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  1. DragonBlaze

    Federer - "The story of my life"

    Federer - "The story of my life"... Thought this was a great quote and interesting to see Federer recognise it as well. That basically IS the story of his life. The fans/media hype all of Federer wins way way way over the top (e.g. the media starting the GOAT bullcrap back when Fed was on...
  2. DragonBlaze

    I think Federer should give 98erer another try.

    So as we have all found out, the new racquet change has resulted in less than ideal.....well, results. But I think Fed's back has been acting up since the Mayer match and before that I think there were some encouraging signs (albeit that was only off 2 matches). Now Fed's saying he hasn't...
  3. DragonBlaze

    Federer playing Gstaad AND Hamburg!!!!!

    WTF is going on here? He just confirmed Hamburg on twitter as well. :shock:
  4. DragonBlaze

    The highly anticipated RG semi-final - will it deliver?

    I am ofcourse talking about Tsonga-Ferrer. :D No but seriously, will the Rafael-I am going to be nervous-Nadal vs Novak-I am going to win-Djokovic match deliver or turn out to be a dud? Keeping in mind that the last good match that these two had against each other was the 2012 AO...
  5. DragonBlaze

    Uh-oh, is another clay masters (Madrid/Rome) going to get the cut? Didn't see a thread on this, my apologies if there is one already. Seems from the article that the ATP wants just one 2 week long clay masters (like Indian Wells/Miami) during the Rome/Madrid time slot, which would...
  6. DragonBlaze

    Some insight into the Federer-Brennwald-Basel fiasco

    So this has been a much discussed recent topic on these boards (since tennis has been a bit slow at times....), and I found some interesting information that might provide some clarity into what in the world is actually going on (apologies for starting yet another thread on the same issue but I...
  7. DragonBlaze

    Indian Wells Price Increase Approved

    I searched for this topic but didn't find a thread here, so my apologies if there is one already. Anyway, here is the article Edit: Ugh, I meant to say prize money increase in the thread title...
  8. DragonBlaze

    Finally we have found a successor to Federer's throne

    Bernard Tomic is the new king..... Of horrendous use of the challenge system that is :twisted::D
  9. DragonBlaze

    WOAH - Wimbledon confirms moving the tournament back one week!!!

    Times a changin' :D
  10. DragonBlaze

    Roger Federer - Comic Genius Part 2 (also breaks another "record")

    Just from Fed's recent press conference This explains everything! :shock::twisted: That is more trivia than a record I must say. Also That last comment is interesting, really shows that Federer is as much of a tennis fan as a lot of us on these boards.
  11. DragonBlaze

    RG Draw - Which half do you want Federer to be in?

    So regardless of which player's fan you are, I think we can agree that the half that Federer lands in becomes the harder side of the draw (no offense to Muurya, but he has been sucking as of late...). So do you want Federer to be in Djokovic's half or Nadal's? And why? As a Fed fan, I...
  12. DragonBlaze

    Will Fed/Nadal play on Day 1 or Day 2?

    What do you guys think? Is there any way to know or will we only find out when the schedule is released?
  13. DragonBlaze

    Best and Worst Matches of 2011

    So now that the season is over (ok fine there is still Davis Cup but whatever), let's recap on the best and worst matches of what has been a surprising 2011. Best matches - RG Semi Djoker vs Federer - Was there any doubt this would make it on here. I think not. I honestly didn't give Federer a...
  14. DragonBlaze

    Djoker vs Tipsy - anyone watching?

    I think Djoker looks pretty good actually, except maybe the serve. But ground game is good. How the heck did he lose so badly to Ferrer? :confused:
  15. DragonBlaze

    Roger backtracks on his poking of Murray Funny stuff this :twisted:. Also I would like to know the exact questions asked and that, but still even if taken a bit out of context that was a rude thing to say. Still, atleast he backpedaled. If him and...
  16. DragonBlaze

    Watching the pros live in Rod Laver Arena?

    So I just booked some of my tickets to the Australian Open :D This will be my first time watching pros live!!! I'm super pumped. Unfortunately I couldn't get really close seats in Rod Laver Arena, I'm in section 35 row D (basically upper aisle but near the front). I was just wondering...
  17. DragonBlaze

    Is Federer going to win another Major?

    Come on, you know it was coming :D So, after yet another heart breaking loss for us Federer fans, I wanted to gauge what the opinion around here is on Fed's major prospectives. Simple yes or no answer really. Did this match make you think Federer is done and dusted? Or was it proof enough...
  18. DragonBlaze

    Djoker to get a Career Grand Slam?

    So, after however many years of tennis, till 2000 there were only 5 (men singles) players who had managed to achieve such a great feat. And now we're on the brink of THREE more players within the space of 4-5 years being added to that list (Fedal already and Djoker looming on the horizon)...
  19. DragonBlaze

    What is we end up with a Fed-Rafa SF at Wimbledon?

    Would people be disappointed since it's not a final? Does Fed have a better chance in a semi than a final? (in terms of mentally showing up) Or does it not matter? Would that be an anticlimax? Would that be the REAL final? :twisted:
  20. DragonBlaze

    Who are you rooting for in the final?

    Just wondering if people want to see Rafa get his record equalling 6th RG, or do people want Fed to finally win against Rafa in Paris? This has nothing to do with who you THINK will win the final (Rafa obviously)
  21. DragonBlaze

    Hewitt withdraws from RG

    I apologise if there has been a thread on this already, but I just saw that Hewitt is out of RG. I wonder when he will be back then? Wimbledon?
  22. DragonBlaze

    AO 2011 F: Murray(GBR)[5] Vs. Djokovic(SRB)[3]

    So the other thread said AO 2010 F not 2011, so here is the proper thread and with a poll! Come on Muzza, do it in 5!
  23. DragonBlaze

    All Swiss QF: Roger Federer[2] vs Stanislas Wawrinka[19]

    My first match thread! :D So who is it going to be? I think Roger is in danger if he doesn't lift his game. But I'm really excited about this QF and hope both play well so that we get to admire the OHBH in all it's beauty! Poll upcoming...
  24. DragonBlaze

    Will the final live up to it's expectations?

    Simple question. Yes or No. I'm gonna assume the general expectstion/hope here is that the match will be great by the way.
  25. DragonBlaze

    If only the WTF Final was a battle for No. 1!

    Ok I realise that this may be a bit of a spoiler, but oh well. Imagine if Roger had won the US Open, so it was 2 slams a piece to him and Rafa, and then considering Roger's season for the second half of the year, the final could have been a battle for No. 1!!!!!! HOW EPIC WOULD THAT HAVE...
  26. DragonBlaze

    MY STREAM FROZE! What happened? Please!

    My f***ing stream froze and then my computer did at 4-4 all in the 3rd set. I AM SO PISSED. Can somebody tell me what happened in the last few games. Please??? I seemed to have missed the best rally of the match as well apparently. DAM IT ALL!!! :evil:
  27. DragonBlaze

    Cincinnati draw is out! Anybody noticed?

    Thread title. Roger and Rafa in the same half!
  28. DragonBlaze

    Favourite shot of your most hated players

    So, I thought I would change up the awesomeness of the threads that have cropped up lately. Pretty self explanatory. Doesnt have to be your most hated player though. It could be anybody that you dont like to anyone that isnt your favourite player. Youtube videos as well please! I'll...
  29. DragonBlaze

    It an scandal, an digrace, a outrage!!! Fed on court 1

    Federer is scheduled to play on No. 1 Court tomorrow! Well I didnt expect this, but I think its nice to give the fans a chance to see Fed. So please Fed fans dont complain as much as some Nadal fans this. This is completely fine and a refreshing change.