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  1. Chotobaka

    Volkl V1 Classic - 2013 model vs. 2014 model

    At this point in time I would only be guessing about the actual year. You do know I was being facetious about the black/yellow paying better? I just had a strong preference for that aesthetic -- all of the V1 Classics played great for me.
  2. Chotobaka

    Best natural gut currently

    Tough Gut has been on my short list of preferred natural gut for a while now, especially for hybrid stringing. I stocked up on half-sets of 16L at deep discounts a few years ago but sets have gotten much pricier now. Everything is going to notch eventually, but V-Icon resists it at least as well...
  3. Chotobaka

    Blunt syringe needles for stringing?

    I don't know about you guys, but if I am settling into a long stringing session, I am going to have quite a few libations just to keep the process well lubricated and maintain proper equilibrium. My mental faculties certainly do not become more acute as I go along. So, for me, scrap string is...
  4. Chotobaka

    Best natural gut currently

    In my experience, Volkl V-Icon 17g natural gut at $29.00 for 40' is a great buy for gut/poly hybrids. It is made in Australia (Klip) and has a substantial coating on it. It is slippery and matches up well with Signum Pro Poly 1.18mm in the crosses. Spin, durability (for NG) plus power and...
  5. Chotobaka

    Stringing Machine Calibration Issues

    Are you using a tension meter/calibrator that measures the reference tension -- i.e. pulling string attached to the sensor/scale? Or, are you using a tension meter to measure DT on the strung racquet? Lastly, if measuring the strung racquet, is the Gamma device their private labeled version of...
  6. Chotobaka

    Compatibility of ball machines with regular balls

    I use the ball machine in one very specific situation when teaching both one on one and small groups -- that is when I when i want to be close to the student(s) for instruction purposes but want something more than hand feeds. Remote is essential. For my purposes, a ball machine is not an...
  7. Chotobaka

    Heat Shrink Sleeve vs Thick Replacement Grip

    I prefer the Gamma build up sheets. I find I can get more defined edges on the bevels compared to the heat-shrink version, especially using the one-half up-size. Both are made from the same material.
  8. Chotobaka

    Need a new stiff dead long lasting poly

    Last time I checked, pickleball didn't have beer girls.
  9. Chotobaka

    Mizuno USA Tennis Official

    Shuzo would approve of this thread. :D
  10. Chotobaka

    Best natural gut currently

    SP is sourcing it from a company that makes natural gut. If I had to take a wild guess, I would say it is made in Australia. The look of the string and packaging looks a lot like the now defunct Titan brand, which was manufactured by Klip. If anyone actually knows the COO, please chime in. I...
  11. Chotobaka

    Best natural gut currently

    Do you know the country of origin for the SP Premium Gut?
  12. Chotobaka

    Singles Sticks

    I use Gamma singles sticks. One-piece aluminum. Work great and stand the test of time.
  13. Chotobaka

    Serena Williams

    Per Tommy Sotomayor, Serena fits the profile of either a BT1000 or BT 1100.
  14. Chotobaka

    Serena Williams

    Yup. Lack of self-control plus a sense of entitlement topped off by playing the victim.
  15. Chotobaka

    Serena Williams

    She got her ass kicked 2-6 in a little over a half hour in the first set. Losing a point, after losing her frigging mind, did not cost her the match. Her lack of self-control and being thoroughly outplayed is why she LOST. Nothing was stolen from her. She is a disgrace. What she and the...
  16. Chotobaka

    NEW Co-poly by Signum Pro! Big Spin, Great Value

    I see what you did there. :D
  17. Chotobaka

    'Natural Gut Wholesale' Review (Stringing and Play)

    You do know that Indian "beef" is different than the USA, Australian, New Zealand, Japanese, South American and European varieties, don't you? I mean, you sound like a bovine expert with the above-quoted statement. Perhaps you have conducted extensive bovine intestine comparisons or have some...
  18. Chotobaka

    'Natural Gut Wholesale' Review (Stringing and Play)

    Tell us, how is the weather in Bizarro World today?
  19. Chotobaka

    'Natural Gut Wholesale' Review (Stringing and Play)

    Huh? What alternative universe are you in where this person's opinion "approaches defamation and libel"?
  20. Chotobaka

    Anyone know the correct way to tie the Nike headbands

    Pull until your head feels numb, then tie.
  21. Chotobaka

    Why constant pull when stringing fast?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this -- that is going above and beyond.
  22. Chotobaka

    Old vs New - buying a used machine

    I do not know if it is the exact same board, a different board or a modified board. Same OEM does not guarantee identical components down to the nth degree. And, even if it is the same board as the original Ghost, who is to say what the availability of spares will be from Alpha in the future...
  23. Chotobaka

    Old vs New - buying a used machine

    Remember when SA closed their doors and many lightly used Prince 5000's were sold at attractive prices? The boards were already at end-of-life at that time with no more available from the manufacturer in Taiwan. TM only had three in stock with no option/ability to purchase more. I would not...
  24. Chotobaka

    I feel like a new man

    Funny. Congratulation on your new machine.
  25. Chotobaka

    Best Tennis Bag - TF Rat Pack

    This is a cross between a duffle bag and a camera bag interior. Neither is new, but this is a clever application.
  26. Chotobaka

    Natural gut on the main and RPM blast on the cross

    Have you tried a different cross, or different gauge? Are the breaks strictly the result of shanks? There are some people who re-string the crosses only, but there are mutants who do all types of weird stuff. Like the others here, I would not recommend it.
  27. Chotobaka

    Cheap compact basic ball machine $250

    If it doesn't work as a ball machine, it should make one heck of a cooler.
  28. Chotobaka

    Difference Between Pre-Stretch and Waiting Before Clamping

    Co-sign on this. It is the overshoot/overpull that is key to this operation. Holding reference tension and double pulling do not materially change the string characteristics and performance to any significant degree in my experience.
  29. Chotobaka

    'Natural Gut Wholesale' Review (Stringing and Play)

    A business acquaintance of mine was interested in trying to private label a higher quality version of the blue-spiral natural gut made for Gaucho and contacted Emerson. He was referred to NGW. Emerson can do whatever they want with respect to their own product distribution. That is their...
  30. Chotobaka

    'Natural Gut Wholesale' Review (Stringing and Play)

    The very few actual manufacturers of natural gut are common knowledge for anyone who has been in the tennis industry for a while.