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  1. Carolina Racquet

    Are vibration dampeners still good after getting washed?

    Did you not see the tag "Dry Clean Only"? :)
  2. Carolina Racquet

    Which string for Wilson Steam 99S and 105S?

    If I had the open pattern frames I would try Pro's Pro Nano Vendetta. Comes in a 1.30mm gauge. Price is right at under $38 a reel.
  3. Carolina Racquet

    Low Tension / High Tension - Spin or not to spin

    My two cents... First of all, type of string matters. With poly/co-poly, you can go much lower in tension and it WILL increase spin because you're getting more string movement and a more drastic snap-back. Second, I'd suggest not all spin is created equal. What I mean is you may get a lot of...
  4. Carolina Racquet

    Klippermate vs. Gamma Progression II 200

    Easy.... you bring the arm slight up to release the clutch and you can tighten the slack from the frame to the machine and lower the arm to lock it in place. Once you string a few, it becomes almost second nature. You do the reverse when you're dealing with a stiffer string like a poly and...
  5. Carolina Racquet

    Klippermate vs. Gamma Progression II 200

    My bad... I confused terminology.. you're right, ratchet in the Gamma...
  6. Carolina Racquet

    Klippermate vs. Gamma Progression II 200

    As a Klippermate owner... Advantages of the KMate: 1. Portability/Storage - I can keep my machine in a tool box. Makes it great for storing it when not in use and for taking it to matches/tournaments. 2. Durability - Machine is built like a tank! Clamps are also metal. No doubt it...
  7. Carolina Racquet

    Registry: Poor Mans comparisons to Big Brand Strings

    I second this. I think PPBO is a GREAT value for a shaped poly.
  8. Carolina Racquet

    How does the Dunlop Biomimetic 200G Max Compare to IG Radical Pro and Volkl C10 Pro?

    I second the issue re: arm health with the C10 pro, especially with how soft the frame is in the hoop area. For me, it feels much softer than the 63 RDC Stiffness reading.
  9. Carolina Racquet

    those with klippermate flying clamps ... again.

    I noticed ghost marks on some really soft multis. I never felt they impacted playability or durability of the strings. Am I wrong? I only string that string for a friend. Never had a problem of it breaking on a clamp mark.
  10. Carolina Racquet

    12.0+ Ounce Racquet - Big Serves, Solid Volleys, Great Spin?

    I second this. I migrated from the Prestige Pro/MPs and found the C10 Pro was very solid. My arm loves it too.
  11. Carolina Racquet

    Stan deserves the credit

    The fact is injuries are part of the game, especially at the end of a 2 week hard court tournament. Stan's game, and body, held up the best. Congrats!
  12. Carolina Racquet

    Völkl C10 Pro Club!

    I'm playing with my C10 at 50-52 right now with a stiffer poly. I love the feel. I'm not sure how it would feel with a multi at low tension. Might be too much of a launcher for me.
  13. Carolina Racquet

    Völkl C10 Pro Club!

    Delete post
  14. Carolina Racquet

    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    Wow... happy to get yellow Cyclone for $3.99 a set! Even at $4.99, why pay extra $3 for the packaging?
  15. Carolina Racquet

    Wawrinka New Shoe

    Yonex SHT-PROEX. Newly released shoes to replace the SHT-308s.
  16. Carolina Racquet

    Wawrinka New Shoe

    Delete Post
  17. Carolina Racquet

    Oh crap, I accidentally bought clay court shoes!

    In my opinion... yes.. Though some non-clay versions have a herringbone pattern, the tread is not very deep and the particles clog up the sole very easily. I recently bought the clay version of the ASICS Gel Solution Speed and I'm very happy. Also love the Yonex Clay court versions...
  18. Carolina Racquet

    Substitute tools needed

    I have measured lengths set up in my house. From machine to back wall is 10ft. Nice for determining short side length for one-piece. From dining room chair to machine is 20 ft. Loop around bottom of leg gets me 40 ft w/in a minute.
  19. Carolina Racquet

    MSV's revolutionary racquet

    Looks about the same size as the Wilson T2000 I have! Geez, maybe I should use that as a training device.
  20. Carolina Racquet

    Coach wants to change my racquet

    OP... I use the C10 Pro and I believe it's very string sensitive. If I were your coach, I would first look at your setup with your current racquet to try to improve performance before you go to a new frame. New string/tension is an easier adjustment than a racquet. Good Luck
  21. Carolina Racquet

    If you have $400 to spend...

    In the video looks like lead tape.
  22. Carolina Racquet

    If you have $400 to spend...

    I like two things... first, being able to choose our grip shape. Second, having them produced in Austria by hand rather than mass-produced in China. I can't justify twice the price. But, it's pretty cool.
  23. Carolina Racquet

    Völkl C10 Pro Club!

    Pretty psyched. I just bought a new brand new 2010 to add to my collection! I now have 3. I think this is a commitment!
  24. Carolina Racquet

    Will Tomic vs. Nadal be the biggest beatdown in AO history?

    I think I heard Tomic say "No Mas" as he quit? True? :)
  25. Carolina Racquet

    Broken toes from tennis

    Thorlos - Friend or Foe? I had a severe toe bruising problem last year and it might have been aggravated by Thorlos 3 socks because I found even though they were thicker than conventional socks, my foot would slide more inside my shoe. Even tying the laces tighter, I would still move around in...
  26. Carolina Racquet

    I.Prestige Replacement..C10 Pro?

    I personally love the flexy hoop in my 2012 C10 Pro... When I want to put more kick on my topspin shots, I hit them higher in the sweet spot and get a nice "fling" :)
  27. Carolina Racquet

    Poly's for "Non Typical" poly users?

    My votes are for Sonic Pro and it's "twin brother", Isospeed Baseline.
  28. Carolina Racquet

    Silicone in the handle, what feeling?

    Another vote here for this approach vs. silicone.
  29. Carolina Racquet

    stringing too low

    My rule of thumb is this when using poly. Go as low as you can. I think too many players string it too high and a lower tension takes a little adjustment in the launch angle, it is the healthy alternative. My two cents.
  30. Carolina Racquet

    ISOSPEED Baseline Speed String 16L

    Steve, I think it's worth a try if you want a forgiving softer all-poly setup. I found Silver Rough to be a good string, but a little too lively. Same thing with Baseline. I've gone the route lately of a stiffer, deader poly string but choosing to string it lower.