 finale of Rebels yet?
  30. Flint

    Can Andy Murray carry his 2015 clay court renaissance in to 2016?

    Losing only 1 match and that to Djokovic in 5 sets and 2 days. Winning 2 finals (3 if you count DC). I'm not expecting him to repeat those fantastic results but can he at least carry on with that form. So far this year he has looked like the GOAT of UE's and becoming a father appears to have...