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  1. HeeK_ILRF

    vibration dampener - necessary?

    it's much time i ask myself this thing.. i see players in tv using these objects and so i give me a reason of that, i mean i understand thay have somewhat utility but...someone that uses them can tell me if he feels difference and benefit using vs. not using a dampener? thanks in advance
  2. HeeK_ILRF

    racquet and overgrip

    ok guys, don't tell me i m wronged my racquet until now having player with all fed racquet until now. now i m waiting for the 2014 model and i ask u an opinion about the overgrip i bought: wilson pro overgrip (little detail: white as the master use to play :p) i am left handed, one back...
  3. HeeK_ILRF

    Waw vs Nad

    First set is for Stan! 6 - 3 And Now? I'm for Stan. Stan! Stan! Stan!
  4. HeeK_ILRF

    One Handed Back_ers will ever be LEGEND

    First name coming into my mind: Roger obviously.... Edberg, Becker, Stick, Leconte, Wawrinka, Stepanek, Kuerten.... don't wanna write all lol help me.... :) But these one are what tennis means TENNIS for me....maybe i'm a dreamer, maybe not...and u?
  5. HeeK_ILRF

    Roger Federer Zoom Vapor 9 Tour - they are ok also for clay?

    I bought these fantastic shoes some months ago, the blue and light green ones..they come with a nice bag with "RF" written on it". I played on hard and they are excellent but i have to play on clay in the future and from the web i got only confused form what i ve read, i mean, i see "on all the...
  6. HeeK_ILRF

    Federer and K Six One 95

    Hi all (ciao a tutti), sorry for my english... this is my firts post, i hope you'll not be disappointed if i write here what someone could think would be better to discuss in the other thread (Roger federer's racket: Final Conclusion). I liked to start this new one to have your opinion about...